Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702-5642 


Board Meeting Minutes of 5/13/2009



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  William A. Thompson - Chair

                                                             John Keady

                                                             Robert F. Hansen

                                                             Don Lee

                                                             Victor Villegas

                                                             Larry Annen



                                                            Barry Burnell


 BUREAU STAFF:                          Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                            Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                            Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                            Karin Magnelli, Deputy Attorney General

                                                            Mary Miles, Technical Records Specialist I


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Lynn Tominaga, Idaho

                                                            Brenda Tominaga, Idaho


Meeting was called to order at 9:00 am MDT by William A. Thompson.




A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to approve the minutes of February 11, 2009 and April 8, 2009 as presented. Seconded by Mr. Lee, motion carried.




Mr. Hetrick gave the financial report.  This report is available on the website.  As of 4/30/2009, the Board has $145,545.36 in expenditures with a cash balance of $438,151.41. Click on “Board Detail Financialson the website to access a detailed financial report.



Mr. Hetrick suggested a possible reduction of fees to the Board.  No decisions were made.




Mr. Hetrick presented to the Board his findings regarding the Bureau developing a program to track operator CEs. The appropriation request would be increased. An increase in the budget is closely reviewed by the Legislature. Further discussion will be held at the next scheduled meeting.




Ms. Magnellie presented case WWP-2008-31 for Board review. Ms. Magnellie and Mr. Thompson will arrange a meeting to review the application process and interpretation of an application. Mr. Thompson recused himself from discussion regarding this case.




For Board Determination:


I-WWP-2009-5     C alleged that R claimed to have done a test that were not physically completed. INV revealed that, other than the test report, there was no way to determine if the test was completed or not.  The C alleged that he filled the test valves with grease and states when tested the grease would have been blow out.  R states that he replaced the test valves with clean ones to conduct the test and then replaced the filed grease test valves when the test was complete.  INV did not reveal evidence to support the allegations or a violation.  IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to close the case. Seconded by Mr. Lee, motion carried.


I-WWP-2009-41     R failed to respond to the CE Audit.  Licensee has a deficiency of 6 hours of regular CE for this audit period. Records show license is cancelled and address is undeliverable.  IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.


A motion was by Mr. Hansen to direct IBOL to attempt to locate the operator and bring the information to the Board and the next scheduled meeting. Seconded by Mr. Lee, motion carried.


I-WWP-2009-44     R failed to respond to the CE Audit.  Licensee has a deficiency of 6 hours of regular CE for this audit period. R subsequently submitted CE Audit documentation showing compliance with the audit requirement. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.


A motion was made by Mr. Keady to close the case. Seconded by Mr. Lee, motion carried.


I-WWP-2009-48     R failed to respond to the CE Audit.  Licensee has a deficiency of 6 hours of regular CE for this audit period. Records show that the license has expired. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to direct the Bureau to follow up and submit the standard stipulation for CE violation. Seconded by Mr. Annen, motion carried.




The discussion regarding the collection of PWS numbers has been deferred to the August 5, 2009 Board meeting when Mr. Burnell is present.


Break: 10:20 AM – 10:30 AM




A motion was made by Mr. Lee to amend the agenda to include discussion of the Washington, Oregon and Idaho CE meeting held in May. Seconded by Mr. Annen, motion carried.


Mr. Hansen met with representatives from Washington and Oregon in Salem, Oregon to discuss each state’s CE requirements. He outlined a few of the differences and similarities.




A discussion was held as to whether or not instructors should receive CE credit for teaching their own courses. The current rules do not have the flexibility to allow this; it would require a rule change. The Board recognizes the time an instructor spends preparing and staying current for his/her course.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to form a sub committee of three people to research instructors receiving partial credit for teaching their own courses and bring the information and a proposal to the next Board meeting. Seconded by Mr. Keady, motion carried.


The sub-committee consists of Mr. Hansen, Mr. Annen, and Mr. Villegas.




A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to approve the language as written for Rules 300.02.b and 300.02.c and to capitalize Very Small Wastewater System in Rule 300.02.c. Seconded by Mr. Keady, motion carried.




Mr. Tominaga and Ms. Tominaga presented to the Board a memorandum with comments from Idaho Rural Water Association.  The Board discussed the comments and Mr. Tominaga stated that a calendar year with no specific hours is what they would like to see in regard to rule. However, they said if the Board requires a specific number of hours for one year of experience then they would agree to 520 hours. Mr. Hales reminded the Board that all rule changes must be completed by August. The Board will review the IRWA comments and discuss them at the next Board meeting.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to adjourn for lunch and return at 1:30 PM. Seconded by Mr. Lee, motion carried.


