Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702-5642 


Board Meeting Minutes of 4/29/2009



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  William A. Thompson - Chair

                                                             Robert F. Hansen

                                                             Barry N. Burnell

                                                             Victor Villegas

                                                             Larry Annen



                                                            John Keady


BUREAU STAFF:                           Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                            Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant

                                                            Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                            Mary Miles, Technical Records Specialist I


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Thomas Krasowski, Contract Water Operator

                                                            Larry warren, WRHOA

                                                            Butch Anderson, Storm & Water System Management

                                                            Margaret Watson, Mayor, City of Parma

                                                            Doug Amick, City of Greenleaf

                                                            Virgil Leedy, Idaho Rural Water Association

                                                            Lynn Tominaga, Idaho Water Policy Group


Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM MDT by William A. Thompson.


Ms. Cory discussed the Board’s participation in PERSI. 


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen for the Board to opt out of the PERSI option.

Seconded by Mr. Villegas, motion carried.


A discussion was held regarding the rule revision for the Class I operator license. The Board expressed concern with the competency of an operator and public safety. Public comment letters were dispersed to the Board and the audience. IRWA handed out the results of their survey regarding the number of hours proposed for a Class I license. Several options were discussed pertaining to the one year experience verses number of hours obtained in a specified length of time.

Mr. Burnell presented two options for consideration. The first option is a restrictive license with the following requirements:

Option 1: Class I Restrictive License – Site Specific

  • 520 Hours obtained in one year.
  • With a minimum of one year of service at the facility
  • 16 Hours of Continuing Education
  • No Endorsement options
  • Would need to have 1600 hours of experience to obtain a Class I non-restrictive license

Option 2: Separating the licenses:

  • Drinking Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection
    • 520 Hours obtained in three years
    • With a minimum of one year of service at the facility
    • 16 Hours of Continuing Education
  • Drinking Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment
    • 1040 Hours obtained in three years
    • With a minimum of one year of service at the facility
    • 32 Hours of Continuing Education


Mr. Leedy stated that he did not agree with the 100 hours for the Very Small Water System license. Mr. Hales responded by outlining the Board’s cooperation in working with IRWA by having meetings to come to an agreement on the rule verbiage and a public comments hearing.


Mr. Anderson wanted to know when DEQ became a voting member of the Board. Ms. Simpson presented the law to Mr. Anderson regarding the appointment of the Board members. IDAHO CODE 54-2404.2  The governor shall, within thirty (30) days after the effective date of this chapter, appoint seven (7) members to the board, two (2) of whom shall be drinking water system operators, two (2) of whom shall be wastewater system operators, and one (1) who shall be a backflow assembly tester, all of whom shall be citizens of the United States, residents of the state of Idaho and licensed under the provisions of this chapter, and one (1) who shall be lawfully entitled to reside in the United States and be a resident of the state of Idaho and not be licensed under the provisions of this chapter or otherwise affiliated with water or wastewater operations within five (5) years of the time of appointment, and one (1) who shall be the director of the Idaho department of environmental quality or the director’s designated agent.


The Board will wait until after Mr. Hansen has his meeting with Washington and Oregon Certification Boards to see if the proposed rule change will effect endorsement with either state. Mr. Hansen will present his findings to the board on May 13, 2009.


Mr. Burnell commented that he does not want to lower the Class I requirements below

The Association of Boards of Certification requirements and lose the endorsement option with other states.


Mr. Hansen commented that an operator needs to work all the seasons at a facility. The Board and the audience were in agreement.


Mr. Hales reminded the Board they have until August to submit a proposal.


A motion was made by Bob Hansen to consider the proposal of the following requirements for a Class I:

  • Create a Restricted License category for operators at site specific facilities
  • 520 Hours of experience to be gained within one calendar year
  • 16 Hours of Continuing Education per license
  • Pass the class 1 test

Seconded by Mr. Annen; motion carried.


The Board will review all correspondence and discuss at their May 13, 2009 Board meeting. Mr. Hales reminded the Board they cannot discuss the comments with each other via e-mail.


Mr. Tominaga suggested a sub-committee to research opinions of the proposal. Mr. Thompson commented he did not feel a committee was necessary and offered to attend any meeting with IRWA to listen to public concerns.  Mr. Tominaga commented that he did not like how the Board held their meetings; that he wanted to have round table meetings. Mr. Hales explained that if there is a quorum of the Board members it must be scheduled as a public meeting and it must follow the open meeting law procedures.  Mr. Annen found Mr. Tominaga’s comments disheartening. Mr. Thompson reminded Mr. Tominaga that the Board has tried to accommodate IRWA’s requests. Mr. Anderson commented that it will be difficult to please everyone.




A motion was made by Mr. Villegas to go into executive session to review continuing education applications that are exempt from public disclosure per Idaho Code 67-2345 (1) (d). Seconded by Mr. Hansen. Votes were: Mr. Hansen, aye; Mr. Burnell, aye; Mr. Villegas, aye; and Mr. Annen, aye. Motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Hansen to come out of executive session. Seconded by Mr. Villegas. Votes were: Mr. Burnell, aye; Mr. Hansen, aye; Mr. Villegas, aye; and Mr. Annen, aye. Motion carried.












NEXT MEETING May 13, 2009




A motion was made by Mr. Burnell to adjourn at 12:05 PM. Seconded by Mr. Villegas, motion carried.


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William A. Thompson, Chair                             Robert Hansen

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John Keady                                                      Richard Dees

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Barry N. Burnell                                               Victor Villegas

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Larry Annen                                                     Tana Cory, Bureau Chief