Idaho State Drinking Water and Waste Water Professionals Board

Professionals Board

Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, Idaho 83702-5642


Minutes of January 24, 2007



ROLL CALL:                          William A Thompson-Chair     

                                                Michael N Schroeder, Board Member

                                                Robert F Hansen, Board Member

                                                Ross Spackman, Board Member

                                                Don Lee, DEQ Representative for Barry Burnell


ABSENT:                                Kevin M Pfenning, Board Member

                                                Barry Burnell, DEQ Representative


BUREAU PRESENT:              Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Mary Miles, Technical Records Specialist I      


OTHERS PRESENT:               Patricia Brown, Brown Environmental

                                                Carol Garrison, DEQ

                                                Tom Krasowski, Operator

                                                Allen Wilder, BAT & Supply

                                                Leslie Wilder, BAT & Supply

                                                Kirk Parge, Operator

                                                Shelley Southern, Brown Environmental



The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chair, Bill Thompson. 


Tana Cory; the new Bureau Chief for Occupational Licensing was introduced to the Board.

Ms. Cory gave a brief history of her experience.


Ms. Cory gave the legislative report. The proposed rule change went through the house committee without any objections.


Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report for the end of December 2006. The web link for the public to review the financial report is:


While the legislature is in session the board is in moratorium and cannot present any rule or law changes until the legislature has adjourned.  There will be a possible fee reduction presented in the 2008 legislation. The deadline for rule changes for the 2008 legislature is in August 2007.


Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report.

FY 2007: There have been seven (7) complaints received to date, all are under investigation. Mr. Hetrick presented to the Board two (2) investigations with recommendations for the Board.

FY2006: There were two (2) complaints received. One (1) was closed subsequent to Board review; and one (1) awaits Board determination.

FY2005: Two (2) complaints were received. Of those, one (1) was closed subsequent to Board review; and one (1) awaits Board determination.


Motion was made by Bob Hansen to close case # WWP-B6C-1-2005-2. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.


Motion made by Rich Dees to close case # WWP-P1-2-2006-2 and send an advisory letter to operator and to the prosecutor’s office. Seconded by Bob Hansen, motion passed.


Don Lee, DEQ representative recused himself from all discussion and voting regarding case # WWP-P1-2-2006-2.


Discussion was held regarding applications that may come in from applicants that hold a green card. All applications are incomplete unless proof of birth and high school diploma/GED are submitted with the application. If the high school diploma/GED is in another language it must be interpreted by a certified interpreter before it can be accepted.


Kirk Parge, Bonner County, addressed the Board regarding large soil absorption systems. There is not a license or exam for this type of system. At this time the operator takes the Wastewater Operator Treatment – Class 1 exam which is not relevant to the system. DEQ handles all facility classifications, the Drinking Water and Wastewater Board does not have control over facilities. The Board only licenses operators according to what DEQ has determined the facility must have.


Carol Garrison, DEQ representative, explained that it would be fairly simple to add the large soil absorption classification. Discussion regarding the Health Department and the Board’s classification jurisdiction; any facility with 2500 gallons or more per day is a public wastewater system. Sub surface treatment is handled by the Health Department; above surface treatment is handled by DEQ. Large soil absorption systems must have the approval of both the Health Department and DEQ; annual reports are sent to both agencies. DEQ, the Board and ABC will need to work together in creating the classification and exam specific to large soil absorption systems.


Roger Hales suggested to the Board to form a committee of three members to gather information regarding the large soil absorption and determine interest and need and report back to the board.

Motion made by Rich Dees to form a committee to investigate the interest and need of a large soil absorption license. Seconded by Bob Hansen, motion passed.


The committee consists of Barry Burnell, DEQ, Bob Hansen, and Rich Dees. All information gathered will be presented to the board at the next scheduled board meeting.


Tom Krasowski, operator, addressed the board regarding what is appropriate and personal supervision for an operator in training.


Motion made by Ross Spackman to clarify DEQ’s meaning of “direct supervision” as it relates to an operator in training. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.


