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Minutes of June 3, 2004


ROLL CALL:                          Verlene Kaiser, Chairman         

                                                Ione Springer

                                                Shirlie Meyer

                                                Ken Madsen

                                                Terri Pendleton


ALSO PRESENT:                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist II


Chairman Kaiser called the meeting to order at 9:10a.m. 

Terri Pendleton was welcomed to the Board. 

Ms. Springer moved to approve the minutes of March 11, 2004.  Mr. Madsen seconded the motion and it carried. 

Ms. Springer moved to approve the minutes of April 28, 2004 as corrected.   Ms. Meyer seconded the motion and it carried. 

Ms. Jacobsen met with the Board to explain that all rules are in effect except those that become effective on July 1, 2004.  

The first of August is the deadline for any submission of Law or Rule changes. 

Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial Report showing a cash balance of $32,606.09.  This is a lower amount than expected and the investigative reports have increased causing a decline in the cash balance.  The Bureau will keep an eye on finances and the Board may need to raise fees in the future. 

Mr. Hetrick was asked to do a comparison of the expenses incurred in giving the NAB exam over what the expenses were with the self-given exam of the past for review at the July meeting.  Also the Board would like a complete budget analysis at the July meeting. 

Ms. Jacobsen presented the Investigative report showing for 2004, six complaints have been received and are open and under review.  For year 2003 five complaints were received and one is waiting review by the Board. 

For Case Number RCA-S5A-02-2003-1 Ms. Springer recused herself from any action or voting on the case. Mr. Madsen moved to authorize closure of the case.  Ms. Meyer seconded the motion and it carried. 

Michelle Glasgow of the Idaho Assisted Living Association met with the Board to discuss the proposed legislation by the Department of Health and Welfare and the concern that complaints received by the Bureau are ignored. 

Ms. Jacobsen assured Ms. Glasgow that complaints, properly filed, are not ignored. 

Discussion was held on the proposed statutes for the Residential Care Administrators under Discipline and the new statute seems to be too liberal. This is to be reviewed by Mr. Hales and brought to the July meeting. 

The Board recommends adding:

1.      Refuse to grant an application for licensure.

2.      Under (g) change to Administrator license and select another word for canceled.

3.      Under (d) add about consent. 

More discussion was held on the Nursing Home Administrators being able to obtain a Residential Care Facility Administrator license without examination.  

The American College of Health Care Association has changed the name of Standards of Practice to Guidelines of Excellence. Mr. Hales thinks this is an Association issue. 

It was brought to the Board’s attention that the Department of Health and Welfare-Facility Standards have rules for Administrators in their rules.  These were adopted before the Board was appointed and should be under the Residential Care Facility Administrator Board.  Representative Bill Sali stated that the authority over administrators be addressed before any changes are made to the Residential Care Facility Administrators Law or Rules. He also stated that the oversight of Administrators belongs to the Residential Care Facility Administrators Board and will support the changeover. 

Ms. Pendleton moved to review the qualifications for administrators from Health and Welfare and to claim these from Health and Welfare-Facility Standards.  Mr. Madsen seconded the motion and it carried. 

The Board authorized Mr. Hales, Ms. Springer and Ms. Meyer to serve on a subcommittee to work with Health and Welfare toward deleting their Rules for administrators and promulgating the necessary rules under the Residential Care Facility Administrator Board by the July 15th meeting.  

Standards of Competent Practice should be the minimal level of day-to-day qualifications. 

Ms. Glasgow noted that the Standards of Competent Practice are ambiguous, may be out of date, and were written for large corporations. 

Discussion was held on “Emergency Permits”.  At this time an applicant must have completed everything except the examination to obtain an “Emergency Permit”  or provisional license.  Ms. Meyer moved to have the subcommittee talk with Health and Welfare about how they handle emergencies and does Health and Welfare recognize the Provisional Permit as changed in 2003. Mr. Madsen seconded the motion and it carried. 

Sandy Evans from the Board of Nursing met with the Board to discuss the pending legislation for the Nursing Board.  They will be meeting in the early fall to work on proposed changes. 

Ms. Evans stated that the Board of Nursing has Standards of Conduct and Standards of Practice and each area is clearly defined for each level of practice.  The Board of Nursing will share their Standards with the Residential Care Facility Board. 

Discussion was held on specialty licenses for Mentally Ill, Developmentally Disabled, Traumatic Brain Injury and Dementia.  The Bureau of Health and Welfare would like to license facilities for specialty areas and would like certification or licensure for the administrators.  

This would be a law change and the RCA Board does not know of any curriculum for training in the specialty areas.  

First the specialty areas must be defined, the qualifications must be defined and the continuing education must be defined.  The Board is concerned that specialty licensure would supplant the RCA license and feels that this needs to be watched carefully. 

Ms. Glasgow stated that there are serious communication issues on this matter and other alternatives need to be explored. Representative Sali stated that if there is a course out there, the RCA Board could approve the course for specialty licenses. 

Ms. Pendleton moved to have the Board look into what resources are available for specialty certification. Mr. Madsen seconded the motion and it carried. 

Discussion was held on the NAB testing and some of the troubles people have been having getting signed up for the test and getting the test results back to them.  Ms. Meyer will discuss this issue with NAB at their meeting. 

Ms. Glasgow asked; How does IDALA know what is on the exam so a new course can be developed?  It was suggested they use the NAB study Guide and the ALFA study guide to develop a new course. 

Ms. Springer moved to invite the Nursing Home Administrators Board is to be invited to the RCA Board meeting on July 15, 2004 for preliminary discussion about the Nursing Home Administrators being able to get a Residential Care Facility Administrators license without examination. Ms. Meyer seconded the motion and it carried. 


Ms. Meyer nominates Ms. Springer as Chairman.  Ms. Pendleton moved to cease nominations and Mr. Madsen seconded and it carried.  

Mr. Madsen moved to elect Ms. Meyer as Vice-Chairman.  Ms. Pendleton seconded and it carried. 

Mr. Madsen thanked Verlene Kaiser for doing an awesome job as Board Chairman. 

There will be a Board Training session on June 22, 2004 for all new members. 

The Board Members thanked Mr. Madsen for his continued support and attendance even though he wanted to retire. 

The Board Business file was cleared with no action taken. 

The Code of Ethics was tabled to the next meeting on July 15, 2004. 

Action Items for the next meeting:

1.      Disciplinary action be posted on website

2.      Standards of Practice

3.      Mick Markuson

4.      MI and DD testing

5.      Roger Hales to report to the Board on reinstatement of licenses expired over five years. Any difference between RCA Rules and Bureau Law on reinstatement of licenses. 

Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 2:30p.m.

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