Board meeting reconvened at 1:30 PM




The Board discussed if all exams should be administered online and eliminate the written exams. It will be discussed at the November 4, 2009 Board meeting to discuss.




The Board discussed Washington State’s requirements for BAT licensure. The following comments were included in the discussion:

·        WA does not require any BAT education courses before an operator can take the exam.

·        If an operator can take and pass the practical and written exam they will receive their license.

·        The American Backflow Prevention Association licensure is not recognized.

·        The Association of Board Certification exam is not used.

·        WA has four different exams they administer.

·        The continuing education requirement is every three years and it does not need to be relevant to Backflow Assembly Tester licensure.

·        An Idaho operator requesting WA endorsement must take the WA practical and written exam.

·        WA requirements are not as stringent as ID requirements.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to not recognize Washington State BAT licensing requirements; all applications received after May 13, 2009 would be required to take the 32 hours BAT course and pass the ABC exam.  Seconded by Mr. Keady, motion carried.




The Board discussed the requirements for being a BAT instructor. Mr. Hansen and Mr. Thompson will prepare basic qualifications BAT instructors and the Board will review at the next Board meeting.




The Board reviewed all CE audits.




A motion was made by Mr. Villegas to go into executive session to review applications for licensure and exam that are exempt from public disclosure per Idaho Code 67-2345 (1) (d). Seconded by Mr. Hansen. Votes were: Mr. Hansen, aye; Mr. Villegas, aye; Mr. Lee, aye; Mr. Keady, aye; and Mr. Annen, aye. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Annen to come out of executive session. Seconded by Mr. Keady. Votes were: Mr. Annen, aye; Mr. Keady, aye; Mr. Hansen, aye;

Mr. Villegas, aye; and Mr. Lee, aye. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Annen to approve 33 applications for licensure and 141 applications for examination; to deny 12 applications. Seconded by Mr. Keady, motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to approve three continuing education applications. Seconded by Mr. Annen, motion carried.









