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Minutes of April 3, 2000


ROLL CALL:              Kenneth Salzman

                                    Virginia Dickman

                                    Mary Curran

                                    Robert Payne


BUREAU STAFF:       Thomas Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General

                                    Marilyn London, Secretary


ALSO PRESENT:            Andrea Leeds, President Elect for NASW



Robert Payne was welcomed to the Board of Social Work. 


Virginia Dickman moved to approve the December 6, 1999 minutes.  Kenneth Salzman seconded the motion, motion carried. 


Thomas Limbaugh presented the finance report indicating a balance of $21,022.59 as of March 31, 2000.  Due to the declining fund balance, Chief Limbaugh recommended the Board consider increasing the $50.00 fee cap in Idaho Code 54-3209.  This will give the authority to increase the renewal fees. 


The Board discussed the new legislation by Health and Welfare amending Idaho Code 54-3215 by adding: “This act shall not apply to any employee of any facility licensed under section 39-1301(a), Idaho Code section 39-1301(b), Idaho Code, or section 39-1301(c), Idaho Code, who is designated in writing to be responsible for that facility’s social services program and who receives regular consultation from a qualified social worker.” 

The decision of the Board was to propose an emergency rule that would read:  “Regular consultation consists of case by case monthly consultation provided by no less than a licensed Idaho social worker.” 


Thomas Limbaugh presented the Board a memo from the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee reminding all the Boards that they must obtain spending authority prior to creating a new program. 


Kirsten Wallace presented the complaint investigation report indicating that five (5) complaints have been received for the year 2000.  Of those, one (1) was closed after the complaint was withdrawn at the request of the complainant.  Nine (9) remain under investigation or legal review for 1999.  All have been closed for 1998.  Three (3) remain open for pro-review for 1997.  One (1) complaint from 1996 remains under legal review. 

Kirsten Wallace presented the Board a report for complaint file SWO-P4B-03-96-014 on recommended disciplinary action. 

Virginia Dickman moved to enter executive session.  Mary Curran seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Virginia Dickman moved to enter regular session.  Robert Payne seconded the motion, motion carried. 

Virginia moved to accept the consent order and have Kenneth Salzman, chair sign the order.  Mary Curran seconded the motion, motion carried.  

The Board ordered that Stephen R. Craig receive a formal reprimand, obtain continuing education in Professional Ethics, and pay $423 costs.” 

Kirsten Wallace was instructed to write the reprimand letter and John Kersey to inform ASWB’s disciplinary action reporting system. 


Budd Hetrick presented the Board the renewal form for the June 2000 renewal period, which the Board approved. 


The next board meeting is scheduled for July 31 and August 1, 2000.  NASW and the Clinical Society will be invited to attend July 31st to work on rules. 


The Board approved 2,560 clinical hours and 37 supervision hours for CSW-1103.  The Board will review the final report upon receipt of the completed required hours. 


The following licenses were issued by endorsement: 

Brenda Ling                  CSWP-594-C                        Lawrence Ling            CSWP-595-C

Eleanor Gurley            CSWP-1358-C            Dianne Hamilton            CSWP-1359-C

Amy O’Neill                 CSWP-1360-C            Karen VanDyke            CSWP-1361-C

Sherie Alvari                 SW-2535                Lynne Little                 CSW-1357


The following licensed certified social workers were approved for clinical endorsement: 

Julie Carney                  Jeannie Waldrop

Patricia Snarr                Carillon Schmeling

Paul Roberts                 Stephen Flick

Lisa Mitton



SWO050798JW                    SWO030196DLS

SWO062598CKS                   SWO032498BKN

SWO032296VJP                    SWO111296CNC

SWO081296JLM                  SWO031695DHM

SWO072495SEK                   SWO012397RVJ

SWO091696AEH                   SWO121696RLH

SWO071697MEG                SWO073198EMG

SWO120397NEF                    SWO122496BJE

SWO072898SJE                    SWO070196GKD

SWO072495SJB                    SWO030697KAB

SWO080897MWB              SWO111293JHA



The meeting adjourned at 3:20 p.m. on April 3, 2000.

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