Idaho State Board
Examiners of Residential Care Facility Administrators

Bureau of Occupational Licenses
State of Idaho

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, Idaho 83702

Minutes of March 6, 2008


Roll Call:             Ione Springer, Board Chair

                          Vicky Goettsche, Board Member

                          Shirlie Meyer, Board Member (absent)

                          Sharon Ashcraft, Board Member (absent)

                          Linda Simon, Board Member


Bureau Staff:       Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                          Dawn Hall, Deputy Bureau Chief

                          Dave Hotchkiss, Investigations Coordinator

                          Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant

                          Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                          Carrie Gilstrap, Board Secretary


Others Present:  Jamie Simpson, Health and Welfare


9:00 a.m. Roll Call established attendance




A motion was made Ms. Goettsche to approve the minutes of January 30, 2008 as written. Seconded by Ms. Simon, motion carried.




A motion was made by Ms. Simon to approve the annual National Association of Boards (NAB) dues for the amount of $1,200. Seconded by Ms. Goettsche, motion carried.





Ms. Springer asked that this be added to the next meeting agenda.




Ms. Cory stated this Board did not have any legislation this year. The association did present a change to the statute regarding subject matter of examination.




Ms. Hall presented the financial report to the members of the Board.




Mr. Hotchkiss presented the investigative report to the members of the Board.




Ms. Simpson distributed copies of an examination that was put together by surveyors from Health and Welfare (H&W). This was developed with the intention of it being an open book exam. There are currently a total of 122 questions. Ms. Simpson stated there is a group of 12 house managers who will be taking the test next month. She also added that this test will be optional and will be given quarterly.


Ms. Springer asked if H&W will be updating the exam when the rules and regulations change. Ms. Simpson stated yes.


Ms. Simpson asked the Board to take the exam and give feedback as to what might be missing or changed.


Ms. Springer stated she would like this to be a part of the application process so that the applicant is familiar with the rules and regulations prior to licensure.


Mr. Hales stated the Board would need a rule change to implement this open book examination as part of the licensure process. He added that they may be able to run it as a temporary rule.


Ms. Goettsche stated this will be a good learning tool.


The Board discussed whether or not the state rules and regulations could be given by NAB.


A motion was made by Ms. Simon to direct counsel to prepare rule changes to allow the Board to require not only the NAB examination, but to also include an exam on state rules and regulations and to allow the Board to approve other exams. The Board also directs counsel to follow up with Kris Ellis regarding training programs in relation to Rule 400.01.a. Seconded by Ms. Goettsche, motion carried.



Mr. VandeMerwe’s e-mail regarding the development of another examination was read aloud to the members of the Board. Mr. VandeMerwe is requesting a Board member(s) participate in the workshop to help develop the questions for the exam.


The Board discussed concerns over this exam only consisting of 50 questions.


Ms. Goettsche stated she doesn’t feel the Board should be involved in writing this examination. She also added that she believes a member of the Board should participate in the committee.


A motion was made by Ms. Goettsche to direct the Bureau to draft a letter in response to Mr. VandeMerwe’s correspondence and allow the chair to sign on behalf of the Board. Seconded by Ms. Simon, motion carried.    


The next meeting is scheduled for May 15, 2008 at 9:00 a.m.


The Board discussed the replacement of a current member whose term was up several months ago. If anyone expresses an interest in serving, they should contact the Governor’s Office.


The Board reviewed continuing education audits and renewals as well as signed wall certificates.


A motion was made by Ms. Goettsche to adjourn the meeting at 11:10 a.m. Seconded by Ms. Simon, motion carried.