            OPERATORS ROUNDTABLE - 0.3 - WW


     Approved for Licensure

                        ALLEN AUSTIN JOHN                                 DWD1-16949

                        ANDUJAR ROBERT                                    BAT-16840

                        BARRON MYRON                                        BAT-16777

                        BUELL DOUGLAS VIRGIL                          BAT-16834

                        CARTER LANCE                                         WWT3-16902

                        COLLINSON DUANE E                               BAT-16783

                        DECKER AARON VERNON                      BAT-16786

                        GAGNON JEFF                                            WWC1-16782

                        HALLE LENI SUE                                         DWT1-16939

                        HARDIEK DAVID MICHAEL                       BAT-16851

                        HOWE DUSTIN MICHAEL                          WWT1-16947

                        INCE DAVID                                                  BAT-16843

                        JEWELL ROCKY D                                      BAT-16774

                        KOLBET KARL N                                         BAT-16776

                        LOVE LEE                                                     WWT1-16960

                        MADSEN CASEY DARRELL                     BAT-16876

                        ONISHI GREGORY PAUL                           DWT2-16794

                        ONISHI GREGORY PAUL                           DWD2-16793

                        ORTON KEVIN LAMAR                               BAT-16852

                        PICKEL TERRY WADE                               BAT-16945

                        POOLE ROBERT MARIUS                         WWT1-16935

                        RIBLETT PATRICK KIRK                            BAT-16817

                        RIBLETT TYLER DREW                              BAT-16818

                        RICHEY PAUL J                                           WWT1-16958

                        RUMPLE BRYAN ROY                                BAT-16773

                        SACRE JASON                                            BAT-16754

                        SHIELL JEFFERY T                                     BAT-16807

                        STONE DANIEL JAMES                             DWD1-16948

                        TURNBOUGH TIMOTHY R                          BAT-16875

                        VALENCIA DEISON BLANDON                WWT1-16775

                        WASH DANIEL GLENN                              WWC1-16813

                        WILSON TIMOTHY R                                    WWC1-16770

                        YAEGER DANIEL ROBERT                       BAT-16831

     Approved for Exam

                        ACUFF KEN                                                  WWTLA

                        ACUFF KEN                                                  WWCOIT

                        ANDERSEN JAMES H                                WWC1

                        ANDERSON LOREN WALLACE               DWT1

                        ANGENY ROY                                               WWTOIT

                        ASHLEY CRAIG A                                        BAT

                        BAIN CHRIS D                                              WWT1

                        BALER ZANE M                                           WWCOIT

                        BANKER MICHAEL WARREN                   DWD1

                        BARATTI JOSEPH W                                  WWT1

                        BARNES DARIN LEE                                  WWTOIT

                        BATCHELOR SHIRLEY A                            DWD3

                        BEAR DENVER R                                        WWC4

                        BLOXAM JAMES NICHOLAS                    WWT2

                        BONNER EMMETT LEE                             DWD1

                        BRADSHAW BRIAN MICHAEL                  WWT1

                        BRONSON RICHARD NEIL                        DWDVSWS

                        BROWN JON MARC                                     WWTLA

                        BURNHAM STEPHEN EARL                     WWTOIT

                        BUTIGAN SCOTT DOUGLAS                    WWT2

                        BUTT RANDALL                                           WWTOIT

                        BUYS DOUGLAS RAY                                WWTLA

                        CARDWELL CRAIG D                                WWT1

                        CARTER LANCE                                         DWD1

                        CODONI ELIZABETH ANN                         DWDVSWS

                        CONRAD WILLIAM                                      BAT

                        COWAN MICHAEL C                                  DWDVSWS

                        CROSBY RANDY L                                      WWC2

                        CROSLAND JAMES ALLEN                      DWD1

                        CYRONEK JOHN G                                     DWDOIT

                        DAIGH DANIEL C                                         WWC1

                        DAVENPORT LELAND                               WWT1

                        DAVIDSON KENNETH WAYNE                WWC1

                        DAWSON ALEXANDER NICHOLAS        WWCOIT

                        DEARTH JOHN VICTOR                             WWT1

                        DELLWO MATTHEW J                               DWTOIT

                        DILLS THOMAS A                                        WWTLA

                        DYRUD BRUCE EMIL                                 DWDVSWS

                        EDDINGS JOSEPH JAMES                       DWDOIT

                        EDWARDS NOEL JAMES                         DWD1

                        EMERY ROBERT D                                     WWTOIT

                        FISHER RONALD RAY                                WWTLA

                        FORSMAN CRAIG ALLEN                         DWD1

                        FRITZSCHE JAMES R                                WWT1

                        FUNKHOUSER EDDIE STEVEN              DWDOIT

                        GABEL JOSHUA LEE                                 DWD3

                        GABEL JOSHUA LEE                                 DWT2

                        GEOUGE ERIC DEAN                                WWTLA

                        GIBSON PHILIP MICHAEL                          DWDOIT

                        GOSSAGE ROGER A                                 DWD3

                        GRANT MICHAEL RAY                               DWT2

                        GROSS DENNIS M                                      WWT4

                        HALL BRIAN IRA                                          DWT1

                        HANSEN ERIC                                             DWT1

                        HARMS ROBERT L                                     DWDOIT

                        HARTLEY KYLE A                                        WWCOIT

                        HASLAM BURT G                                        DWDVSWS

                        HASSELSTROM SCOTT J                         DWDOIT

                        HAUSER DAVID WILLIAM                          WWT1

                        HEBERT KIRT ANTHONY                           BAT

                        HIGGS DANNY H                                          DWTOIT

