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Minutes of February 26, 2001


ROLL CALL:              Kenneth Salzman, Chair

                                    Virginia Dickman

                                    Mary Curran

                                    Robert Payne

                                    Rhonda Murray


ALSO PRESENT:       Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney

                                    Marilyn London, Secretary 



Kirsten Wallace presented the Board a copy of a consent order for file SWO-P2B-02A-00-005.   Robert Payne recused himself from the discussing of the consent order.  Virginia moved to approve the consent order for file SWO-P2B-02A-00-005.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 


Kirsten Wallace advised the Board of a complaint concerning a non-licensed provider in a nursing home providing social work services.  The Board tabled the discussion until the April board meeting. 


The Board discussed the issues on House Bill 212.  It was determined that, should the Bill pass, then the Board will have the authority to propose rules to address its implementation. 


The Board discussed the Department of Educationís rule that allows a certified social worker to evaluate a student that has an emotional condition.  This will be discussed at the April board meeting. 

The Board adjourned at 9:05 a.m. on February 26, 2001.

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