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Regular Board Meeting of August 5 and 6, 2002


ROLL CALL:           Robert Payne, Chair

                              Virginia Dickman

                              Rhonda Murray

                              Vicki Powers


BUREAU STAFF:    Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                              Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                              Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                              Marilyn London, Secretary


ALSO PRESENT:     Andrea Leeds, NASW

                              Linda Burch, NASW

                              Kathy Tidwell, Clinical Society


Robert Payne called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. 


All welcomed Vicki Powers, new board member replacing Kenneth Salzman. 


Virginia Dickman moved to approve the April 1, 2002 minutes.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to approve the April 30, 2002 conference call minutes.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 


Rayola Jacobsen shared with the Board the changes made to save money.  A new conference/exam room was purchased to save the Bureau money from renting extra rooms for exams.  The Bureau will be going paperless to be cost effective.  Virginia Dickman moved to approve going paperless.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 


Rayola Jacobsen explained the new open meeting law changes that went into effect July 1, 2002.  A board meeting can be held only if one board member is the designated meeting place and other members can be reached by conference phone.  


The Board was informed about the Bureau’s licensee address system, which includes two addresses.   One is the mailing address and the other is public record information.  It is recommended that the licensee use their business address for the address of record. 

 FINANCIAL REPORT  - FY2002 year end

Budd Hetrick presented the financial report, which indicated a balance of  $124,068.75 as of August 5, 2002. 


Budd Hetrick presented the investigative report, which indicated that two (2) new complaints have been received for fiscal year 2003 and are under investigation.  For 2002 ten (10) were received and under investigation.  For 2001 sixteen (16) were received and ten (10) under investigation.  For 2000 twenty-one (21) were received and six (6) under investigation.  


Virginia Dickman moved to enter executive session to discuss possible litigation.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to re-enter regular session.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to go forward with formal proceeding on complaint file SWO-23C-O2B-02-89.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to go forward with formal proceeding on complaint file SWO-L3-04-02-077.   Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to enter executive session.  Rhonda seconded and the motion carried. 

Rhonda Murray moved to re-enter regular session.  Virginia Dickman seconded and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to accept the consent order for SWO-L3C-01-14.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 


Budd Hetrick presented the Bureau and Board contract indicating that the only change from last year is on Exhibit B showing the new Board budget of $121,000.  Virginia Dickman moved to approve the contract.  Vicki Powers seconded and the motion carried. 


Virginia Dickman moved to submit the temporary rules to go into effect now.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 


Virginia Dickman moved to approve the purchase of a $20.00 phone card for Robert Payne to use for Board Business.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 


The Board will be doing a newsletter for December 2002.  Articles are to be brought to the December 2nd meeting.  The Board discussed posting the newsletter on the Bureau web site and sending out post cards to all licensees informing them of the newsletter.  The licensee can write the Bureau for a copy. 

The meeting was recessed for a 10 minute break.   

The Board discussed adding a public board member to the Board.  This will be further discussed at the December meeting. 

Virginia Dickman moved that the Board take lunch at 12:00.  Rhonda Murray seconded and the motion carried. 


The Board discussed independent status for LSW’s and LMSW’s that have been licensed for two or more years.  It was mentioned the possibility of sending out an affidavit to each social worker that has held a license for two years to be reviewed for anyone wanting the independent status. 


The next ASWB meeting will be November 8th through 10th, 2002 at Savannah, Georgia.  Robert Payne will be the delegate and Virginia Dickman will be the alternate.  Vicki Powers will attend if Rhonda Murray is not able to. 


