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Minutes of July 27, 2005



ROLL CALL:               William A Thompson-Chair

                                    Victor Coles, Board Member

                                    Kevin M Pfenning, Board Member

                                    Michael N Schroeder, Board Member

                                    Robert F. Hansen, Board Member

                                    Toni Hardesty, Board Member  (represented by Lance Nielsen)

ABSENT:                    Ross Spackman, Board Member                             

BUREAU PRESENT:  Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Mary Miles, Technical Records Specialist I

                                    Sandee Hitesman, Administrative Assistant I  

OTHER’S PRESENT:  Nancy Bowser, DEQ                                     

                                      Don Munkers, Idaho Rural Water                                 


The meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Chair, Bill Thompson.   

Discussion was held regarding Meter Readers. Individual employers must decide on what the job duties are, depending on whether it is a water quality, water quantity or public health issue. Department of Environmental Quality can help employers with their particular structure of the job. It is not the jurisdiction of the Drinking Water and Wastewater Board to make these decisions. All questions regarding Meter Readers should be referred to the Department of Environmental Quality.  

Motion was made by Kevin Pfenning to accept minutes of June 8, 2005 as amended; second by Mike Schroeder; motion passed.  

Ms. Jacobsen presented the legislative report. The IBOL remodel is near completion. desks have been moved into the offices. Ceilings and inspections will soon be completed.

Mary Miles will be scanning all DEQ files into the IBOL system. DEQ noted they do not want the filing cabinets back.

Three new investigators have been hired and trained.

Two of the four new boards have been appointed by the governor and have had their first meeting. Their rules have been prepared and approved. Contractor registration is expected to attract 17,000 applicants. Registration is voluntary until January 1, 2006.

 It becomes mandatory after January 1, 2006. The Liquefied Petroleum Gas board has met and have approved their rules and application form. The Bureau is awaiting appointments for the other two boards; Naturopathic Physicians and Speech and Hearing Sciences.

The Bureau has received permission to hire additional members of the secretarial staff and an additional Deputy Bureau Chief.  

Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial report. As of 6-30-2005 the board had $93,114.60 in expenses and a cash balance of $185,526.13.  

Discussion held with Idaho Rural Water regarding grandfather applications for wastewater operators. Applications will be accepted until the expiration date April 16, 2006.  

Nancy Bowser discussed the Wastewater Land Application testing. The Wastewater Land Application Exam Development Committee had three assignments. 1) Develop Needs-to-Know Criteria. 2) Develop the exam. 3) Develop a Certification Review Class in accordance with ABC criteria and protocol. The final Needs-to-Know Criteria handout is available for the public. The exam is 90% complete and will consist of 50 questions. Sample questions were presented to the board. All that remains is the approval by the WWP Board of the exam development methodology and validation of actual test questions by in-state WLAP committee before the Idaho prescriptive WLAP test question package is sent to ABC. Test package must be submitted to ABC by September 9, 2005 in hard copy and electronically.

An operator must have at least a Wastewater Treatment I or Lagoon license before applying for a WLAP license.  The WLAP exam will be administered by IBOL and ordered through ABC. Two different training tools are being developed: 1) Study and Reference Manual - given when attending class; and 2) The actual curriculum for a 2 day certification class. Two certification classes have been scheduled. August 17-18, 2005 in Twin Falls and October 6-7, 2005 in Moscow . Instructors for the WLAP certification classes are Larry Waters, Tom Rackow, Rick Huddleson and Nancy Bowser; DEQ WLAP staff.  The Study and Reference Training Manual will be available after August 17-18, 2005 for those not attending a class. All operating personnel working at a land application facility must obtain a Wastewater Land application license by April, 2007.  

Motion was made by Kevin Pfenning for IBOL to direct ABC to proceed with the approved WLAP examination made. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed. 

Adjourned for break at 10:35 a.m.  

Called back to order at 10:45.  

Drinking Water Report from EPA – No discussion.  

Discussion concerning the IBOL and DEQ web links. Links have been reestablished. If any further trouble contact Nancy Bowser, DEQ or Budd Hetrick, IBOL.  

Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report. No complaints received as of this date for fiscal year 2006. Two complaints for fiscal year 2005, one remains under investigation the other awaits board determination.  

Discussion on investigation on case # WWP-S3A-1-2005-1. Motion was made by Bob Hansen to close case. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.  

Mr. Hetrick presented the WWP Contract Renewal for fiscal year 2006 and the changes were discussed. It was noted that the contract is available on the Board’s website.  

Motion was made by Mike Schroeder that the Board approves the contract and authorizes the chairman to sign. Seconded by Bob Hansen, motion passed.  

Mr. Thompson proposed the Board to go with ABC Backflow Tester written exam. Exams will be held at the same time as all other exams. Practical exam will remain as a part of the training program. Board will recognize the APBA exam for endorsement. Discussion held on proposal. Possible first exam date in 2006.  

Motion was made by Kevin Pfenning to approve the ABC Backflow Assembly Tester written exam in lieu of the existing exam. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.  

Motion was made by Mike Schroeder to accept ABPA exam for purposes of equivalency. Seconded by Kevin Pfenning, motion passed.  

Adjourned for lunch at 11:50 a.m.  

Called back to order at 1:00 p.m.  

Online Examination Questionnaire results were in favor of online testing. Mr. Hetrick explained how laser grade exams work and reviewed ABC’s continuing research into offering online exams.    

Motion was made by Bob Hanson to pursue online examinations through ABC. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.  

Sandee Hitesman presented Continuing Education Courses to the Board for approval.  

The Board approved the Fog Containment and Solutions course submitted by Bret Weymonth.  

Motion was made by Victor Coles to deny Continuing Education courses submitted by Luther Mady III. Board determines courses are not relevant. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, all in favor.

Board denied courses:

·                                            Business Mathematics

·                                            Introduction to Computers, Windows and MS Office

·                                            Word I

·                                            Word II

·                                            Word III

·                                            Word IV

·                                            Word V

·                                            Time Management

·                                            Grammar Skills

·                                            Business Writing

·                                            Excel I

·                                            Excel II

·                                            Excel III  

Bill Thompson, Chair excused himself from the board meeting.  

Motion was made by Kevin Pfenning to request additional information regarding instructor qualifications for the Workplace Safety course submitted by Allen Wilder. Seconded by Victor Coles, motion passed.  

Mr. Hetrick presented the proposed rules changes. Discussion was held and changes were made to the draft.  

Motion was made by Victor Coles to accept the proposed reduction of original and renewal license fees to $45. Seconded by Mike Schroeder, motion passed.  

Motion was made by Victor Coles to approve all rule changes as amended. Seconded by Kevin Pfenning, motion passed.  

Discussion regarding ABPA certification.  

Motion was made by Lance Nielsen to add the question of ABPA certification to the application. Seconded by Victor Coles, all in favor.  

Discussion regarding BMI – Cross Connector Control Class. No action taken.  

Motion was made by Victor Coles to go into Executive Session to review applications exempt from public disclosure per Chapter 3, Title 9, Idaho Code. Seconded by Kevin Pfenning, motion passed.  

Next board meeting was scheduled for October 5, 2005.  

Adjourned at 4:45.  

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