10:10 Break

10:25 Called back to order.


Allen and Leslie Wilder, B.A.T. & Supply, addressed the Board regarding ABPA certification clarification. ABPA certification is accepted for endorsement purposes only from another state. Certification must be current and proof of current status must be submitted with the application. ABPA certification received in Idaho has the option of becoming licensed in another state and then applying for endorsement in Idaho or taking the ABC exam for licensure. The BAT course must be submitted for CE approval. Rule amendment regarding ABPA certification has been put on the May 23, 2007 Board meeting agenda. Any temporary rule changes must take place after the legislature adjourns and must be approved by the Governor.


Motion made by Bob Hansen that the ABPA re-certification course qualifies to meet the requirements for BAT re-certification. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.


Rich Dees presented an update on the 2007 ABC Conference held in Savannah, Georgia.


Discussion regarding online exams. Rich Dees will contact the Wyoming DEQ and a conference call will be scheduled for the May 23, 2007 board meeting to learn how they administer their online exams.


Don Lee, DEQ representative will research options regarding utilizing the DEQ regional facilities for online exams and proctoring of the exams and will report back to the board at the May 23, 2007 board meeting.


Discussion regarding Operator-in-Training and BAT exams being administered at IBOL on 3 additional dates. Concerns were raised on the required time frame for processing the applications for review and ordering the exams from ABC. Exam dates and deadline dates will be scheduled and posted on the IBOL website.

Additional exam dates are:

Exam Date                               Application Deadline                             Conference Call

May 16, 2007                          February 28, 2007                               March 21, 2007
September 19, 2007                 June 27, 2007                                      July 25, 2007

December 12, 2007                 September 12, 2007                             October 10, 2007

Motion made by Mike Schroeder to schedule three (3) additional dates for Operator-in-Training and BAT’s to take the exam in Boise at the Bureau of Occupational Licensing office. Seconded by Rich Dees, motion passed.


Motion made by Ross Spackman to adjourn for lunch and return in one hour. Seconded by Don Lee, motion passed.


Called back to order at 1:15pm.


Motion made by Bob Hansen to approve the minutes of September 20, 2006. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.


Motion made by Rich Dees to approve the minutes of October 24, 2006. Seconded by Don Lee, motion passed.


Motion made by Mike Schroeder to approve the minutes of November 29, 2006. Seconded by Bob Hansen, motion passed.


Don Lee advised the Board that the link to the DEQ Training Guidelines needs to be updated to the current guidelines on the IBOL website.


Discussion regarding DEQ receiving the Public Water Systems (PWS) number for water operators from IBOL.


Motion made by Don Lee for IBOL and DEQ to research the ability of collecting the PWS numbers of facilities from operators for drinking water and wastewater at the least cost to the operator. Seconded by Rich Dees, motion passed.          


Discussion regarding multi-level exams. ABC has documented that there is a higher fail rate for multi-level exams than exams taken sequentially. The Board stressed that they need to be careful when reviewing applications and looking at the operators qualifications carefully. There is not a multi-level exam for wastewater laboratory.


Mary Miles explained the process of renewal audits to the Board.


Motion made by Mike Schroeder to create a flyer to be included with all BAT renewals reminding them of the rule requirement of re-certification every two (2) years. A BAT audit will be scheduled for January 2008. Seconded by Ross Spackman, motion passed.


Motion was made by Ross Spackman to go into Executive Session to review applications exempt from public disclosure per Chapter 3, Title 9, Idaho Code. Seconded by Bob Hansen, motion passed.


Motion made by Bob Hansen to come out of executive session. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.


Continuing Education Applications will be sent to the board for approval. Items on the agenda took more time than expected and applications must be reviewed.


Motion made by Bob Hansen to approve applications for examination and licensure. Ten (10) applications were denied pending further information. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.


Motion made by Mike Schroeder to adjourn. Seconded by Bob Hansen, motion passed.


The next board meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2007.


The board meeting was adjourned at 6:15 p.m.