Idaho State Board
Examiners of Residential Care Facility Administrators

Bureau of Occupational Licenses
State of Idaho

Minutes of October 20, 2005


The Idaho State Board of Examiners of Residential Care Facility Administrators meeting was called to order at 9:15 a.m., Thursday, October 20, 2005, at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, and 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho.  

Roll Call:  Ione Springer, Board Chair
  Shirlie Meyer, Board Member
  Vicky Goettsche, Board Member
  Sharon Ashcraft, Board Member – Participated by Phone
  Theresa Pendleton, Board Member – Participated by Phone
Bureau Staff Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief
  Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney
  Bill Schaefer, Deputy Bureau Chief
  Linda Livengood, Secretary
  Marcie Mcginty, Investigations Coordinator
  Carrie Gilstrap, Secretary

Linda Livengood was introduced to the Board as having been their secretary. Carrie Gilstrap was introduced in the position of assuming the administrative duties for the Board. , Bill Schaefer, Deputy Bureau Chief was also introduced.

Moved by Vicky Goettsche to accept the minutes of August 10, 2005.  Seconded by Ione Springer, motion carried.  

Budd Hetrick presented to the Board the financial report.  

Budd Hetrick presented the investigative report to the Board. Fiscal Year 2006: Two (2) complaints have been received to date, both of which are under investigation. Fiscal Year 2005: Six (6) complaints were received. Of those, one (1) has been closed; one (1) has been referred for disciplinary action; and four (4) remain under investigation. Fiscal Year 2004: Seven (7) complaints were been received. Of those, one (1) has been closed; one (1) remains under investigation; four (4) were referred for disciplinary action; and one (1) awaits Board determination. 

 RCA-P3B-4-2004-2 : Moved by Sharon Ashcraft to accept the Bureau’s recommendation to close this case. Seconded by Shirlie Meyer, motion carried.  

Board Chair, Ione Springer, began discussing the NAB/NHA Licensure Endorsement Agreement. Roger Hales advised the Board if they choose to agree with this NAB/NHA Licensure Endorsement Agreement; the Board will then need to adopt new rules which comply with the terms of this agreement.

Discussion on the Board of Pharmacy Interpretation began, however do to the lack of a completed draft from the Board of Pharmacy on the proposal of rule changes regarding dispensing medications, the Board has asked to move discussion of this issue to the next meeting’s agenda.  Ione Springer, the Board Chair, asked Vicky Goettsche if she would continue to follow up on the draft’s progress.

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney for the Board, discussed Idaho statute 54-4210 on endorsement. In regards to the above mentioned NAB/NHA Licensure Endorsement Agreement the Board agreed to consider looking at adopting new rules for next spring.

Budd Hetrick discussed the proposed rulemaking 16-0322-0502 by the Department of Health and Welfare on Residential Care or Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho. Chair Person, Ione Springer, stated she would like to participate in the legislative committee meeting on these proposed laws and rules.

Roger Hales reviewed with the Board the proposed rule changes which were approved during the previous meeting held on August 10, 2005.

Budd Hetrick displayed for the Board the current license counts for Residential Care Administrators in Idaho.

The Board also discussed concern regarding the Department of Health and Welfare’s proposed rulemaking for Residential Care or Assisted Living Facilities in Idaho; 16-0322-0502.  The Board asked to have a letter sent to the Board of Health requesting an opportunity to speak at a hearing to comment on these proposed rules. Roger Hales stated he would first look further into these new rules by Health and Welfare, specifically relating to sections including the requirements for facility administrator.  A copy of the proposed rules, IDAPA 16.03.22 has been given to each member of the board.

Budd Hetrick presented the postcard prepared by the Bureau which notifies the State Administrators of the upcoming law and rule changes. Upon making a clarification to its contents, the Board requested the postcards be distributed to the licensees

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15am