The following licenses were issued by endorsement: 

June Seasor                             LSW-24427

Michele Ohlfs-Eagleburger    LSW-24428

Rick Albaugh                          LCSW-24262

Carol Croteau                         LCSW-24429

Amy Olson                              LCSW-24430

Robyn Prentice                       LCSW-24431


The following applicants were approved for clinical licensure:

Robin Gogan               Lynn Lockhart

Virginia Maus             Jaci Urie

Ami Reno                    Laura Root

Tori Kootstra              Damiana Uberuaga Rodgers


The following applicants were issued licenses for April, May, June and July, 2002 examinations: 

Anita Aguilar                         SW-24219

Ralph Rhodes                        SW-24221

Becky Hone                           SW-24332

Alicia Krepps                       SW-24245

Deanna Thomas                    SW-24001

Amanda Towle                     SW-24331

Ronald Tryon                        SW-24229

Sarah Anderson                    LSW-24313

Noelle Cambeilh                  LMSW-24022

Karen Ili                               LMSW-24240

Danielle Mahoney                LSW-24333

James Rippy                         LCSW-24337

Richard Schmidt                   LMSW-24235

John Sevy                             LMSW-24241

Hillary Haro                        LSW-24350

Tamara Parker                     LSW-24328

Shon Shuldberg                    LSW-24037

Angela Edwards                  LMSW-24260

Jodie Keys                           LSW-24496

Christine Snell                     LSW-24073

Tracy Warriner                    LSW-24315

Genevieve Thomas              LSW-24453

Sarah Tish                           LSW-24400

Henry Verdugo                    LSW-24327

Michelle Weir                     LSW-24413

Shannon Breier                    LSW-24502

Jason Jacobia                       LSW-24330

Jennifer Layton                     LSW-24402

Armida Molina-Prieto          LSW-24317

Tammy Poulsen                    LMSW-24263

Sarah Reitan                         LSW-24329

Jackie Alas                           LSW-24497

Mandy Eichmann                  LMSW-24289

Lori Watts                            LMSW-24278

Andrea Zickefoose               LSW-24310

Sandee Young                      LMSW-24291

Bernice Marley                    LSW-24034

Suzanne Nazari                     LSW-24323

Susan Sanden                         LMSW-24283

Janelle Stauffer                      LSW-24578

Heidi Strobel                         LSW-24312

Deborah Woodall                  LMSW-24311

Misty Dilello                         LSW-24343

Keri Farnam                          LMSW-24254

Richard Gibson                     LSW-24318

Crystal Goodman                    LMSW-2644

Stefney Layton                        LSW-24324

Shannon Murphy                     LMSW-24699

Melissa Bernier                      LMSW-24320

Neal Davis                              LMSW-24319

Jason Hoyt                              LSW-24507

Marcy Jensen                          LSW-24535

Ann Lawrence                        LSW-24455 

Jud Leifheit                            LSW-24418

Elizabeth Patzer                     LSW-24452

Jan Shaughnessy                     LMSW-1912

Carol Simenson                      LMSW-24364

Heather Slavin-Taylor            LMSW-2424

Michael Wolfe                        LSW-24331

Linda Butler                            LSW-24309

Mary Jacobsen                        LSW-24344

Becky Jaynes                          LMSW-24342

Glenn Martin                          LSW-24338

Brian Chojnacky                    LSW-24516

Melanie Doggett                     LMSW-24341

Alyssa Groen                          LSW-24340

Heather Gooding                    LSW-24456

Honor Harris                          LMSW-24355

Jessica Mark                          LMSW-24397

Brian Plowman                      LMSW-24376

Sonja Enger                            LMSW-2349

Eileen Ursillo                         LMSW-24391

Carolyn Scott                          LSW-24393

Troy Waskoviak                     LMSW-24394

Rebecca Wiskus                     LMSW-24520

Scott Curtis                             LMSW-24396

Larry Gore                              LSW-24513

Mary Hannity                          LMSW-24392

Terri Muegerl                         LSW-24026

Georgia Maydew                    LSW-24404

Jennifer Murphy                      LMSW-24403

Lera Sheppeard                       LMSW-24422

Dawn Wright                           LSW-24427

Jennifer Card                           LCSW-24423

Brandi Casper                         LSW-24409

Jill Fullmer                             LSW-24418

Kathleen Palmer                     LSW-24046

Pamela Sato                            LSW-24419


Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m. on August 5, 2002 and reconvened August 6 2002 to review audited continuing education and applications. 

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