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Meeting Minutes of August 1, 2005 

This is a Draft Document and has not been approved by the Board

PRESENT:           Robert Payne, Chair (by phone)
Vicki Powers – acting chair until 10:45 a.m.
Cheryl Jurgens (by phone)
Dorothy Ring – Public Board Member
Carolyn Burt-Patterson
Rhonda Murray -absent

 BUREAU STAFF:   Rayola Jacobson, Bureau Chief
                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief
                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney
                                Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General
                                Marilyn London, Secretary

ALSO PRESENT:       Delmar Stone - MSW
       Charles Pohl, Veteran Affairs
       Terry Tippery – Clinical Society
       Dr. Daniel Harkness – Boise State University

The meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m.


The Board reviewed the April 4, 2005 minutes.  Moved by Ms. Jurgens to approve the April 4, 2005 minutes.  Seconded by Ms. Burt-Patterson, motion carried.

Ms. Jacobsen reported that the Bureau has 4 new boards.  The Contractor and Petroleum Board members have been appointed and have had their first meeting.  The Bureau has hired 3 new investigators and additional support staff.  The office space has been remolded and a new phone system has been installed.


Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report with a balance of $98,874.86 and indicated they are in good financial shape.  The Bureau will keep a watch on the balance and make sure that it does not exceed one and a half times the budget.


Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report which indicates that 2 complaints have been received for the fiscal year 2006 and is under investigation.  There are 27 remaining under investigation for fiscal year 2005 and 26 remain under investigation for fiscal year 2004.

The Board reviewed Complaint file SWO-L4-B-3-2004-7.  Moved by Ms. Burt-Patterson to accept the Bureau’s recommendation to authorize closure of complaint file SWO-L4-B-3-2004-7.  Seconded by Ms. Ring, motion carried.

Ms. Guyon presented recommended action on disciplinary complaint for SWO-2005-11.  After discussion the Board accepted the pro-reviewers disciplinary recommendations and would like to include reimbursement for the cost of the investigation.


Mr. Hetrick presented the Bureau/Board Agreement Renewal Contract for fiscal year 2006.  Moved by Ms. Burt-Patterson to accept the contract and authorize Vicki Powers to sign on behalf of the Board.


The Board discussed the related field requirement in the rules.  The Board decided to continue to review the related field applications as they have been reviewed and this requirement will be researched and discussed at the next board meeting.


The Board added language to Rule 201.08 allowing a percentage of group supervision for the required 100 hours of direct supervision.

The Board reviewed Rule 202 regarding the Supervisor Registration and changed the date to January 1, 2007 and Rule 202.a deletes the requirement that the LCSW must have the 2 years experience in Idaho and adds Rule 202.c to require 15 hours of education in Supervisor Training as approved by the Board.  Moved by Ms. Ring to accept the proposed rules and submit it for the 2006 Legislation.  Seconded by Ms. Burt-Patterson, motion carried.

The Rules Committee will be working on an informational brochure for the clinical supervision requirements.


The Board reviewed a letter from a social work applicant requesting the Board to consider waiving their failed examination score and issue a license based upon their circumstance which was outlined in their letter.  The Board indicated they do not have the flexibility to dispense with the passing of the required examination for licensure, but could authorize the waiving of the 90 day waiting period for retesting.

The Board reviewed an e-mail correspondence from someone from DDA/IBI Professional regarding hiring someone with a social work degree, but who has not passed the exam.  The Board suggested that this be referred to Health and Welfare.


Moved by Ms. Burt-Patterson to enter executive session to discuss possible litigation not subject to public disclosure.  Seconded by Ms. Ring, motion carried.

Moved by Ms. Ring to enter regular session.  Seconded by Ms. Burt-Patterson, motion carried.

Moved by Ms. Burt-Patterson to adjourn the meeting at 3:30 p.m.  Seconded by Ms. Ring, motion carried.


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