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Minutes of August 05, 2005 


ROLL CALL: Steven Snapp, Chair
  John Rietz, Board Member
  Daniel Tiller, Board Member
  Michael Flandro, Board Member

BUREAU STAFF:  Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief
  Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief
  Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney
  Sandee Hitesman, Administrative Assistant II

Chairman, Dr. Steven Snapp, called meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. 

Motion was made by Dr. Tiller to approve the minutes of the May 06, 2005 board meeting with amendments as noted.   Seconded by Dr. Flandro, carried. 

Ms. Jacobsen gave the legislative report.  Proposed legislation has been presented. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the financial report.  As of 6-30-2005, the board has a negative balance of  -$1,008.25 in appropriation with a negative cash balance of -$8,712.07.  The board has an appropriation of $37,145.62 in the special account with a cash balance of $61,845.95.   

Mr. Hetrick gave the investigative report.  There have not been any complaints for fiscal year 2006. There were 5 complaints for fiscal year 2005.  Four of those complaints are under investigation, and one complaint is closed subsequent to legal review.  There were 7 complaints for fiscal year 2004.  Two of those complaints are closed, 2 are closed subsequent to legal review, and three are currently under investigation.  There were 2 complaints for fiscal year 2003.  One of those complaints is closed, and one is currently under investigation.  

The board asked if the complaints were coming from the public, or Optometrists.  Mr. Hetrick will research and bring back to the board. 

The board reviewed the 2006 contract between the State of Idaho Board of Optometry, and the Bureau of Occupational Licenses. 

Motion was made by Dr. Tiller to accept the 2006 contract between the State of Idaho Board of Optometry, and the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, and authorize the State of Idaho Optometry Board chairman to sign the contract on behalf of the board.  Seconded by Dr. Flandro, carried. 

The board discussed proposed laws and rules.  The board would like to update their scope of practice list.  Attorney, Mr. Hales, will review this list before submitting. 

The board set a policy to handle items that come up in between board meetings by emergency basis only.  Those items that are not an emergency will be held until the next scheduled board meeting.  The chairman will call a special meeting of the board for those items that constitute an emergency. 

The board reviewed correspondence received regarding the Optometric code of ethics on advertising by another entity in a department store.  It was noted that this entity would be paying for the advertising.  The board directed board secretary, Ms. Hitesman, to notify respondent that according to the Optometric code of ethics, the Optometrist is required to pay for the advertising.   

The board discussed forms Optometrists are asked to complete from the Department of Motor Vehicles.  A person applying for a driver’s license, who has a sight illness, may have their Optometrist complete a form regarding this illness.  Board member, Dr. Flandro, will contact the Optometric Association regarding an Optometrists liability when completing this form.  The board asked Dr. Flandro to invite Larry Benton to the next scheduled board meeting.      

Dr. Snapp gave the ARBO report.  Items discussed at the ARBO meeting included:

1.      Fingerprinting and background checks. 

2.      Including on renewal forms a question asking if that licensee has had any arrests.  The Bureau noted that this question is already asked on Idaho’s renewal forms. 

3.      Each State should be able to go back at least 5-years for any conviction and acts of rehabilitation.  The Bureau noted that the State of Idaho does not have a time limit to go back on convictions or rehabilitations.

4.      Optometrists should help investigators with complaints.  The State of Idaho Board of Optometry makes recommendations on complaint cases. 

5.      State boards accepting CELMO certificates as a higher standard for endorsement applicants.  CELMO only accepts cope approved education.  The board would like this added to the next board meeting agenda for discussion.

6.      Having a uniform licensure.  All licensees would have prescriptive authority.  Those licensee’s who currently do not hold TPA certification, would be required to take a course to qualify for prescriptive authority.  The IOA is willing to help with these courses. 

7.      Foreign graduates are starting to come into the United States. 

8.      The employed Optometrist law and rule should be included with license’s that are issued.

9.      State tax must be paid on leases.

10.  Boards need the ability to discipline unlicensed entities, and unlicensed practice over individuals, not just licensees. 

11.  NBEO is deleting the TMOD.  The State of Idaho Optometric law will need to be changed to delete the TMOD examination requirement.  The board asked the Bureau to propose some language and bring to the next board meeting to be run 2007 legislative session.

12.  ARBO would like board members to serve as examiners and COPE reviewers. 

13.  OE tracker will track continuing education for Optometrists.  State boards can also use this website to make sure licensee’s have completed their required continuing education

14.  Genomes were discussed.  Optometrists will need to have core competencies in genetics.

15.  States should start recognizing classes on prevention of medical errors, medical coding and billing.  The state board will consider discussing with the Idaho Optometric Association about putting on some of these classes. 

The board noted that 99 level codes are being denied by Medicaid.  Dr. Snapp will contact the Idaho Optometric Association and have them research this issue.   

The board reviewed continuing education audits.  The board directed board secretary, Ms. Hitesman, to send a letter to licensee stating continuing education hours taken after renewal date, cannot be used toward next year’s continuing education hours. 

The next board meeting was scheduled for November 11, 2005 @ 9:00 a.m. 

Motion was made by Dr. Tiller to adjourn the meeting at 11:30 a.m.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried.

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