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Bureau of Occupational Licenses
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Boise, Idaho 83702-5642
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Minutes of February 22, 2006

ROLL CALL: Steven Snapp, Chair
  John Rietz, Board Member
  Daniel Tiller, Board Member
  Michael Flandro, Board Member
   Donald James, Board Member
BUREAU STAFF: Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief
  Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

  Carrie Gilstrap, Secretary

 Chairman, Dr. Steven Snapp, called meeting to order at 9:10 a.m. 


Motion was made by Dr. Tiller to approve the minutes of the November 17, 2005 board meeting as written.   Seconded by Dr. James, carried. 




Ms. Jacobsen gave the legislative report which included the status on the bill that will consolidate the Boards accounting procedure into one account. It is expected there will be no problems with passing this through legislation.




Budd Hetrick presented the financial report of both accounts. Mr. Hetrick added that if the bill passes, next year the Board will be able to clearly see the appropriation balances. A summary of the Board’s expenses was also given.




Budd Hetrick presented the investigative report. Mr. Hetrick explained that as of last week the unit is now back up to a full staff. This will help in processing some of the complaints still under investigation.




Roger Hales spoke of CELMO’s eligibility requirements which include having an OD license with therapeutic privileges, as well as having been engaged in active practice for three of the last four years. This is the only difference in requirement with the board’s current rule which states that an applicant must have been in the practice of optometry continuously for not less than the last five (5) years. (under Rule 275)


Dr. Donald Kenneth James moved to change the rule to state three (3) out of the last four (4) years. Dr. Reitz seconded. Dr. Tiller and Dr. Flandro voted against the motion. Dr. Snapp, the Board Chair, voted in favor of the motion, thus broking the tie, motion carried.


The Board asked for the Bureau staff to write out the wording for an endorsement rule change.


Dr. Tiller moved that the Board further amend this rule to consider past disciplinary action and revise rule 275 to eliminate language TMOD and retaining language requiring the TMOD training,. Dr. Reitz seconded, carried.




Dr. Snapp, Board Chair, presented a letter he received regarding this licensee’s lack of full CEU credit hours for renewal.


Motion by Dr. Daniel Tiller for ODP-742 to submit documentation towards the total CEU credit. Dr. Snapp to call (ODP-742) writer of the letter. Dr. Donald Kenneth James seconded, carried.


Motion by Dr. Daniel Tiller directing Bureau council to prepare changing the CEU rules to establish one (1) carryover of six (6) hours plus flushing out additional education events that qualify self-study and observation. Dr Michael Flandro seconded, carried.




As per the last Board meeting, the members reviewed current law for outdated language that needs to be deleted. The following statutes were discussed:


54.1501         to add language of may include use of diagnostic laser

54.1502         remove last sentence or to define what an optician is

54.1510.13    remove the last sentence

54.1515.02    remove  

54.1515.03    remove a majority of the language

54.1519         remove language of an application in his own handwriting

54.1525        remove all language




Section 325   remove language of sections (c) and (e)

       450.01    remove language of (b) and (c)

       450.02    remove language of (f) and (g)




Chairman Snapp recommended sending two members to the ARBO meeting scheduled for June 18-20, 2006. Dr. Donald James and Dr. Michael Flandro have agreed to attend. However, if Dr. Flandro is unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict; Dr. Snapp has agreed to attend the ARBO meeting in his place.

 Moved by Dr. Reitz to enter into executive session to discuss application files exempt from public disclosure. Seconded by Dr. Tiller, carried.

Moved by Dr. James to come out of executive session. Seconded by Dr. Tiller, carried.




A motion by Dr. James was made to deny application OPTA-100100 for endorsement due to the lack of oral certification. Upon proof of certification the Board will reconsider the application at the time of submission. Seconded by Dr. Tiller, carried.


Motion by Dr. Reitz to deny OPTA-100098 based on the lack of current therapeutic privileges. Board will reconsider when proof is provided for having therapeutic privileges and oral certification in another state. Dr. Flandro seconded, carried. 


Motion by Dr. James to accept OPTA-100099 by endorsement. Seconded by Dr. Flandro, carried


The next board meeting was scheduled for May 12, 2006. The time is undetermined until further Board notification.


Motion was made by Dr. Flandro to adjourn the meeting at 1 p.m.  Seconded by Dr. Reitz