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Minutes of August 2, 1999

ROLL CALL:            Kenneth Salzman, Nancy Killinger, Virginia Dickman, Mary Curran, Stephen Cummings

 BUREAU STAFF:            Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Supervising Investigator; Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Marilyn London, Secretary

 ALSO PRESENT:            John Kuehne, Jr., social work applicant.

Nancy Killinger moved to approve the April 5, 1999 minutes.  Steve Cummings seconded the motion, motion carried.  Virginia Dickman moved to approve the May 26 and June 23, 1999 conference call minutes.   Steve Cummings seconded the motion, motion carried.


 Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief presented the finance report indicating a balance of $65,165.27.


 The Board received a budget form to be completed for the year 2001.  The Board requested additional funds for travel expensive to send four members to the national meeting; cost associated with proposed rules; and preparing a newsletter for licensees.


 John Kersey, Supervising Investigator presented the Board with the complaint investigative report.  To date six (6) complaints have been received for 1999.  Of eight (8) complaints received during 1998, two (2) remain open under investigation.  One (1) complaint from 1996 remains under investigation.

Kirsten Wallace, Deputy Attorney General sent the Board a report with information on two (2) complaint files.  The Board recommended closure with no action on file SWO-L3-04-99-002.  Ms. Wallace was directed by the Board to send a warning letter to Complaint file SWO-P4A-01-97-009.

Kirsten Wallace informed the Board that she has received an evaluation report from a psychologist who evaluated social worker file SWO-L2B-04-98-007.   Ms. Wallace is waiting to receive a response from the psychologist with more information on whether the social worker is able to practice or if more treatment is recommended.


 Terri Sudol requested approval of supervision hours received from her supervisor before being pre-approved.  The Board spoke to Ms. Sudol by telephone.  Virginia Dickman moved to have Ms. Sudol’s supervisor complete a supervisor report form for the period May 23, 1998 to November 23, 1998 to be reviewed at the December 6, 1999 board meeting.  Nancy Killinger seconded the motion, motion carried.  Mary Curran moved to not give any credit of hours for the period November 23, 1998 to March 15, 1999.  Nancy Killinger seconded the motion, motion carried.  If supervision is approved September 15, 2000 is the earliest Ms. Sudol can be approved for her clinical license.


 John Kuehne, Jr. attended the board meeting requesting issuance of his license.  Upon review of his application file, the Board approved Mr. Kuehne’s license.

 Diane Zumbrun, social work applicant spoke to the Board by telephone regarding her application.  The Board approved Ms. Zumbrun’s application for examination.


 The Board is working on drafting proposed changes to the rules.   The process will be continued at the next board meeting December 6, 1999.


 The Board will be publishing a newsletter to be sent to all licensed social workers by October 1, 1999.  Articles assigned: Virginia Dickman – continuing education; Mary Curran – ethics; Kenneth Salzman – rule changes; Nancy Killinger – code of ethics; Stephen Cummings – continuing education requirements on categories I & II.


 Charles Andrews            CSWP-1308-C
Mary Marks                 CSWP-1309-C
Michelle Howard            CSWP-1310-C
Kristopher Walton            CSWP-1311-C


 Karen Andrews
Lesa McConnel
Susan McFarland
Patricia Gardner
S. Lori Johnson


 The Board terminated the following files for non-activity:

 Terry Clabaugh; Kellie Eleazer; Gene Cantrell; Susan Kelley; Christine Luplow; Robyn Miller; Tina Smith; John Soderquist; Beatrice Thompson 

There being no further business to come before the Board at this time, the meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


 August 3, 1999 – The Board reviewed continuing education documentation submitted by licensees per the 10% audit.

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