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  Minutes of November 17, 2004



The meeting of the Idaho Board of Drinking Water and Wastewater Professionals Board was called to order at 9:00 a.m., Wednesday, November 17, 2004 at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses.

Members of the Board as shown by roll call were:

                                                Bill Thompson, Chair of the Board

                                                Kevin Pfenning, Vice-Chair

                                                Barry Burnell, DEQ designate for Toni Hardesty

                                                Robert Hansen

                                                Mike Schroeder

                                                Victor Coles, absent and excused


Bureau Staff:                         Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Patti Fanckboner

         Sandee Hitesman


Others present:                    Nancy Bowser, Department of Environmental Quality

                                                Don Munkers, Idaho Rural Water Association

                                                Greg Wyatt

                                                Paul Stott

                                                Sandee Hitesman, IBOL

A motion was made by Mike Schroeder to accept the minutes of the October 7, 2004 meeting. The motion was seconded by Robert Hansen, the motion carried.

Rayola Jacobsen presented the Legislative Report.  The rules that were approved by the Board have been published statewide by the Department of Administration and reviewed by a legislative sub-committee with not comments being received and not objections having been filed. 

Budd Hetrick presented the Board with the Financial Report.

Budd Hetrick reviewed the Investigative Report with the Board.  To date, the Bureau has received one (1) complaint pertinent to this profession. 

Roger Hales presented the Board with a revision to statute 54-2411, relating to Drinking Water Operator Licenses; which would be an amendment of section  54-2411, Idaho Code, to limit reinstatement of cancelled drinking water operator license to two years.  The EPA requirements are, those who fail to renew every two years need to recertify as a new application and re-apply.  There is a need to revise the Code as this as this is different from the other license categories of wastewater and backflow assembly testers.  Motion was made by Robert Hansen to accept the proposed revision to statute 54-2411, the motion was seconded by Ross Spackman, the motion carried.

Discussion regarding employment as a pre-requisite for licensure was held by the Board.  A review of current law and rules revealed there is no requirement for employment as a qualification for licensure.

Discussion was held on applications and requirement of system classification worksheet to be included. The system operator in charge is required to be licensed at the same class as the system. The Board determined that the applications must reflect what the system classification is in order to license applicants. Barry Burnell stated that the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is in the process of preparing a system classification data base, so that access will be on the web, however it is not available at this time. DEQ is responsible for the classification of the systems. There are some systems that do not have a DEQ classification at this time, and surveys have gone out through DEQ to these systems. The Board determined that system classification worksheets will be a requirement with applications until DEQ has produced the website that will list the system classifications.

Bill Thompson addressed the Board regarding a survey from the Association of Boards of Certification (ABC) and the elimination of their certification program in states that have their own program. Idaho has itís own certification program, so this would not effect Idaho. The ABC exams would remain the same.  This would not effect reciprocity in Idaho, if the same exams were used.

Bill Thompson addressed the Board regarding a small wastewater system with only an operator and a lab technician. The question is whether the wastewater operator and lab technician need to be licensed at the same system classification level as the system.  Discussion was held and the recommendation of the Board was,  the operator in charge needs to be the same classification/license level as the system. In order for the lab technician to be the charge operator of the system, the lab technician needs two licenses, one lab and one operator at the level of the system. The laboratory technician also needs to obtain a level of licensure. This item will be placed on the agenda for the Board meeting in January.

Barry Burnell asked for discussion of the Annual Report to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that DEQ is required to submit, and the outline of topics to distribute responsibility between DEQ and the Board.  The Bureau previously offered to supply information required for the report to DEQ and all rule/law changes are readily available to everyone via the web page.

Nancy Bowser presented the Board with the EPA program criteria for discussion on continuing education. Sandee Hitesman presented the Board with the process the Bureau is taking to meet the EPA program criteria. Greg Wyatt addressed the Board regarding the continuing education program and the process other states have adopted. The Bureau is currently meeting the criteria guidelines for the continuing education program in its evaluation process. It was moved by Robert Hansen to request Roger Hales and the Bureau review and revise the information and present a proposal to the Board at the February Board meeting, seconded by Kevin Pfenning, motion carried.

Bill Thompson presented the Board with discussion regarding Board approved continuing education applications and prior continuing education application forms used by DEQ. Lance Neilson of DEQ questioned the changes made by the Bureau to the continuing education application in regards to EPA guidelines. Don Munkers stated that he likes the Bureau's continuing education form and would like to continue to use it. The  Board suggested the application needs to be modified, and requested both agencies work together.  Motion by Mike Schroeder to accept both the Bureau and DEQís continuing education forms, post the Bureauís form on both websites, and for both agencies to work together on a proposed continuing education form, and present at the next Board meeting  Seconded by Robert Hansen, carried.

Paul Stotts addressed the Board regarding transferring his license to Idaho. He is not employed at this time, but would like to retain his license. The Board determined that Mr. Stott would receive the Board's decision by letter.

Nancy Bowser presented the Board with a report regarding the new establishment of a classification system of lagoon to meet lagoon operator requirements, enabling them to become a responsible charge operator if required.  A revised classification worksheet was also introduced to the Board.

Bill Thompson addressed the Board regarding Back Flow Assembly Testers and the development of examinations and instructor examinations. Individual states are giving different examinations, and are not eager to share their examination with other states. This item will be addressed at a future Board meeting.

Discussion was held regarding the various associations that present awards, and if this action is within the Boardís charge; what perception the Board wishes to portray. This item will be addressed at a later date to discuss application and criteria for awards.

Applications were reviewed.

The Board went into executive session to consider records that are exempt from disclosure as provided in chapter 3, title 9, Idaho Code.

The Board reviewed twelve (12) applications, six (6) were approved for examination and six (6) were deferred for more information.

Continuing education applications were reviewed.

Moved by Robert Hansen to schedule a Board meeting for January 11, 2005, seconded by Kevin Pfenning, the motion carried.

Moved by Ross Spackman to adjourn, seconded by Mike Schroeder, the motion carried, the time of adjournment was 4:30 p.m.






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