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MINUTES OF February 13, 2002

 The meeting of the Idaho Board of Psychologist Examiners convened at 9:00 a.m. on February 13, 2002, in Boise, Idaho.  The following Board members were present: Anne Marie Nelson, Ph.D., Chair; Julie Parsons, Ph.D.; Mark Roberts, Ph.D.; Dave Sanford, Ph.D.; Stephen McCrea - absent

 Also present were: Budd  A. Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Chief Investigator; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Cherie Simpson, Admin. Asst. I 

Minutes of the December 16, 2001 board meeting were reviewed.  Moved by Dr. Parsons that minutes be approved as submitted.  Seconded by Dr. Sanford, carried.

Moved by Dr. Sanford that Board go into executive session to discuss potential litigation.  Seconded by Dr. Parsons, carried.

Moved by Dr. Parsons to come out of executive session.  Seconded by Dr. Sanford, carried.

Moved by Dr. Sanford that Roger Hales be authorized to accept service of the Petition for Judicial Review for Sandra Firth vs. Board of Psychology.  Seconded by Dr. Roberts, carried. 

Mr. Hetrick explained that Ms. Jacobsen would not be in attendance.  He reported on Ms. Jacobsenís behalf that the proposed rules that are before the legislature have gone through with little trouble.  Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report to members of the Board and explained the format of the revised report.  Mr. Hetrick asked that the Board consider a change in renewal date from June 30 to either the licenseeís birth date or date of issuance for future legislation.  Sample copies of the revised renewal form were distributed for review.  The revised renewal form was approved for use during the upcoming renewal period.

Mr. Kersey met with the Board and distributed the Complaint/Investigative Report.  Discussion was held.

Dr. Roberts presented the proposed rules for FY 2003 legislative session.  Discussion was held.

Break for lunch until 1:00 p.m.

Resumed discussion on proposed rules.  Moved by Dr. Roberts that the proposed rules drafted by Dr. Roberts be drafted into language for adoption in April, 2002.  Seconded by Dr. Parsons, carried.

New Business

Dr. Nelson addressed the concerns expressed by Stephen McCrea and his position on the Board with the scheduling conflicts he has encountered.  Discussion was held.  It was recommended that Mr. McCrea be included when reviewing dates for upcoming meetings in order to fit the meeting into his schedule. 

Letter from the APA Ethics office was reviewed.  The Bureau will respond stating that Idaho does not issue variances or waiver and that we have a specific law that prohibits temporary practice.

Letter from Alliant University was reviewed.  Dr. Roberts will reply to the letter.


Moved by Dr. Sanford that Jennifer Blomquist Wilson be approved for licensure.  Seconded by Dr. Roberts, carried.

Moved by Dr. Roberts that Louise Peters be approved for licensure.  Seconded by Dr. Parsons, carried.

The next meeting of the Board will be held in Sun Valley in conjunction with the Idaho Psychological Association meeting on April 11th and 12.

The following meeting will be held on June 28, 2002 in Boise.

Application files were reviewed.


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