SEPTEMBER 15, 2006




ROLL CALL:                          Joe Seitz, Chairman

                                                Jody O’Donnell

                                                Dennis Bell

                                                Jerry Peterson

                                                Brenda Mecier

                                                Joanne Huylar


ABSENT/EXCUSED:              Carletta Allen


ALSO PRESENT:                   William Schaefer, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Janice Wiedrick, Technical Records Specialist I


Chairman Seitz called the meeting to order at 2:30p.m.


Ms. O’Donnell moved to approve the minutes of the July 7, 2006 meeting. Mr. Bell seconded the motion, and it carried.


Mr. Bell moved to approve the minutes of the August 4, 2006 meeting.  Ms. Huylar seconded the motion, and it carried.


Mr. Schaefer presented the financial report showing a negative balance of $19,720.18 as of July 1, 2006.   The negative balance is decreasing as revenue is generated by applications so at this time the Bureau is monitoring the financial status and the outlook is positive.


Ms. Huylar moved to go into executive session to consider records that are exempt from disclosure as provided in chapter 3, title 9, Idaho Code.  Ms. Mecier seconded the motion, and it carried.


Ms. O’Donnell moved to come out of executive session.  Mr. Peterson seconded the motion, and it carried.


Ms. O’Donnell moved to grant Speech Language Pathology licensure to Mary Christine Michener based upon her application and meeting with the Board.  Ms. Huylar seconded the motion, and the motion carried.


Ms. Huylar moved to issue licenses to those approved by the Board and to issue letters to the pending applicants.  Ms Mercier seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Dr.  Morledge – Mr. Hales is to respond to the inquiry by e-mail from Dr. Morledge.


Janina Oliver – Mr. Hales is to finalize the letter to Janina Oliver.


The October 17, 2006 meeting has been cancelled and the next meeting will be on November 16, 2006.


Items for future discussion include:

            1.  Limitation of the provisional permit

            2.  Ten areas of exam taken out of the law/rules – no longer applies.

            3.  Cerumen management-Audiologists



Mr. Bell moved to adjourn the meeting at 4:45p.m.


Speech Language Pathology Licenses Issued:


Lorraine Lenore Uhlman                                   SLP-1188

Gerene Norton Hamilton                                   SLP-1281

Johnna Parker                                                  SLP-1299

Carla A. Jones                                                  SLP-1304

Lucinda Carlson-Medavarapu                           SLP-1325

Mary Christine Michener                                  SLP-1400

April Elizabeth Lyon                                         SLP-1455

Wendy Kay Lee                                               SLP-1467

Laura Mae Tavenner                                        SLP-1499

Laura Jane Warner                                           SLP-1515

Gina Lucia Frasure                                           SLP-1533

Alice M Bacena                                                SLP-1537

Roberta Lynn Beckman                                    SLP-1540

Samantha Jane Dembski                                   SLP-1545

Leni Michele Soloaga                                       SLP-1546

Cindy J Howells                                               SLP-1547

Patricia Ann Taylor                                           SLP-1548

Angela N Quesnell                                            SLP-1549

Teresa Ann Dooley-Cloud                                SLP-1550

Alexandria Rupp                                               SLP-1552

Melissa Louise Torgerson                                 SLP-1553


Speech Language Pathology Aide Licenses Issued:

Anna Marie Williams                                        SLPA-1423


Audiology Licenses Issued:

Gerene Norton Hamilton                                   AUD-1282

Raymon D McNiven                                         AUD-1436     

Erin Renee Shavlik                                            AUD-1538

Kate Nielson                                                    AUD-1544

Patricia Ann Taylor                                           AUD-1554

Jenna Suzanne Hoffman                                    AUD-1565