Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street  Suite 220

Boise ID  83702


ROLL CALL:              Kathleen Wachtler, Chairman

                                    Joe Seitz

                                    Dennis Bell

                                    Joanne Huylar

                                    William Cooper, Ph.D.

                                    Jody O’Donnell


ALSO PRESENT:       Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                    Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                    Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                    Janice Wiedrick, Technical Record Specialist I


Chairman Wachtler called the meeting to order at 1:05p.m.


Mr. Seitz moved to approve the minutes of March 1, 2006 as corrected.  Ms. O’Donnell seconded the motion, and it carried.


Discussion was held on the decision making process.  No decisions can be made by e-mail.  E-mail is for information only.  A conference call or meeting must take place to make a decision. 


Ms. Jacobsen reported the Bureau has the Athletic Commission and Physical Therapists coming on board on July 1, 2006.  This should lower the indirect costs for the Board.


The financial report shows a ($37.223.82) balance.  The balance is improving.


The Board was asked to turn in all vouchers as quickly as possible because of the end of the fiscal year.


The Bureau was audited recently.  The audit was successful and a motion for out-of-town meetings must be completed.




Fiscal Year 2006: Nine (9) complaints have been received to date. Of those, eight (8) remain under investigation; and one (1) awaits Board determination.

Fiscal Year 2005: Fifteen (15) complaints were received. Of those, eight (8) have been closed following Board determination; seven (7) remain under investigation.

Fiscal Year 2004: Fifteen (15) complaints were received. Of those, thirteen (13) were closed following Board determination; and two (2) remain under investigation.

For Board Determination:  SHS-P5B-2-2006-2

Dr. Cooper moved to approve the Bureau recommendation to close the case with no action.  Ms. Allen seconded the motion, and it carried.


Discussion was held on how the Speech Language Pathologists are to sign their name.

Licensed Speech Language Pathologists can sign their name and use the LSLP after their name or the LSLP-# after their name.  Those without licenses cannot use these terms.


Chairman Wachtler announced that she will be leaving and has turned in her resignation.  She will be attending Drexel University to pursue a medical career. Congratulations were given by the Board Members.


Dr. Cooper has turned in his resignation on the Board because of retirement.  Congratulations were given by the Board Members. 


Ms. Huyler moved to go into executive session to consider records that are exempt from disclosure as provided in chapter 3, title 9, Idaho Code. Ms. O’Donnell seconded the motion, and it carried.

Mr. Seitz moved to come out of executive session.  Mr. Bell seconded the motion, and it carried.

Mr. Bell moved to issue licenses to those who were approved for licensure and to send letters to the ones not approved at this time.  Ms. Allen seconded the motion, and it carried.

Election of Officers.

Ms. Allen moved to elect Joe Seitz as chairman.  Dr. Cooper seconded the motion and it carried.

The meeting adjourned at 3p.m. and then set up for the examination to be held on Friday the 12th.







Elizabeth Allen                                                  SLP-1144

Shari Goode                                                     SLP-1156

Kamara Laree Gillette                                       SLP-1165

Julie Ann Burke                                                SLP-1166

Amber Lynn Gresham                                       SLP-1171

Christine Renee Bartlett                                    SLP-1176

Michele Beth Furniss                                        SLP-1177

Judith Ann Carroll                                             SLP-1178

Cheryl B. Clayton Kerns                                   SLP-1186

Sean Curran                                                     SLP-1201

Judith Warner Collins                                        SLP-1203

Nancy Eileen Freeby                                        SLP-1206

Leslie Dawn Crabtree                                       SLP-1209

Lisa Mary Adamson                                         SLP-1220

Virginia Mary Brown                                        SLP-1224

Katherine Michele Couture                               SLP-1226

Cynthia Kay Alleman                                        SLP-1228

Rolf Eric Goodwin                                            SLP-1229

Fern Nightingale Turner Brankey                       SLP-1230

Nachelle Cooley                                               SLP-1232

Maureen K Duggan                                          SLP-1235

Tamara E.A. Coulson                                       SLP-1241

Teri Jo Mohler                                                  SLP-1067

Katherine Ann Harrison                                    SLP-1098

Heather Lynn Carter                                         SLP-1123

Wendy Lucier                                                   SLP-1126

Leslie Ray                                                        SLP-1127

Margaret Cowman                                           SLP-1136

Debra L. Towsley                                             SLP-1155

Patricia Vandervelden                                       SLP-1157

Melissa Luan Jones                                           SLP-1159

Karen La Duke                                                SLP-1161

Peggy O’Neil Sawyer                                       SLP-1162

Carol A. Kaufman                                            SLP-1163

Nicole Leigh Wyke                                           SLP-1164

Ann Elizabeth Neil                                            SLP-1168

Annika Marie Olson                                         SLP-1174

Kristen N. Wolfley                                           SLP-1175

Sarah S. Connolly                                             SLP-1179

Elaine Watson Koenig                                       SLP-1180

David Sorensen                                                SLP-1181

Cally R. Stone                                                  SLP-1182

Cassie Dawn Johnson                                       SLP-1183

Jane M. Carpenter                                            SLP-1184

John Anthony Seikel                                         SLP-1185

Megan Summers                                               SLP-1187

Sarah Knudson                                                 SLP-1189

Brenda Malepeai                                              SLP-1190

Jennifer Messing                                               SLP-1191

Patricia Ann Beal                                              SLP-1192

Pamela Jeanne Barry                                        SLP-1194

Tiffany L. Dean                                                 SLP-1195

Brooke D. Shroll                                              SLP-1196

Brandi McChesney                                           SLP-1197

Kathie C. Mendez                                            SLP-1202

Barbra Fischer Osterhout                                  SLP-1205       

Adrienne Peterson                                            SLP-1207

Tammy L Grunig                                               SLP-1208

Barbara A. Belknap                                          SLP-1210

Rachelle Ruffing                                                SLP-1211       

Connie Mae Jeppesen                                      SLP-1212

Pam D. Mayer                                                  SLP-1213

Joni G. Loftin                                                    SLP-1216

Carol A. Johnson                                              SLP-1217

Susan Liljegreen Moeller                                   SLP-1221

Gwynne McElhinney                                         SLP-1222

Amy Sommer                                                   SLP-1227

Debra Ann Nilsson                                           SLP-1231

Lynn A. Miller                                                  SLP-1236

Kathleen A. Kangas                                         SLP-1240

Stacey Michele Pound                                      SLP-1243

Janina Lyn Park-Oliver                                     SLP-1245


Matthew S. Murphy                                         AUD-1146

Clarissa Larson                                                 AUD-1158

Martha Blaesing                                                AUD-1170

Kevin Bolen                                                     AUD-1172

Nicole Michelle Wham                                     AUD-1173

Mary M. Whitaker                                           AUD-1193

Pamela Jeanne Barry                                        AUD-1194

Cynthia K. Olsen                                              AUD-1204

Kelley Olenick                                                  AUD-1214

Caroline J. Kerr                                                AUD-1215

Sherry A. Summers                                          AUD-1219

Randy L. Bishop                                               AUD-1225

Jeff Brockett                                                     AUD-1233

Stephen M. Jones                                             AUD-1237

Brent Bowman                                                  AUD-1238

Curtis J. Whitcomb                                           AUD-1244

Christine Wallace                                              AUD-1246

Richard N. Young                                            AUD-1252

Jennifer Holst                                                    AUD-1322

Mali House-Murphy                                         AUD-1145