                        HINOTE ROBERT B                                     DWD3

                        HOBSON DALE M                                       DWDOIT

                        HOWELL JEREMY J                                    DWD1

                        HUBBARD SHANE                                      DWDVSWS

                        HULL DEVEN AUSTIN                                WWT1

                        HURLEY JOHN                                             WWT2

                        HUST JACOB R                                           DWDOIT

                        INGHAM ARTIE                                             DWD1

                        JARBOE JONATHAN G                              DWDOIT

                        JENNINGS NANCY K                                  WWC1

                        JOHNSON KERRY M                                   WWC2

                        JOHNSON PAUL HOWARD                       WWT1

                        JONES JAY BRIAN                                      DWD1

                        KING LONNIE R                                            DWD3

                        KNAPP SHELDON LAWRENCE              DWDOIT

                        KOSKI ANGIE                                               WWT2

                        KOSKI ANGIE                                               WWL2

                        KREPS JAY D                                              WWT1

                        LACY BRYAN A                                            WWT3

                        LAMBSON ASHLEY ANNETTE                 BAT

                        LANCE MIKE W                                           WWT1

                        LEAZER JONATHAN LEE                          DWD1

                        LETHLEAN SHAD BRIAN                           WWT1

                        LEWIS JADE BROOK                                 WWT3

                        LOWE DARRYL LEON                                WWT1

                        LUBKE TRACY LYNN                                  WWC1

                        LYNCH BRANDON MICHAEL                    WWT2

                        MACNICHOL DOUGLAS A                        DWT1

                        MADER RYAN PATRICK                            WWC1

                        MARSHALL ALBERT J                               DWD1

                        MARTIN HAROLD D                                    WWT3

                        MESSIER DANIEL JAMES                         WWTLA

                        MUMMERT MICKEY D                                DWD3

                        NAILLON RUSSEL P                                   WWTOIT

                        NELSON JOHN S                                         WWT2

                        OCONNOR ROBERT REID                        WWTOIT

                        ORRISON ANNA M                                      WWL3

                        ORSLAND LARRY L                                    DWT1

                        PARKER MIKE J                                          WWT1

                        PARLE JAMES E                                         WWTOIT

                        PEREZ JUAN G                                            WWT1

                        PETERSON ADAM JUDD                          WWCOIT

                        PETERSON WESLEY DARRELL             DWD1

                        PIERSON RICHARD                                    DWD1

                        PROUSE ZECHARIAH                                DWD2

                        RANEY DUSTIN JAMES                             WWC1

                        RAUB COREY J                                           WWT1

                        REYNOLDS MICHAEL WARREN WWT1

                        RICHERSON STEVEN ALLEN                  WWT1

                        ROBINSON JULIA DUNCAN                      WWL1

                        ROGERS LAWRENCE DENNIS                WWC1

                        RUARK JON R                                              DWD3

                        RUIZ ARTHUR                                               WWT2

                        RUSSELL ROCKY C                                   DWD1

                        SANCHEZ MARIA D                                    WWT1

                        SANDERSON KATINA M                            DWDVSWS

                        SCHAUER CARLA D                                  DWDOIT

                        SCHLAGER ALEXANDER CHARLES     BAT

                        SCHWENDIMAN KURT S                           DWD4

                        SEE DANIEL P                                             WWTLA

                        SHEPHERD MICHAEL WAYNE                BAT

                        SHERMAN JON MURRAY                          DWT1

                        SIMPSON GEORGE C                                DWTOIT

                        SLATOSKY JOHN J                                     DWDOIT

                        SMITH LEONARD LEE                               WWT2

                        SONNENTAG DAVID R                              DWD2

                        STERLING SHANE E                                  WWT3

                        STOKES STEPHEN P                                WWT2

                        TAYLOR JORDAN                                        DWDVSWS

                        TRUNNELL DUNCAN CLARK                   DWDVSWS

                        TUBBS RODNEY O                                     DWD1

                        TUCKETT VAN E                                         DWD2

                        TYREE WILLIAM D                                       WWT1

                        VANDERHOOF CHRIS D                           DWDOIT

                        VANEPS J.DEE                                           DWD2

                        VOLKENAND DAVID GENE                      WWT2

                        WEAVER KEVIN RAY                                 WWC2

                        WILSON EVAN THOMAS                           DWD1

                        WILSON TIMOTHY R                                    WWTOIT

                        WRIGHT CARLOS C                                   DWDOIT


                        ACUFF KEN

                        ANDERSON MARK ALLAN

                        ARNOLD WILLIAM LYMAN

                        CRETAL LEON LOUIS

                        GALANTE MICHAEL R

                        MESSIER DANIEL JAMES

                        MIKESELL SEAN CONNOR SULLIVAN

                        O CONNELL BRAD T

                        RENNINGER DEAN J

                        REYNOLDS-CROSSLEY DEBRA

                        ROBERTS JAMES CLEAVER

                        ZIMMERMAN ANDREW L


NEXT MEETING July 29, 2009 Conference Call




A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to adjourn the meeting at 5:00 PM. Seconded by Mr. Keady, motion carried.

_________________________________      _________________________________

William A. Thompson, Chair                        Richard Dees

_________________________________      _________________________________

John Keady                                                    Robert F. Hansen

_________________________________      _________________________________

Barry N. Burnell                                             Victor Villegas

_________________________________      _________________________________

Larry Annen                                                   Tana Cory, Bureau Chief