Bureau of Occupational Licenses

700 West State Street, P.O. Box 83720

Boise, ID 83720-0063 


Conference Call Minutes of 8/23/2011




BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Andrew J. Seitz - Chair

                                                             Gayle L Chaney

                                                             Jody S. O'Donnell

                                                             Barbra Osterhout

                                                             Leah D Whiteman

                                                             Dennis J. Bell

                                                             Mary R. Reis




BUREAU STAFF:                           Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                            Dawn Hall, Administrative Support Manager

                                                            Maurie Ellsworth, Legal Counsel

                                                            Linda Goff, Technical Records Specialist I



The meeting was called to order at 8:05 AM MDT by acting Chair Dennis Bell.




After review of the minutes from July 27, 2011, a motion was made by Ms. Reis to approve the minutes. Ms. Whiteman seconded. The motion carried.



Ms. Hall advised the Board that the Legislative deadlines have passed for 2012.



Ms. Hall presented the financial report. As of July 31, the Board had a positive balance of $27,370.69.


Ms. Hall reviewed the 2012 Fiscal Year contract with the Board. After discussion, a motion was made by Ms. O’Donnell to approve the contract and have Chairman Seitz sign on behalf of the Board, Ms. Chaney seconded. The motion carried.





A motion was made by Ms. Chaney to table this item until the face – to - face meeting in November. Ms. Osterhout seconded. The motion carried.





Endorsement Applications and Discussion

Ms. Hall provided examples of applications through endorsement for Board review. After review and discussion a motion was made by Ms. O’Donnell to accept the applications. Ms. Osterhout seconded. The motion carried.



A motion was made by Ms. Chaney that the Board go into executive session under Idaho Code § 67-2345(1)(d) to consider records that are exempt from disclosure under the Idaho Public Records Law.  The purpose of the Executive Session was to consider license application materials.  It was seconded by Ms. O’Donnell. The vote was Mr. Bell, aye; Ms. Reis, aye; Ms. O’Donnell, aye; Ms. Whiteman, aye; Ms. Osterhout, aye; and Chairman Seitz, aye.  Motion carried.


Mr. Bell made a motion to come out of executive session. Ms. Whiteman seconded. The vote was Mr. Bell, aye; Ms. Whiteman, aye; Ms. O’Donnell, aye; Ms. Reis, aye; Ms. Osterhout; and Chairman Seitz, aye. There were no nay votes. The motion carried.




A motion was made by Ms. Reis and seconded by Mr. Bell to approve the following:


            Approved for Licensure:


                        HOLMES, ARLETTA RENEE                                            HA-2125


BATES, GEORGIA LEE                                                      SLP-2142

CAULFIELD, PATRICIA GAIL                                           SLP-2140

FOLSKE, MARY                                                                  SLP-2146

MCFARLAND, CHELSEY                                                 SLP-2147

ROBERTS PELLEYA, MICHAELANNE                          SLP-2132

SPOONER, MARIE LISA                                                   SLP-2143

STROM WILKINS                                                                SLP-2145


ANDERSON, ELIZABETH                                                 TSLP-2151

BERRY, JOSHUA W                                                           TSLP-2149

BETHKE, AMBER MARIE                                                  TSLP-2152

POUGH, LATARSHA                                                          TSLP-2141

STOCKTON, NANCY NICOLE                                          TSLP-2148




Approved pending receipt of required documentation:




NEXT MEETING September 29, 2011. Conference Call. 8:00AM MDT





A motion was made by Ms. Osterhout to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 AM. Ms. Reis seconded. The motion carried.



_________________________________      _________________________________

Andrew J. Seitz, Chair                                    Gayle L Chaney

_________________________________      _________________________________

Jody S. O'Donnell                                           Barbra Osterhout

_________________________________      _________________________________

Leah D Whiteman                                           Dennis J. Bell

_________________________________      _________________________________

Mary R. Reis                                                   Tana Cory, Bureau Chief