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Regular Board Meeting Minutes of August 6 and 7, 2001


ROLL CALL:              Robert Payne, Chair; Kenneth Salzman; Virginia Dickman; Rhonda Murray


ALSO PRESENT:     Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Supervising Investigator; Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Marilyn London, Secretary; Andrea Leeds, NASW; Wendy Carey, NASW Director; Kathy Tidwell, Clinical Society


Robert Payne called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.


Virginia Dickman moved to approve the December 4, 2000 board meeting minutes.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried.  Note that Thomas Limbaugh recommended not to send the letter to the nursing homes as stated in the minutes.

Kenneth Salzman moved to approve the January 29, 2001 board meeting minutes.  Rhonda Murray seconded the motion, motion carried.

Virginia moved to approve the February 26, 2001 conference call minutes.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried.

Virginia Moved to approve the April 2, 2001 board meeting minutes.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried.


John Kersey presented the investigative report to the board that indicated sixteen (16) complaints were received for the year 2001 and all remain under investigation.  For the year 2000, twenty-one (21) complaints have been received.  Of those three (3) remain under investigation.  Five (5) are being presented for board’s consideration.  Thirteen (13) complaints were received in the year 1999.  Of those, two (2) remain open and are being presented for board’s consideration.


Virginia moved to enter executive session for the purpose of possible litigation.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried.

Virginia Dickman moved to re-enter regular session.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried.

Virginia Dickman moved to close complaint file SWO-L2B-04-00019.  Rhonda Murray seconded the motion, motion carried.

Virginia Dickman moved to close complaint files SWO-L2B-03-00-020 and SWO-L2B-03-00-021.  Rhonda Murray seconded the motion, motion carried.

Kenneth Salzman moved to have Kirsten Wallace send a letter to complaint file SWO-54B-99-011 regarding boundaries and ethics.  Also for Ms. Wallace to send a letter to the supervisor.  Rhonda Murray seconded the motion, motion carried.

Rhonda Murray moved to have Kirsten Wallace send a letter to complaint file SWO-P3C-01-99-013 with a strong recommendation to take an ethics course.  Virginia Dickman seconded the motion, motion carried.  Kenneth Salzman rescued himself from the discussion.

Complaint files SWO-P4B-02B-00-014 (a) and SWO-P3C-02B-00-013 (b) were presented to the board.  The board directed Kirsten Wallace to prepare a consent order-suspending license for 5 years and $1,000 fine.  After 5 years must reapply and show proof of rehabilitation.


Virginia Dickman wrote the supervision rules for the designee in nursing facilities.


Budd Hetrick presented the finance report to the board indicating a balance of $80,263.06 as of June 30, 2001.


The board discussed continuing education requirements with Wendy Cary, NASW Executive Director.

Healthcare Training Institute in Bloomington, Indiana mailed out brochures to Idaho social workers for obtaining continuing education.  The brochure was misleading.  Virginia Dickman moved that Kirsten Wallace write a letter to the Institution informing them of the misleading information.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried.


The Board will work on preparing a newsletter to be mailed out by the end of September.


Robert Vande Merwe, Idaho Health Care Association wrote the Board a letter regarding continuing education.  Robert Payne will address the issues in a response letter.

Letter was received from licensee regarding applying for the private practice clinical license.  Kenneth Salzman moved that upon passing the intermediate level ASWB exam the license would be issued.


The following licenses was issued by endorsement:

Rachel Jessen               CSWP-1486-C

Eric Frye                      CSWP-1487-C

Robert Caldwell            CSWP-1488-C

Jonathan Poplin            CSWP-1489-C

Kathryn Duncan            CSWP-1490-C


The following were approved for private practice clinical license:

Sandra Wiler Piotrowski

Mary Smith

Brady Hammon

Linda Burch

Kate Bohmer

Clarinda Ashley

Kathryn Anderson

Alisa Fowler

Clarinda Ashley

Mary Blankenship

Andrea Leeds

Kathryn Cummings

Brian Mecham


The following licenses were issued for applicants passing the April, May, June and July 2001 examination:

Bona Williams              SW-2676

Atsuko Ito                                SW-2672

Deborah Nelsen              SW-2669

Sarah Russell                            SW-2661

Patricia Mathews                      SW-2662

Kenneth Morgan                        CSW-1466

Christine Hesse             SW-2664

Claire Kiener                            CSW-1460

Rosemary Norman                        SW-2663

Colette Smith                            SW-2683

Debra Turner                            CSW-1476

Christopher Palmer              SW-2681

Tylene Puckett              SW-2682

Clarence Davis             SW-2673

Kimberly Jones             CSW-1469

Brian Lindner                            SW-2710

James McGahey                     SW-2674

Meghann Maiani              SW-2688

Sheila McHugh             CSW-1467

Wendy Nelson                         CSW-1465

Brea Weller                              SW-2684

Sharon Wiese                           SW-2692

Janice Andrews                        SW-2675

Vanessa French              CSW-1461

Robert Ingram                          CSW-1462

Leah Robinson             SW-2707

Stacey Lewis                            CSW-1472

Elagrace Lyerla             CSW-1482

Marcella Hurtado                        CSW-1468

Lori Leonard                            CSW-1495

Rebecca Spalding                       CSW-1483

Tobi Adame                             SW-2699

Jody Bailey                               SW-2677

Shannon Grigory             SW-2709

Pamala Hirsch                          CSW-1470

Julieann Holman                        SW-2671

Karen Scott                              SW-2670

Jodi Benson                              CSW-1505

Emilee Burnham                       SW-2668

Wanda Fox                              SW-2722

Christina Lasswell                       SW-2678

Cindy Brown                            CSW-1464

Judith Last                                SW-2687

Steven Nilsson              SW-2686

Andrea Nolt                             SW-2693

Marcia Thayne             CSW-1474

Megan Clark-Linz                  CSW-1471

Matthew Hancock                      SW-2679

Tracy Hodges                           SW-2680

Kodi Lewis                              CSW-1492

March Sprague             SW-2690

Shawn Wood                           CSW-1463

Christopher Gjesfjeld                       CSW-1475

Mellany McBride                       SW-2696

Daniel Sorensen                      CSW-1484

Wayne Timonen                       SW-2689

Helen Babcock             CSW-1477

Lynn Baird                               CSW-1478

Angela Charter             SW-2694

Alexia Deetz                             CSW-1479

Jamie Harper                            SW-2703

Christine Standlee                       SW-2691

Mark Berger                            CSW-1480

Heidi Penkert                           CSW-1485

Alyssa Reynolds                      CSW-1481

Annette Steadham                     SW-2695

Cami Blackburn                     SW-2704

Teresa Farmer                          SW-2697

Susan Lehman                          CSW-1491

John Stephenson                   CSW-1511

Sally Fitzgerald             CSW-1493

Daniel Meyer                            SW-2701

Beatrice Thompson                    SW-2700



Meeting adjourned 4:00 p.m. on August 6, 2001 and reconvened August 7, 2001 to review audited continuing education.


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