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Minutes of October 30, 2003


ROLL CALL:     Scott Taylor, Chair

      Gary Walker, Vice Chair

                         John Rietz, Board Member

                         Steven Snapp, Board Member

                         Daniel Tiller, Board Member


ALSO PRESENT:      Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                   Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief               

                                   Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                   Sandee Hitesman, Office Specialist II                       


The meeting was called to order at 1:10 p.m. by Chair, Scott Taylor. 

Motion was made by Dr. Tiller to accept the minutes of the August 01, 2003 board meeting as written.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

Ms. Jacobsen gave the legislative report.  The Boards proposed rules have been submitted.  The cost to the board to publish these rules was $168.00.  The committee will hear these rules the first or second week of the legislative session.  Ms. Jacobsen noted to the board that the Optometry Association has not submitted anything regarding the recommendation for a rule change to reflect allowing a doctor to release a patientís prescription to committees.  The Board asked the bureau to notify them when the legislative committee schedules their rules for hearing.  If the proposed rules are approved, these rules will go into effect as soon as the legislature ends.  

Ms. Jacobsen presented the addendum to the boardís contract for fiscal year 2004. The fiscal year budget and indirect cost percentages were presented and discussed. 

Motion was made by Dr. Walker to approve the contract between the State Board of Optometry and the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, and to authorize the chairman of the board to sign the contract.  Seconded by Dr. Snapp, carried.  

Mr. Hetrick gave the financial report.  As of the end of September 2003 the board had $27,136.22 left in appropriation.  There was $54,575.15 left in the boards special account appropriation, and 345 current Optometry licensees.  Mr. Hetrick explained to the board that the bureauís lease and the cost to the Attorney Generals office is paid in one lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year.  The Board asked if there had been a gradual decrease in their special account?  Mr. Hetrick will run a historical data report for the board.  The Board discussed their fees.  It was noted that, should it become necessary, the board could raise licensure fees another $25.00 by submitting a rule change.  The board would have to submit a proposed law change to increase the fee any more than $25.00.  If the board were considering a rule change, the proposal should be approved by the Board early in the year so the bureau could submit the rule to legislature by July 2004. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the investigation report.  For fiscal year 2004 there have been two complaints. One complaint is under investigation and the other one is waiting board determination.  There were two complaints for fiscal year 2003.  One of these is under investigation and the other one is waiting board determination. 

Motion was made by Dr. Walker to move into executive session to discuss investigative matters exempt from public disclosure and to discuss potential litigation with the boardís attorney.  Seconded by Dr. Snapp.  

Motion was made by Dr. Tiller to come out of executive session.  Seconded by Dr. Walker, carried. 

Motion was made by Dr. Taylor to accept the Bureauís recommendation for case #OPT-P3-2-2003-1.  Seconded by Dr. Tiller, carried. 

Dr. Snapp recused himself from discussion and any participation in Board action regarding case #OPT-B6A-3-2004-1. 

Motion was made by Dr. Taylor regarding case #OPT-B6A-3-2004-1 to have the prosecuting attorney for the board review this case further before the board makes a decision.  Seconded by Dr. Walker, carried. 

The board discussed applicant coming in under endorsement.  Applicant was approved for licensure.  

Board discussed persons who were previously licensed in Idaho, and are now requesting reactivation of their license.  Mr. Hales explained to the board if the license has lapsed for more than five years, all current requirements of the law and rule must be met, including passage of the TMOD exam.  The board is pursuing a rule change regarding passage of the TMOD requirement.  If this rule change were passed, a person coming into Idaho under Endorsement would not be required to pass the TMOD exam to qualify for licensure. 

Ms. Jacobsen noted that the boardís wall certificates are being printed in house.  Card Stock is now bought for wall certificates, and the wall certificates are drawn up by computer.  This process saves the Bureau approximately $2,000.00 each quarter by not sending these to the calligrapher. 

Request for renewal of Optometry license was reviewed.  The board noted that not all continuing education hours had been met for the period the licensee did not have an Idaho license.  The board asked the bureau to send a letter requesting a reason as to why the continuing education hours were not met. 

The board reviewed a continuing education audit that had been sent in after the June 30, 2003 renewal date.  This continuing education audit was approved. 

The board submitted to the bureau a request for changes they would like made to the Optometry State Open Book Examination.  The Bureau will fax this request to attorney, Roger Hales, for review. 

The next board meeting was scheduled as a conference call meeting on February 13, 2004 at 8:30 a.m.  Dr. Tiller will be present at the bureau for this meeting. 

Motion was made by Dr. Rietz to adjourn at 2:55 p.m.  Seconded by Dr. Tiller, carried.

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