Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702-5642 


Board Meeting Minutes of 5/13/2010



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Andrew J. Seitz - Chair

                                                             Gayle L Chaney

                                                             Jody S. O'Donnell

                                                             Leah D Whiteman

                                                             Dennis J. Bell

                                                             Mary R. Reis






BUREAU STAFF:                           Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                            Dawn Hall, Administrative Support Manager

                                                            Lori Peel, Investigative Unit Manager

                                                            Karl Klein, Administrative Attorney

                                                            Karen Magnelli, Deputy Attorney General

                                                            Linda Goff, Technical Records Specialist I


The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM MDT by Andrew J. Seitz.



A motion was made by Ms. O’Donnell to approve the minutes of April 7, 2010. Ms. Whiteman seconded and the motion carried.



Ms. Cory presented the Legislative update. The Board was advised that the new rules are now in effect.

Ms. Cory advised the board as to the deadlines for any rule or law changes for the next legislative session. Any new requests must be accompanied by a cost benefit analysis. The Bureau has been in the practice of submitting cost benefit analysis; therefore this change will not affect the boards served by the Bureau.

Ms Cory advised the board of the Bureau’s move to the Hall of Mirrors. The move will provide savings in rent costs.



Ms. Hall presented the Financial Report to the Board. As of April 30, 2010, the Board had a negative balance of $32,449.24. Ms. Hall noted the Board is headed in the right financial direction.



Ms. Magnelli presented the Final Order for SHS-2010-2. Ms. Magnelli explained the respondent’s voluntary surrender of licensure authorizes the Board to revoke or suspend the respondent’s license without further process.

After discussion, a motion was made by Ms. Chaney to follow the terms of the agreement as stated. Ms. Whiteman seconded and the motion carried.



Ms. Peel presented the Investigative Repot which is linked above.





A discussion of NCSB (National Council of State Boards of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology) dues was held to determine the benefit to the Board. After discussion Chairman Seitz suggested dues may not be appropriate at this time and requested this item be placed on the May 2011 agenda.


Definition of Audioprosthologist

Mr. Bell briefed the Board on a 2007 letter written by the president of the American Academy of Audiology arguing that the use of the term is confusing and misleading to consumers.

The Board also discussed other states’ attorney general opinions and actions on this subject, and the Board presently does not see the need for law or rule changes to address the subject. The Board noted that complaints on this subject would be processed similarly to the way other complaints are processed, and would be evaluated on a case by case basis.






The Board held a discussion regarding hearing aid dealer and fitter applicants and testing requirements of the Board after questions from applicants had been raised. It was determined that per Rule 300.02(c) applicants will be required to take the practical portion of the International Hearing Instrument Studies examination. The written portion will be waived if passed previously.


Law change/Rule change

The Board discussed that endorsement must be defined in the law prior to a rule being submitted.

A discussion was held regarding possible law changes to be presented next legislative session. Statute 54-2927 defines unlawful practice. When the Speech and Hearing Services Board was created, hearing aid dealer and fitters were not included in this section. Ms. O’Donnell made a motion to direct the Bureau to submit both legislative ideas to the Governor’s Office. Ms. Reis seconded and the motion carried.



A discussion was held regarding receipt of original transcripts when required by the application process, and whether the Board will accept “blue forms” provided by some colleges in lieu of transcripts. Ms. Chaney made a motion to accept the blue forms as receipt of transcripts. Ms. Whiteman seconded and the motion carried.


CE Provider Approval for St. Luke’s

The Board reviewed a request submitted by St. Luke’s for continuing education approval of a workshop. After review and discussion of the material presented a motion was made by Ms. Whiteman to approve St. Luke’s as a continuing education provider. Ms. O’Donnell seconded and the motion carried.


Future Meeting Dates

A discussion was held regarding setting future meeting dates, and how best to vary the dates to allow Board members to best arrange their professional schedules. It was determined the best way to schedule meetings is on a month to month basis to allow for date variations.


Review of Renewal Forms

Ms. Hall requested the Board review all renewal forms for accuracy. After review it was determined the forms are current and correct.


Certificates for Past Board Members

Ms. Hall presented a sample certificate of appreciation to be presented to past Board members. After review the Board determined the sample looked great.




A motion was made by Ms. O’Donnell that the Board go into executive session under Idaho Code 67-2345(d) to consider such records that are exempt from disclosure under the Idaho Public Records Law. The purpose of the Executive Session was to consider license applications, quarterly reports and audit materials submitted for board review: Ms. Chaney seconded. The vote was: Mr. Bell, aye; Ms. O’Donnell, aye; Ms. Reis, aye; Ms. Chaney, aye; Ms. Whiteman, aye; and Chairman Seitz, aye. There were no nay votes.


Ms. O’Donnell made a motion to come out of executive session. Ms. Chaney seconded. The vote was Mr. Bell, aye; Ms. O’Donnell, aye; Ms. Reis, aye; Ms. Chaney, aye; Ms. Whiteman, aye; and Chairman Seitz, aye. There were no nay votes.



A motion was made by Ms. O’Donnell and seconded by Ms. Reis to approve the following:


            Approved for Licensure:

                        ARMSTRONG, JESSIE                                           SLP-1969

                        BOS, TAUNYA LESLIE                                            SLP-1972

                        DIEFENBACH, HEATHER                                      SLP-1983

                        GREENWOOD, ANNA                                            SLP-1964

                        NAGLE TONTZ, KARA                                            SLP-1966

                        SAUM, JENNIFER                                                    SLP-1975

                        SCHALOW, LAURIE                                                SLP-1979

                        SEITER, DENISE                                                     SLP-1971

                        WHITE, CRESENDA                                               SLP-1977


            Approved for Licensure pending receipt of required documentation:

                        Applicant ID                                                   901112237








The motion carried.


A motion was made by Mr. Bell and seconded by Ms. Chaney for the following:


Approved for Licensure pending passage of practical exams:

                        Applicant ID                                                   901037323



            Application tabled until next meeting:

                        Applicant ID                                                   901095556


            The secretary was directed to send a letter reminding permit holder’s supervisor of responsibilities following review of Quarterly Reports:

                        Permit Holder ID                                           901106757


            Approval of all audit materials and quarterly reports.


The motion carried.




NEXT MEETING July 9, 2010 at 9:00 AM MDT



A motion was made by Ms. Chaney to adjourn the meeting at 2:40 PM. Ms. Reis seconded and the motion carried.


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Andrew J. Seitz, Chair                                      Gayle L Chaney

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Jody S. O'Donnell                                            Leah D Whiteman

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Dennis J. Bell                                                    Joanne M. Huylar

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Mary R. Reis                                                    Tana Cory, Bureau Chief