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Minutes of December 11, 2003


ROLL CALL:                          Verlene Kaiser, Chairman

                                                Ken Madsen

                                                Ione Springer

                                                Myron Higbee

                                                Shirlie Meyer


ALSO PRESENT:                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                                Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist II


Guests:                         Bill Von Tagen, Deputy Attorney General

Kenneth Stringfield, Prosecuting Attorney

                                      Maria Barratt, DFM Analyst

                                      Linda Simon

Bryan Elliott

Bill Southerland, IDALA

Michelle Glasgow, IDALA


Chairman Kaiser called the meeting to order at 9:00a.m. 

Ms. Jacobsen stated that the legislation would be presented the first two weeks of the Legislative Session. 

The Residential Care Facility Administrators board is invited to attend the Nursing Home Administrators meeting, to be held in January 2004.  The date has not been set at this time but the Board will be notified when the meeting will be. 

Bill Von Tagen met with the Board to discuss Idaho’s Open Meeting and Public Records Law and distributed pamphlets on the Open Meeting Law. 

More information is located on the website at Access Idaho under Publications. 

After the presentation of information, questions were asked and answered by Mr. Von Tagen. 

Maria Barratt, Division of Financial Management Analyst, met with the Board to discuss the budgeting and legislative process. 

The Board requests that the information on what expenses can be paid for the Board be sent from the Controller’s office. 

Mr. Higbee moved to approve the minutes of September 18, 2003 meeting.  Ms. Springer seconded and the motion carried. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $37,331.57.  This will probably go over budget this year and the remedy for this is to increase fees and/or to lower travel expenses.  The Board has little control over the investigative costs. 

Mr. Hetrick reported the Board has saved approximately $5,500 in examination fees since going with NAB. 

Mr. Hetrick reported for the year 2004 there have been two complaints received and under investigation.  For the year 2003 five were received and one is open and under investigation and one is pending board determination. 

For case RCA P3B1-2003-5 Mr. Higbee and Ms Meyer recused themselves from the case.  Ms. Springer moved to close the case because no violation of Residential Care Facility Administrators rules occurred. Mr. Madsen seconded and the motion carried.  

Mr. Hales reported that the disciplinary law change has not been drafted at this time but will be ready for the March meeting. 

For the Standards of Practice, the ACHCA is rewriting the Standards and this will be discussed at the February 6-7, 2004 FARB meeting and the Board will wait until after that meeting for discussion. 

Michelle Glasgow, IDALA, met with the Board to ask if more communication between the Board and IDALA can take place and presented the Board with information about Continuing Educational courses that are available. 

The consensus of the Board is to have a set time for IDALA on each agenda before the New Business section for better communication. 

NAB does approve Continuing Education for administrators but does not, at this time, approve any coursework.  People wishing to study for the examination can take the IDALA course, the ALFA course or the NAB study guide that does not have Mentally Ill or Developmentally Disabled in the course. There are correspondence courses available through Chapel Hill and the University of Texas as well. 

Mr. Higbee moved to send postcards or notices both before and after all law and rule changes are made.  Ms Meyer seconded the motion and the motion carried. 

The Board wants the protocol for sending postcards or notices to licensees to be:

1.      The notice to be drafted

2.      Approved by Mr. Hales

3.      Sent to Board members for review/approval

4.      Sent to all licensees and Association.


Ms. Springer and Ms. Meyer are to attend the Board and Care Meeting in January. 

Ms. Meyer reported on the NAB meeting in Austin, Texas, and reported the pass/fail information will now be available at the testing center immediately after the test has been taken.  There is to be a fee increase of $25 more for the National Exam.  A Model Application form is to be tested by NAB. 

Ms. Springer reported on the Board and Care/Elder Conference she attended. 

Nab will be hosting the Examination Committee on February 18-19, 2004 in San Francisco.  Mr. Higbee moved for Chairman Kaiser to attend the Nab Annual Meeting and Examination Committee on behalf of the Board.  Mr. Madsen seconded and the motion carried. 

Mr. Higbee is retiring on February 29, 2004 and will resign his term on the Board at that time, based on the law requiring an Ombudsman and he will no longer be in that position.  Mr. Higbee’s term officially ends on July 1, 2004. 

Mr. Madsen moved that files be terminated for lack of activity. Ms. Meyers seconded and the motion carried. 

Agenda Items for the March 11, 2004 meeting:           

1.      Michelle Glasgow, IDALA, (after Roger Hales)

2.      Report on Examination Committee

3.      Report on Board and Care/Elder care meeting. 

Having no further business before them, Ms. Meyers moved to adjourn.  Ms. Springer seconded and the motion carried.

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