Idaho State Board
Examiners of Residential Care Facility Administrators

Bureau of Occupational Licenses
State of Idaho

Minutes of July 6, 2007



The Idaho State Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility Administrators meeting was called to order at 9 a.m., on Friday July 6, 2007, at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho.  


Roll Call:             Ione Springer, Board Chair

                          Vicky Goettsche, Board Member (absent)

                          Shirlie Meyer, Board Member

                          Sharon Ashcraft, Board Member (absent)

                          Linda Simon, Board Member


Bureau Staff:      Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                          Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                          Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                          Carrie Gilstrap, Board Secretary


Also Present:      Emily MacMaster, Attorney General Office

                          Roger Malm, Ashley Manor

                          Jim Shadduck, Ashley Manor

                          Maryah Wachter, Ashley Manor


9:00 a.m. Roll Call established attendance


MINUTES of MAY 22, 2007


A motion was made by Shirlie Meyer to accept the minutes for May 22, 2007 as amended. Seconded by Linda Simon, motion carried.




Tana Cory stated the Bureau has now added additional staff members including an Office Specialist and two investigators.


RCA-2007-4 Emily MacMaster presented a memorandum to the Board. The board has agreed to follow through with the attorney generalís recommendation on this case.




Budd Hetrick presented the financial report to the members of the Board.




Budd Hetrick presented the investigative report to the member of the Board.

RCA-S4B-2-2007-1 A motion was made by Shirlie Meyer to accept the Bureauís recommendation for closure. Seconded by Linda Simon, motion carried.




Jim Shadduck of Ashley Manor stated the drop in the pass rate could because of the new rule change which requires one licensed administrator to oversee each facility. He added that he would like to see the Board drop the passing score for the examination. Ione Springer stated the Board does not have the ability to change the NAB passing rate.




Ione Springer asked Roger Hales if there can be a rule change for the provisional permit to be extended from the current three months to a six month period. Roger stated this would require a law change as this language is in statute.


Mr. Shadduck asked if the Board would then allow calculators to take the NAB exam, as this seems to be the area with the most difficulty.


Roger Hales stated itís the Boardís responsibility to protect the public and to assure the individuals are competent. Itís an industry issue that should be discussed with the association.


Ione Springer added that the Board has not established any type of level licensure. The NAB exam is established and does not require this state to constantly revamp the exam or revise it.

Shirlie Meyer stated that from a legal standpoint there isnít anything the Board can do, they are here to protect the public. Linda Simon stated she agrees. Ione Springer suggested that Mr. Shaddick and Mr. Malm approach the association to inquire about teaching a preparatory course or have them implement their own course to be reviewed by the Board. Ione asked Roger Hales if it would be feasible to re-adopt the old state based examination that was used approximately five years ago.


The Board has asked the secretary to follow up with NAB to inquire about the use of calculators during the test.


A motion was made by Linda Simon to enter into executive session to discuss application exempt from disclosure Idaho Code 67-2345.1.a. Seconded by Shirlie Meyer, motion carried.


A motion was made by Shirlie Meyer to come out of executive session. Seconded by Linda Simon, motion carried.

RCAA-1318 A motion was made by Linda Simon asking the applicant to provide additional information regarding the completion of her parole, have a letter sent directly from the rehabilitation program she went through stating the type of program it is and if she was successful in completing the program. Upon receipt of this documentation the Board will review before making a decision to allow her to take the national examination. Seconded by Shirlie Meyer, motion carried.


Richard Malm added that he has worked with this individual for three years while sheís been managing the facility for two of that. He stated she is a credit to the profession.


The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday December 5, 2007 at 9:00 a.m.


The meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.