November 16, 2000

Bureau of Occupational Licenses


ROLL CALL:     Kelley Olenick

                                Dr. Charles Gasser

                                Dr. William Cooper

                                Steven Rademacher

ABSENT/EXCUSED:     Jeff Brockett

ALSO PRESENT:     Thomas E. Limbaugh, Bureau Chief

                                        Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                        Roger Hales, Naylor & Hales

                                        John Kersey, Chief Investigator

                                        Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney

                                        Janice Wiedrick, Secretary


Dr. Gasser and Dr. Cooper were welcomed to the Board.

Acting Chairman Kelley Olenick called the meeting to order at 1:10p.m.

Steve Rademacher moved to approve the minutes of May 11, 2000 meeting and July 6, 2000 conference call as read. Dr. Gasser seconded the motion, motion passed.

Thomas Limbaugh presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $37,612.55. Steve Rademacher moved to approve the financial report as read. Dr. Cooper seconded the motion, motion carried.

John Kersey presented the investigations report showing that of the seventeen complaints received, twelve are still open and under investigation.

Dr. Cooper moved to go into executive session for discussion of confidential records and possible litigation. Steve Rademacher seconded the motion, motion carried.

Steve Rademacher moved to come out of executive session. Dr. Cooper seconded the motion, motion passed.

Steve Rademacher moved to have the Bureau file the complaints and to set the hearings to proceed with the legal process for case numbers: HAD-P5B-04-00-004, HAD P3 04-99-008 and HAD P3 04-00-009. Dr. Cooper seconded the motion, motion passed.

Debbie Tschannel met with the Board for discussion of an application for temporary permit. A conference call for consideration will be set following the receipt of the application.


The Board business file was cleared with the following action:

A question was received from Washington State regarding the procedure for disposable hearing aids. The Board has tabled this until the May meeting. A law and or rule change will be necessary to clarify status of disposable hearing aids.

Steve Rademacher stated concerns on mail order and internet ordering of hearing aids. This practice is not allowed in Idaho and complaints should be filed with the Bureau so that an investigation can be started.

Kelley Olenick expressed concerns about misleading advertising practices regarding digital programmable hearing aids. At the May meeting discussion will be held on the definitions to be incorporated into the rules.

1. conventional or analog

2. programmable

3. digital

Thomas Limbaugh presented the contract between the Board and the Bureau.

Steve Rademacher moved to give Chairman Brockett the authorization to sign the contract on behalf of the Board. Dr. Cooper seconded the motion, motion carried.

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 4:35p.m.

Licenses issued as a result of the November 17, 2000 examination:

Kari A. Sorenson H-410

Vicki Doreen Blake H-411

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