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Regular Board Meeting of December 2, 2002


ROLL CALL:           Robert Payne, Chair

    Virginia Dickman

    Vicki Powers

    Rhonda Murray


BUREAU STAFF:    Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

    Marilyn London, Secretary


ALSO PRESENT:     Wendy Carey, NASW

    Linda Burch, NASW

    Lois Malpass, Clinical Society

    Lisa Shine, BSU Social Work Student


Robert Payne called the meeting to order at 9:10 a.m.



Virginia Dickman moved to approve the August 5 and 6, 2002 minutes with amendment.  Vicki Powers seconded and the motion carried. 

Rhonda moved to approve the September 23, 2002 conference call minutes.  Vicki Powers seconded and the motion carried.



Budd Hetrick presented the finance report indicating a balance of $71,579.30.  This report will be posted for the Board members or anyone to review on the Bureau’s web site.



Rayola Jacobsen informed the Board that there is a new chair for the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. 



Roger Hales read a letter that the Board directed him to write in regards to Internet counseling.  This issue will be further discussed at a later date.



The Board discussed the clinical level ASWB examination that is required prior to being issued a clinical license.  Social Workers that already hold a clinical license were grand fathered and are not required to pass the exam in Idaho.  The Board takes the position to not approve already licensed clinical workers to take the clinical exam in order to meet the requirement for other state licensing boards.  Only candidates for licensure will be approved to take the examination. 

Rhonda Murray left the meeting at 10:15 and returned at 1:00 p.m.



The Board discussed the independent level license for LSW’s and LMSW’s.  This will be further discussed at the April 7, 2003 board meeting. 

Virginia Dickman moved to add a grandfather clause to the rules to read:

Those persons licensed prior to August 5, 2002 shall be exempt from the requirement to submit a plan of supervision.  However, such person shall submit documentation establishing that supervision was face-to-face and provided by a qualified and experienced professional working in the same area of practice;  that supervision occurred on a regular and on-going basis and consisted of a minimum of one hundred hours (100) hours; and that the Supervisor(s) held a social work license in good standing. 

Vicki Powers seconded and the motion carried.



Virginia Dickman moved to enter executive session to discuss possible litigation.  Vicki Powers seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to re-enter regular session.  Vicki Powers seconded and the motion carried.



The Board discussed the newsletter.  A draft copy will be sent to the board members for review and then posted to the web site when approved.



Congratulations to Virginia Dickman newly elected ASWB secretary.  The next meeting is in May 2003 at Buffalo, New York.



The Board discussed adding a public board member and will work on language for a law change at the April 7, 2002 board meeting. 

The Board will also work on language for a rule change for the social work designee.



The Board approved the following applicants for clinical licensure: 

John Odgen                 

William Chidichimo

Claudia Currie-Mills

Loretta Constantinidis


The Board issued licenses for the applicants passing the August, September, October and November, 2002 examinations: 

Debbie Smith                          LSW-24482

Donna White                           LSW-24512

Jennifer Young                        LMSW-24498

Varick Cutler                           LMSW-24461

Penny Dunham                         LMSW-24462

Denise Leavitt                         LMSW-24463

Elizabeth Ohman                     LSW-24464

Kelly Shoplock                         LSW-24252

Winston Cook                          LMSW-24223

Dawn Guiltner                         LSW-24286

Michael Hartley                        LMSW-24489

Cynthia Nunez                         LSW-24491

Becky Marks                           LMSW-24523

Teresa Randall                        LMSW-24504

Wayne Timonen                       LMSW-24503

Jeffrey DeLancy                      LSW-24531

Christiane Magera                   LSW-24304

Pamela Young                         LSW-24545

Lara Reinecke                         LMSW-24528

Shawna Sutton                         LMSW-24529

Michael Benjamin                     LMSW-24251

Cheryl Costigan                       LSW-24525

Jack Cotton                             LMSW-24526

Jon Naught                              LSW-24527

Shawn Nielsen                        LMSW-24544

Janie Carlson                          LSW-24536

Kate Schubert                          LSW-24290

Janie Hartung                          LMSW-24230

Karen Mega                             LMSW-24345

Karen Bailey                           LMSW-24543

Amy Harrington                       LMSW-24542

Wendy Kirkham                       LSW-24541

Cindy Adamson                      LMSW-24555

Randy Parish                          LSW-24243

Stacey Smith                          LSW-24554

Candice Camper-Zajanc         LSW-24460

Patricia Bullick                     LMSW-24565

Jacob Durtschi                      LMSW-24564

Lisa Oneil                              LMSW-24563

Betsy Walker                         LSW-24546

Jamie St. Louis                      LMSW-24571

Linda Klein                             LMSW-24576

Deborah Nelsen                      LMSW-24584

Olisa Bomley                          LSW-24583

Shawnene Kieser                    LMSW-24582

Kimberly Mingle                      LSW-24285

Melissa Wood                          LMSW-24606

Kimberly Garrett                     LSW-24599

Brooke Wixom                         LSW-24398

Stephanie Blaising                   LSW-24626

Brian Christenson                    LSW-24609

Camille Magalogo                    LSW-24612

John Dennis                             LMSW-24611

Julie Slaughter                         LMSW-24618

Deeann Smith                          LMSW-24617

Rhonda Woolverton                  LSW-24687

Angela Champneys                  LSW-24691

Jason Kessinger                     LMSW-24620

Sarah King                              LSW-24621

Cristin McLaughlin                  LMSW-24641

Michelle Rinas                        LMSW-24620

Michele Bear                          LMSW-24707

Trena Eustice                          LMSW-24637

Daniel Messick                       LMSW-24638

Christy Sofaly                         LMSW-24639




The meeting adjourned at 3:45 p.m.

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