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July 15, 2004


ROLL CALL:                          Ione Springer, Chairman

                                                Shirley Meyer

                                                Terri Pendleton

                                                Verlene Kaiser

                                                Sharon Ashcraft


ALSO PRESENT:                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General

                                                Marcie McGinty, Administrative Assistant

                                                Bureau of Occupational Licenses

Chairman Springer called the meeting to order at 9:05a.m.

Ms. Kaiser moved to accept the minutes of July 3, 2004 as read. Ms. Pendleton seconded the motion and it carried 

Sharon Ashcraft was welcomed to the Board.


Ms. Jacobsen gave the financial report to the Board showing a decrease in the financial status.  The trend has been going down over the last years and a detailed report was passed out to the Board. The complaints have been increasing over the last few years and this has a direct bearing on financial status.  Also costs have increased.  . 

Ms Pendleton requests a detailed report on the types of complaints received by the Board.

 Verlene Kaiser moved to increase renewal fees to $100 by rule, at this time based upon the time frame involved.  Ms. Ashcraft seconded and the motion carried.

The Board requests that this change be posted on the web site and a postcard be mailed to all licensees with the statistics on the postcard for a year comparison and administrative fees increased and attorney fees raised due to rule and law changes. Fees were suspended or reduced a couple of years also on the postcard.

Investigative Report

2004- seven complaints have been received at this time and six are still under investigation.

Stephanie Guyon, Deputy Attorney General presented Case RCA 2004-2 to the Board.

Ms. Pendleton recused herself from discussion or voting on this case.

Ms. Kaiser moved that respondent:

  1. Comply with the criminal probation.
  2. Have one-year stayed suspension of license upon successful compliance with criminal probation.
  3. Three-year probation with Board and an annual report from a Medical Doctor stating that she is not using unauthorized drugs and is mentally, emotionally and physically able to act as a Residential Care Facility Administrator.
  4. Pay all costs and fees.
  5. The Residential Care Facility Board retains the right to order drug tests at any time during the three-year period.

Ms. Ashcraft seconded the motion and it carried.

Roger Hales met with the Board to discuss proposed Law and Rule changes.

Ms. Kaiser moved to accept 54-4213 as changed to present to Legislature.  Ms. Meyers seconded the motion and it carried.

Ms. Meyer moved to accept 54-4205 as written for specialty certifications, effective July 2005.  Ms. Kaiser seconded the motion and it carried.

Ms. Meyer moved to approve Rule 150 Qualifications for Administrative License with the ability to modify to fully meet the Boardís intent and Board review.  Ms. Ashcraft seconded the motion and it carried.

Debbie Ransom of the Department of Health and Welfare stated that the specialty licenses information is accurate as of July 15, 2004. 

 Ms. Kaiser moved that any action taken against a licensee must be reported to Health and Welfare Facility Standards.  Ms. Pendleton seconded and the motion carried. 

 The Board also requested that any disciplinary actions be forwarded to NAB.

 Michelle Glasgow of IDALA stated the increase of expenses for facilities is growing and the payment for residents is not growing and this is causing stress for administrators. The Board needs to be conservative and cautious in raising fees. 

 A letter is to be written to Dr. Hackerís business about the release of information for the examinations he wrote for Idaho.

Discussion was held regarding the repackaging and re-labeling of medicines. The Board will review any updates from the Federal Food and Drug Administration that are received.

Roger Hales reported on the sub-committee work regarding some of H & W laws and rules and the Residential Care Facility Boardís laws and rules.

1.        Prepare the Boardís law for specialty certifications.

2.      Bring language over from Health & Welfare Rules

3.      Randy May is to review the Laws and Rules as part of a cooperative


 Ms. Kaiser thanked the sub-committee for their work.

 Ms. Meyer reported on the NAB Conference. 

 NAB is researching Certification of Group Homes.

 A new NAB Study Guide is expected in the spring of 2005.

 NAB has asked for nominations to assist with a Job Analysis.  Ms. Meyers has the forms and the forms must be returned by July 28th.

 NAB is requesting a nomination for the Standards of Practice Committee. The Board does not pay expenses to be on the Committee.

Ms. Kaiser moved the Board send a nomination to NAB, whether it is a Board member or an Association member By July 28th.  Ms. Meyer seconded and the motion carried.

Kathy McKenney, Supervisor for Administrators Consultants, met with the Board to discuss educational requirements for Specialty Licenses for Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled.  She is creating a Visions Course through VO-Tech at Boise State University.

Ms. Kaiser moved that both the Chairman Springer and Ms. Meyer attend the NAB Convention in Scottsdale AZ, on November 3-5, 2004.

Ms. Pendleton is to gather information on classes for the sub-committee by the next meeting. A reference source on classes is to be established at the December 2, 2004 meeting.

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.


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