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Minutes of December 4, 2000


ROLL CALL:              Kenneth Salzman

                                    Mary Curran

                                    Rhonda Murray

                                    Virginia Dickman

                                    Robert Payne


BUREAU STAFF:        Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Marilyn London, Secretary


ALSO PRESENT:            Andrea Leeds, NASW

                                    Kathy Tidwell, Clinical Society



Kenneth Salzman called the meeting to order at 8:50 a.m. 


Virginia Dickman moved to approve the July 31 and August 1, 2000 board meeting minutes.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 


The investigative report was presented to the Board indicating eighteen (18) complaints have been received for the year 2000.  Of those, six (6) remain under investigation.  Five (5) are under legal review.  For 1999 six (6) remain under investigation.  Two (2) are under legal review.  One (1) is under Pro-Review.  For 1997 three (3) remain open waiting Pro-Review. 

The Board received six (6) recommendations for complaint files from Kirsten Wallace.  Virginia Dickman moved to go into executive session.  Mary Curran seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to re-enter regular session.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to dismiss complaint file SWO-P2A-00-008.  Mary Curran seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to dismiss complaint file SWO-P4B-02A-99-001.  Robert Payne seconded, and the motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to dismiss complaint files SWO-L3C-04-00-016 and SWO-B3-04-00-017.  Mary Curran seconded, and the motion carried. 

Mary Curran moved to accept consent order for complaint file SWO-L5A-04-00-009 with a change of the recommended 15 days of suspended license to 6 months.  There was not a second and the motion died. 

Kenneth Salzman moved to accept the consent order for complaint file SWO-L5A-04-00-009 changing the recommended 15 days of suspended license to 90 days.  Robert Payne seconded, and the motion carried. 

Mary Curran moved to accept consent order for complaint file SWO-P2B-02A-005 stating Respondent must take an ethics course approved by the Board.  The Respondent has 6 months to submit the course to the Board for approval.  Virginia Dickman seconded, and the motion carried. 


The Board will have a workshop to work on law changes January 29, 2001 at 9:00 a.m. 


The Board discussed the issues involved in social services in long-term care facilities and the one-year sunset extension that will be going before the 2001 legislation session.  The Board recommended that this be changed to include only skilled nursing facilities.  Also the Board recommended that unlicensed persons in charge of the social service programs use the title Community Resource Workers. 


Mary Curran moved to allow the Bureau to print licensee list, labels or disks upon request on six-month bases.  Robert Payne seconded the motion carried.  


Robert Payne moved to appoint Mary Curran as Board Chair starting at the December 3, 2001 meeting.  Rhonda Murray seconded, and the motion carried. 


Virginia Dickman and Kenneth Salzman reported on the ASWB meeting held in Mesa Arizona November 10 12, 2000.  The examination fee was raised from $110.00 to $175.00.  The next meeting will be held in Memphis, Tennessee on April 19 22, 2001.  Those attending the meeting will be Virginia Dickman, Kenneth Salzman, Robert Payne and Budd Hetrick. 


The Board discussed clinical supervision from applicants applying for licensure from out of state.  The Board will review any clinical supervision from applicants that received supervision post MSW degree. 


Idaho NASW Chapter requested the Social Work Board send an information letter regarding the proper usage of terminology of job title and job practice of non-licensed individuals, under the 1976 Social Work Act.  Rhonda Murray was directed by the Board to draft the letter and the Bureau will send the letter to all licensed and certified skilled nursing facilities in Idaho. 

A letter was received from a clinical social worker requesting to reinstate their license that was cancelled for non-renewal in 1994.  The request was denied based upon the requirement in the Bureau Law stating after a five-year period the licensee must reapply as a new applicant. 


The Following licenses were issued by endorsement: 

Annmarie Hancock                      SW-2628

Joyce Gruenewald                  CSWP-1432-C

Dennis Augustus                      CSWP-1433-C


The following applicants were approved for clinical endorsement: 

Lynn Curvey

Mary Francis

Oreana Harless

Mary Skinner-Vance


The following licenses were issued for applicants passing the August, September, October and November, 2000 examination: 

Patricia Upham             CSW-1404

Judy Hudson                            CSW-1411

Mendy Johnson                        SW-2592

Yolanda Walker             SW-2608

Robbie McGraw                      CSW-1406

Kirsten Schafer             CSW-1407

Michele Beagle             SW-2600

Ellen Sanford                            SW-2596

Kirsty Sorensen                      SW-2594

Valerie Webb                           CSW-1410

Laura Cartwright                    SW-2625

Pamela Smith                            SW-2598

Kristin Laurandeau                  SW-2597

Kim Robinson                          SW-2595

Melody Chappell                       SW-2602

Tod Gunter                               CSW-1414

Julie Knopp                              CSW-1421

Lawanna Lancaster                     CSW-1415

Heidi Murri                               SW-2616

Darren Nickerson                    CSW-1416

Joyce Perry                              SW-2606

Mark Rist                                 CSW-1412

Mary Thomas                           CSW-1417

Troy Bishop                             CSW-1419

Kimberly Cole                          SW-2607

Jill Johnson                               CSW-1418

Cindie Lopez                            SW-2599

Stanton Rhodes                        SW-2605

Kristen Tracy                           SW-2611

Mandy West                            SW-2622

Daynanne Baird                SW-2610

Marci Crook                            SW-2641

Deme Dellairo                          SW-1368

Jacqueline Johnson                        SW-2618

Lauren Nichols             CSW-1420

Kristin Overton             CSW-1423

Thomas Ahlrichs                        CSW-1424

Marie Allen                              SW-2615

Jill Elbracht                               SW-2613

Bret Wixom                              CSW-1426

Shawna Cain                            SW-2617

Roberta Marshall                       SW-2623

Sabrina Swope             CSW-1425

Marci Iverson                           SW-2621

Gayle Reed                              SW-2620

Rex Thornley                            CSW-1437

Tera Hanson                             SW-2624

Mary Pierce                             CSW-1427

Kathleen Curtis             CSW-1428

Andrew Layman                        CSWP-1434-C

Lorinda Pratt                            CSW-1429

Gwen Cracroft                         SW-2627

Kathrynn Dietrich                        SW-2626

Robert Ferraro-Goodwin            CSW-1431



The following files were terminated for non-activity: 

SWO61899BIB            SWO12298MKD

SWO112398LMD            SWO33199SRD

SWO32499JMF            SWO82798KJH

SWO32699WJH            SWO42699ARJ

SWO32398KLL            SWO32195EDO

SWO42699TBP          SWO111391LJR

SWO3999DMR          SWO4599EJS

SWO32399RLW         SWO8797JHK

SWO33197MCS         SWO51297DRS

SWO9590JC               SWO71991MEH



The meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m. on December 4, 2000.

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