Bureau of Occupational Licenses

700 West State Street, P.O. Box 83720

Boise, ID 83720-0063 


Conference Call Minutes of 1/23/2012



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Andrew J. Seitz - Chair

                                                             Gayle L Chaney

                                                             Jody S. O'Donnell

                                                             Barbra Osterhout

                                                             Dennis J. Bell

                                                             Mary R. Reis






BUREAU STAFF:                           Dawn Hall, Administrative Support Manager

                                                            Lori Peel, Investigative Unit Manager

                                                            Linda Goff, Technical Records Specialist I


The meeting was called to order at 1:04 PM MST by Andrew J. Seitz.




After review of the minutes of December 21, 2011, and January 3, 2012; a motion was made by Ms. O’Donnell to approve the minutes. Ms. Reis seconded. The motion carried.



Ms. Hall advised the Board that the Legislature is now in session. The Speech Language Services Rule will be presented this week.



Ms. Hall presented the financial report. As of December 31, the Board has a positive balance of $45,445.48




Ms. Peel presented the Investigative Report, which is linked above.


For Board Determination:


I-SHS-2011-3 A motion was made by Ms. Chaney to authorize closure. Ms. O’Donnell seconded. The motion carried.



Items for Sub-Committee Meeting February 17th

A discussion was held regarding additional items to be reviewed by the sub-committee that is looking at potential law and rule changes.


Ms. Chaney noted that there are issues with the fact that SLP Assistants cannot bill Medicaid. Ms. Chaney asked if Board members felt a program should be put into place to assist these licensees. Ms. O’Donnell stated she is aware of a program in the State of Oregon. She will gather more information and submit her findings to the sub-committee. The possibility of tracking supervised hours in the schools was also discussed. The Board Chair directed the secretary to see what, if any, requirements the Department of Education may already have in place.

Ms. O’Donnell discussed the rule regarding proof of completion of the Clinical Fellowship Year and assisting permit holders with becoming licensed more quickly. The possibility of requiring a final supervisor report attesting to the fact the permit holder has met all requirements will be reviewed by the sub-committee.



A motion was made by Ms. Reis that the Board go into executive session under Idaho Code § 67-2345(1)(d) to consider records that are exempt from disclosure under the Idaho Public Records Law.  The purpose of the Executive Session was to consider license application materials.  It was seconded by Ms. O’Donnell. The vote was: Mr. Bell, aye; Ms. Reis, aye; Ms. O’Donnell, aye; Ms. Osterhout, aye; Ms. Chaney, aye; and Chairman Seitz, aye. There were no nay votes. The motion carried.




Ms. O’Donnell made a motion to come out of executive session. Ms. Chaney seconded. The vote was Mr. Bell, aye; Ms. O’Donnell, aye; Ms. Reis, aye; Ms. Chaney, aye; Ms. Osterhout, aye; and Chairman Seitz, aye. There were no nay votes. The motion carried.


A motion was made by Ms. Reis and seconded by Mr. Bell to approve the following:


            Approved for Licensure:

CANNAVARO, EMILY                                       SLP-2192

HRACHO, KIM                                                         SLP-2189

MILLIGAN, DEVRA LYNN                                     SLP-2196

WALLACE, MEGAN                                                SLP-2197


SNOW, KENDRA R                                                            SLPA-2199


HIBBS, KAREN                                                        TSLP-2204


TETSURO MCDONALD, LORI                              HA-2194



Approved pending receipt of required documentation:

901119852                            901119567

901119555                            901119742

901119759                            901119603

901113502                            901119769




NEXT MEETING February 24, 2012 Conference Call 1:00 PM MST



A motion was made by Mrs. Reis to adjourn the meeting at 1:48 PM. Ms. Chaney seconded. The motion carried.


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Andrew J. Seitz, Chair                                    Gayle L Chaney

_________________________________      _________________________________

Jody S. O'Donnell                                           Barbra Osterhout

_________________________________      _________________________________

Leah D Whiteman                                           Dennis J. Bell

_________________________________      _________________________________

Mary R. Reis                                                   Tana Cory, Bureau Chief