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Minutes of May 2, 2003


ROLL CALL:   James Dean, Chair

                        Scott Taylor, Board Member

                        John Rietz, Board Member

                        Gary Walker, Board Member


ALSO PRESENT:      Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney         

                                   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                   Sandee Hitesman, Office Specialist II


The meeting was called to order at 8:35 a.m. by Chair, James Dean. 

Dr. Dean asked if copies of the February 07, 2003 board meeting minutes could be sent to all the board members to review for the next board meeting. 

Motion was made by Dr. Walker to move to appoint Scott Taylor as the new Chairman of the State of Idaho Board of Optometry.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

Discussed applicant applying for licensure through endorsement.  Applicant has not taken Part III of the National Exams.  Mr. Hales noted that according to Rule 275, the applicant must submit a certified copy of license from another state, and the board must make a determination that the state’s requirements for licensure are similar to Idaho’s, including therapeutic privileges.  The applicant must meet the basic requirements for an application in rule #175.

The applicant must show no disciplinary action taken against any previous licenses.  There is no specific requirement that an applicant applying for licensure through endorsement take a specific test except the TMOD.  Dr. Walker noted that the Part III exam is a written exam for treatment and management, and there is a practical portion of this exam.  It was determined that applicants applying for licensure through endorsement will not be required to take Part III of the National Exam.  

Decision was made to hold applications for later discussion, and move to next item on the agenda. 

Board felt they should consider reviewing their endorsement rules, and clean up the endorsement language.   Because of the TMOD exam requirement, Idaho is not considered to have a true law for endorsement.  It was discussed that older practitioners have taken a 100-hour course and taken an exam to obtain the necessary competence to prescribe therapeutic agents.    Board asked Mr. Hales what would have to be done to change the TMOD requirement for endorsement but still require additional verifications that they had obtained the necessary training to show competence to dispense therapeutic agents.  Mr. Hales noted that a rule change would have to be taken through the legislature.  Mr. Dean offered to work with Mr. Hales on getting specific language to make a rule change for board approval and submission by August.  Motion was made by Dr. Taylor to direct legal council in conjunction with the board to put together specific language to make a rule change.  Seconded by Dr. Dean, carried. 

The Board discussed the release of contact lens prescriptions.  Board felt a subcommittee should be put together to review recent changes made by other states regarding the release of contact lens prescriptions.  This subcommittee would be a fact-finding committee.  Whichever board member is on this committee would talk to the Optometry Association to see if there is someone to review the release of contact lens prescriptions.  The board felt the law needs to be brought up to speed.  The board would like the committee to make a recommendation on a timetable for this change.  The board would also like the committee to see if the IOA would have any interested members that would like to be on the committee.

Moved by Dr. Taylor to form a committee to review the release of contact lens prescription laws and rules, and that the committee consist of Gary Walker and Steven Snapp.  Seconded by Dr. Walker, carried. 

The board discussed sending one or two board members to the ARBO meeting on June 15-17, 2003.  Dr. Walker offered to talk with Dr. Snapp to see if he would be willing to go with him to that meeting.  Dr. Taylor made a motion to send two representatives to the June 15-17, 2003 ARBO meeting in San Diego, CA.  Seconded by Rietz, carried.   

It was decided that the board would set the next board meeting at a later date and notify the Bureau. 

Dr. Taylor had to leave the meeting at 9:15 a.m. 

Continuing Education requests were reviewed. 

The first request was for credits for an on-line continuing education course being provided by Monica Slivar O.D.   The board noted that the information that was submitted did not clarify Ms. Slivar’s qualifications.  The information submitted did state that Ms. Slivar had given lectures, but did not elaborate on the subject or whereabouts of these lectures.   Mr. Hales noted that only 6 hours of continuing education per year are allowed through correspondence or home-study courses.  Dr. Walker asked the Bureau to contact the California State Association and request information on Ms. Slivar’s qualifications.  The Board also asked the Bureau to send a letter to Ms. Slivar requesting information on the topic, contents and whereabouts of the lectures she had given, and for her to submit references from these lectures to the board.  Mr. Hales suggested the board check into the qualifications to become COPE approved to give the board some ideas on setting the standards for continuing education approval.  Dr. Dean will explore what COPE qualifications are, and Sandee will look on the Internet to see what information she can find there.  The board asked this request to be put on the next agenda. 

Board appointment Dr. Rietz to start reviewing all continuing education requests.  

Ms. Jacobsen gave the legislative report.  The House bill regarding the special account was held at the Board’s request.  The special account was maintained.  Changing renewal dates from June 30 to the licensee’s birth-date passed without any problems.  The Bureau explained that when the licensee receives a license for the coming year, the expiration date on the license will be their birth date.   Dr. Dean asked Dr. Walker to please clarify that in his report for the AOA.  

Ms. Jacobsen gave the financial report.  The financial report is now on the boards website in the same area as the meeting agenda and minutes.  There is a link for the Financial Report.  There is $15,313.38 left in the Optometry account for this fiscal year.  

Ms. Jacobsen gave the investigative report.  There are currently 2 complaints.  The Bureau explained that written complaints only, are accepted.  Ms. Jacobsen reminded the board that if they should receive a phone call regarding a complaint, it is in their best interest to refer the caller to the Bureau.  This maintains confidentiality, and does not jeopardize the board’s decision should the complaint come to them for discipline or board action. 

Ms. Jacobsen asked the board to consider doing at least one conference call a year, in place of a regular board meeting at the Owyhee Plaza.  This will save thousands of dollars.  

Board discussed giving continuing education credit for CPR classes.  Motion was made by Dr. Walker for the board to consider hours spent for CPR certification as continuing education depending upon the content of the course, up to 2 hours of approval.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

There was a request to be able to obtain information from the Optometry database.  Board asked the Bureau to contact the person making the request and find out exactly what information is needed and how much time putting this information together would entail.  The board will make a decision after information is received, and legal council is sought, to see if it would be cost effective to put this information together for them.  

Board discussed the new application for licensure.  Motion was made by Dr. Walker to approve the new application for licensure.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

Motion was made by Dr. Walker to go into executive session to discuss an application file not for public disclosure.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

Motion was made by Dr. Walker to come out of executive session.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

The Bureau asked the Board to notify the Optometry Association at their next meeting, that any questions they receive regarding the new renewal dates, they may forward to the Bureau. 

Motion was made by Dr. Walker at 10:15 a.m. to adjourn.  Seconded by Dr. Rietz, carried. 

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