Conference Call


December 19, 2007



ROLL CALL:                          Joe Seitz, Chairman

                                                Dennis Bell

                                                Jody O’Donnell

                                                Brenda Mecier

                                                Jerry Peterson

                                                Carletta Allen


ABSENT/EXCUSED:              Joanne Huylar


BUREAU STAFF:                   Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                Janice Wiedrick, Technical Records Specialist I


Chairman Seitz called the meeting to order at 1:30p.m.


Mr. Peterson moved to go into executive session for consideration of records exempt from public disclosure as provided in Idaho Code 67-2345 (1) (d).  Ms. Allen seconded the motion.  Voting in favor of the executive session: Dennis Bell, Jody O’Donnell, Brenda Mecier, Jerry Peterson, and Carletta Allen.  There were no dissenting votes. Motion carried.


Mr. Bell moved to come out of executive session. Ms. O’Donnell seconded and the motion carried.


Mr. Peterson moved to issue licenses to the following: 

Speech Language Pathology


Joshua David Cline                               SLP-1624

Grace Kalisky                                      SLP-1678

Roben Ertter                                         SLP-1691

Lisa Marie Mason                                SLP-1694

Vannessa Lynn Coonrod                      SLP-1695


Mr. Bell seconded, and the motion carried.


The Board requests that the information on applicant 901091334 and 901091362 be forwarded to them for review prior to the January 4, 2008, meeting.


Ms. O’Donnell moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:41p.m.  Ms. Allen seconded, and the motion carried.