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Minutes of April 2, 2001


PRESENT:              Kenneth Salzman, Chair

                                    Virginia Dickman

                                    Mary McGown

                                    Rhonda Murray

                                    Robert Payne


ALSO PRESENT:    Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    John Kersey, Chief Investigator

                                    Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

       Marilyn London, Secretary

                                    Andrea Leeds, NASW

                                    Kathy Tidwell, Clinical Society

                                    JoAnn Lynch

                                    Peggy Ellinger


Kenneth Salzman called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. 


Thomas Limbaugh gave an update on House Bill 212 and noted that the Board may wish to draft appropriate rules. 


Thomas Limbaugh presented the board the finance report indicating a balance of $19,746.59 as of March 31, 2001.  The lawful fee cap of $50.00 was increased during the legislative session to $75.00. 

Virginia Dickman moved to increase the renewal fee for all renewals by $10.00 for the June 2001 renewal period.   Mary Curran seconded, and the motion carried.  The renewal fees will increase as follows:  Social Workers - $50.00 – Certified Social Workers - $50.00 and Certified Social Workers Private Practice and Certified Social Workers Private Practice/Clinical - $60.00. 

The Board reviewed the budget request form for the 2002 fiscal year and indicated that travel for the national meetings, law and rule changes, and a possible newsletter be included in the budget.  


John Kersey gave an investigative report that indicated four (4) complaints have been received for 2001.  Eight (8) remain open and under investigation for 2000 and one (1) under legal review.  One (1) is under investigation for 1999 and one (1) under legal review. 


Virginia Dickman moved to enter executive session to discuss potential litigation and items exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Act.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried.  

Virginia Dickman moved to re-enter regular session.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to accept Kirsten Wallace’s recommendation for complaint file SWO-5-3-02A-00-007.  Robert Payne seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to accept Kirsten Wallace’s recommendation for complaint file SWO-P2C-03-99-007.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 


Social Work applicant SWO-1864 addressed the Board regarding their application. 

Virginia Dickman moved to enter executive session to discuss potential litigation.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to re-enter executive session.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 

The Board directed Roger Hales to draft a letter outlining the necessary requirements to social work applicant SWO-1864. 


Social Worker SW-740 attended the meeting to request the reinstatement of licensure.  It was noted that the continuing education requirement had not been met because of a disability and not being able to work for part of the previous year.  Robert Payne moved to waive the continuing education and grant a license upon receipt of the renewal and reinstatement fee.  The license will be issued to expire June 30, 2001 and will require 20 hours of continuing education to renew. 


The Board reviewed a draft copy of pending social work law changes.  The Board will review the draft of additional changes for the 2002 legislative session at the August board meeting.  


The following licenses were issued by endorsement: 

Shelly Bird – SW-2657

Tamara Bradley – CSWP-1459-C


The following licenses were issued for applicants passing the December 2000, January, February and March 2001 examination: 

Paula Johnson                                       SW-2629

Victoria Mecham                                   CSW-1430

Sasha Oliver                                         CSW-1435

Patricia Adams                                     CSWP-1436-C

Fabio Almeida                                      SW-2640

Christina Smith                                     SW-2630

Melissa Boswell                                    SW-2643

Mariah Cantu                                       SW-2632

Rob King                                             CSW-1438

Jean Allmon                                          SW-2634

Troy Maxfield                                       CSW-1440

Cassia Morton                                      SW-2635

Lisa Calderwood                                 SW-2639

Rebecca Freeburne                            SW-2638

Renee Siahpush                                  SW-2665

Amber Wagner                                     SW-2637

Elizabeth Foley                                    CSW-1441

Lance King                                           SW-2636

Ella Dingman                                        CSW-1444

Crystal Goodman                                 SW-2644

Jenny Sheffield                                  SW-2666

Amber Krapsicher                               SW-2649

Christine Luplow                                 SW-2642

Charlotte Martin                                  CSW-1443

Andrea Chigbrow                                 SW-2712

Chelsea Giles                                        SW-2646

Curtis Luce                                           CSW-1445

Nicole Whittier                                     SW-2645

Stacy Dudney                                       CSW-1450

Betty Farnsworth                               SW-2648

Toni Ferraro-Goodwin                      CSW-1449

Karen Griffith                                       SW-2647

Susan Kreider                                      CSW-1448

Christina Smith                                     CSW-1447

Benjamin Earwicker                             SW-2698

Sonia Sims                                           SW-2651

Timothy Woods                                     SW-2650

Phyllis Miller                                         CSW-1457

Tricia Adams                                        SW-2653

Barbara Boyle                                      CSW-1452

Wade Gordon                                      SW-2654

Ricky Heikkila                                      CSW-1451

Ismael Hernandez                                SW-2652

Sherry Jacobia                                     CSW-1453

Michael Tardani                                    CSW-1454

Kristy Fellows                                      SW-2655

Shauntae Willis                                     SW-2656

Nancy Bazner                                       SW-1254

Melanie Heward                                    SW-2658

Kirk Mace                                           SW-2660

Nichole Oprins                                     SW-2685

Sarah Peterson                                    SW-2659

Tia Thomas                                          CSW-1458



The meeting adjourned at 4:30 p.m. on April 2, 2001.

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