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Minutes of May 15, 2003


ROLL CALL:                      Verlene Kaiser, Chairman

                                         Myron Higbee

                                         Ione Springer

                                         Shirlie Meyer

                                         Ken Madsen


ALSO PRESENT:                Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                         Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                         Janice Wiedrick, Office Specialist


Chairman Kaiser called the meeting to order at 9:10a.m. 

Mr. Higbee moved to approve the minutes of March 14, 2003 as read.  Ms. Springer seconded and the motion carried. 


Ms. Jacobsen reported House Bill 15 passed and has been signed by the Governor. 

Discussion was held on the Nursing Home Administrators not being required to take the Examination for licensure.  This would require a law change. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $40,057.88. 

Ms. Jacobsen reported that the Governor has requested that Boards watch their expenses.  One measure is for Boards to consider sending no more than two Board members out of state for conferences, etc. 

Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report showing that three complaints have been received during fiscal 2003, and they are under investigation. 

Roger Hales discussed the Board proposal to add “Standards of Practice” to the law and the “Code of Ethics” to the rules. The Board will solicit input from licensees and the Idaho Association of Residential Care Administrators (IDALA) on these two ideas before any laws and rules are written. 

Mr. Higbee moved that the Board distribute the American College of Health Care Administrators Code of Ethics to IDALA and request comments by the end of July for adoption by rule.  Mr. Madsen seconded and the motion carried. 

Mr. Higbee moved to send a copy of the American College of Health Care Administrators  “Standards of Practice” to IDALA and all licensees for their response to make a law change and reply by July 1, 2004 so the change can go before the 2005 legislative session. Ms. Springer seconded and the motion carried. 


Discussion was held on the guidelines for travel expenses. 

Discussion was held on a way to get all the Board members notified of the meetings. 

Discussion was held on Specialty Licenses for Mentally Ill, Developmentally Disabled and Alzheimer patients. If specialty licenses were used, special classes and some designation for MI, DD, and Alzheimer may be necessary. 


The NAB Convention was announced. Shirlie Myers is on the NAB examination writing committee and will be attending. 

The Governor’s Conference was approved for Continuing Education credits. 

The Idaho Assisted Living Association is to present a workshop for HIPPA regulations. 

The curriculum for Developmentally Disabled and Mentally Ill segments was discussed and it was noted that both are available in-state and out of state. 

The Board noted that no programs for administrators are accredited by NAB at this time.  NAB does, however, approve Continuing Education credits. 

Programs available are:

Holgate Center at the University of Oregon,

Saint Josephs College

Southwest Texas U.

Chapel Hill

ALFA and



The Board terms of Shirlie Meyer and Ken Madsen end this year. Ken Madsen stated that he is not interested in serving another term. 

Lunch Break 

The meeting reconvened at 112:55p.m. with all Board members and Bureau Staff Present. 

Guests included: 

Bill Southerland               IDALA

Bryon Elliott                           IDALA

Nancy Bloomer                      IDALA Lobbyist

Representative Janice McGeachin

Representative Bill Sali

Senator Curt MeKenzie

Representative Sharon Black

Representative Henry Kulczyk

LeeAnna Tyler             Administrative BSRC

Debbie Ransom                       Department of Health and Welfare


Ms Ransom spoke about the industry changing and noted that the Mentally Ill, Developmentally Disabled and Alzheimer’s patients require separate skills for care. 

Since the Residential Care Facility Administrators license is generic in nature, Ms. Ransom feels it would be helpful to have specialty certifications for Mentally Ill and Developmentally Disabled.  Health and Welfare has already addressed the Alzheimer’s patients. 

The Department of Health and Welfare and IDALA could get together to draft the education courses needed through the Health and Welfare Rules and Regulation. 

Discussion was held on having an administrator-in-training provision. 

Representative Sali suggested focusing on levels of care makes rather than population statistics. 

The Board asked IDALA to distribute information on the Code of Ethics that is being proposed, as the Board would like input or concerns from the IDALA membership by July 30, 2003. Standards of Practice are also being proposed for addition to the Law next year, and the Board would also like input and concerns from the IDALA membership on the addition.  Comments should be in by July 2004. 

Bill Southerland gave a presentation, prepared by IDALA, showing concerns and problems in the survey process used by Health and Welfare. Mr. Southerland presented forms for on-line use to make the process more accessible and instant so that the facilities are in compliance. These forms are designed to be user friendly and administrators do not have to be computer literate to use them. Time would be saved by the facilities and by the surveyors. 

The suggestion was made to transfer the facility survey process to the Board of Residential Care Facility Administrators.  The funding needed for this change was discussed. 

The next meeting is July 17, 2003 at 9:30a.m. at the Bureau. 


Statistical information on what number of facilities have MI, DD and Alzheimer residents. 

How many residents come in with private pay and, when that is used up, are they asked to leave the facility? 

Are the pay scales different for residents in different regions? 

The proposal to change the facility licensure to the Bureau has been accepted by the industry and the Legislators. 

IDALA is to have a strategic planning meeting in two weeks and the Board is invited to attend. Shirlie Meyer will get information to the Board. 

Misconduct language reviewed.

Code of Ethics concerns reviewed

Standards of Practice Law for 2005 legislation 

IDALA’s proposal discussed.


Having no further business before them, the meeting adjourned at 3:40p.m.

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