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Minutes of February 07, 2003



ROLL CALL:      James Dean, Chair

                        Scott Taylor, Board Member

                        John Rietz, Board Member

                        Steven Snapp, Board Member

                        Gary Walker, Board Member


ALSO PRESENT:             

                               Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                               Budd Hetrick, Deputy Chief

                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney 

                               Sandee Hitesman, Office Specialist II

                               Larry Benton, IOA Executive Director


The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chair, James Dean. 

Mr. Benton reported that last years free education day convention was a success.  28 licensees’ that were not registered came by invitation of the sponsorship of the board.  Mr. Benton reported that they attempted to contact every licensee in the state of Idaho.  Most of the convention was therapeutic oriented.  The next IOA board meeting will be tomorrow at 7:45 at the Doubletree Riverside Inn.  The next convention will be Oct 31, 2003 through November 2, 2003 at the Riverside in Boise Idaho.  The 2004 conference will also be in Boise Idaho.  Mr. Benton also reported that the newsletters are getting out on time. 

Dr. Taylor made a motion to approve the board minutes from the 10-24-02 board meeting with the understanding that Larry Downard’s name would be changed to Larry Downar.  Dr. Walker seconded, carried.   

Ms. Jacobsen gave the legislative report.  She reported that all rule changes are now complete and we had a 100% success ratio on passage of the rules.  Proposed Optometry legislation was House bill #18 and House bill #3.  House bill #3 went across the senate floor on Monday.  If it passes, it will go to the Governor for signature.  The committee chairman, per the Bureau’s request, held House bill #18.  

Ms. Jacobsen reported that everyone is being asked to come up with ways to cut costs.  Some of the ways the Bureau has cut costs are:

  1. Rented a conference room to use for all meetings.  This saves the Bureau the costs to rent out separate rooms for each board meeting.   The cosmetology board is still renting an extra room because of the number of applicants applying for licensure.
  2.  The Bureau chose to upgrade the existing phone system rather than replace the whole    system. 
  3. The Bureau is trying to go paperless.  One way we did this was to make it possible for people to renew their licenses online.  We have gone through one renewal with this new online system.  This system worked very well.  Approximately 700 people renewed online. 
  4. The Bureau is no longer purchasing minute books.  Each book cost approximately $125.00 to $150.00 a book.  The Bureau is now scanning the minutes once the board signs them and storing the minutes online.  The Bureau will keep the current minute books on file.
  5. The option of conference call meetings, verses the board all meeting at the Owyhee Plaza was discussed.  This may also be another way to save money.
  6. The Bureau has adopted new wall certificates.  These certificates can be printed off of the computer.  These are less expensive and saves staff time.
  7. Administrative Staff is not traveling to meetings.

Board discussed how continuing education credits would be renewed with the new online system.  Mr. Hetrick explained that there is a question on the renewal form that asks if they have received the continuing education as required by the laws and rules of the Idaho State board of Optometry and that documented proof of attendance is in their possession and will be provided upon request.  The board stated they did understand that there would be some unexpected things come up during renewal time.   

Board asked how the renewal process will work if House Bill #3 is passed.  Mr. Hetrick explained that for licensees with birth dates between July 1st and January 1st, the renewal fee will be pro-rated for 1 year plus the number of days between July 1st and their birth date.  For licensees with birth dates between January 1st and July 1st, the renewal fee will be pro-rated for the number of months until their birth date. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the financial report.  The board’s financial report as of the end of January 2003 shows a balance of $-7,171.25.  The board’s special account shows a balance of $47,602.61.  Board discussed ways to keep the financial report out of the red.  The board may want to consider a fee increase for licensure and renewals.  The legislature would have to be contacted by July 01, 2003 if the board decides they want to increase fees.  The board asked the Bureau to track 4 months of trend income, and let them know where they anticipate they will be next May. The topic of fee increases will be put on the next board meeting agenda.  Dr. Snapp made a motion to transfer $15,000.00 from the special account to the Bureau.  Seconded by Dr. Taylor, carried. 

Dr. Snapp made a motion to approve the financial report.  Seconded by Dr. Walker, carried. 

Mr. Hetrick gave the investigation report.  There were 7 complaints in fiscal year 2002.  All of these complaints are now closed.  There have not been any complaints to date for fiscal year 2003. 

Board discussed if proof of licensure from other states should be required for licensure for clients who choose not to apply for licensure through endorsement.  The board decided to obtain the information through the Internet when available, and that licensure in other states should be confirmed and checked for any disciplinary action. 

The Bureau presented a new wall certificate for Prescribing Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents to the board.  Dr. Taylor motioned to approve the use of the new wall certificates.  Seconded by Dr. Snapp, carried. 

The Bureau presented a new application for licensure to the board.  The board decided to put this on the next board meeting agenda, to give the board time to look over the application and come up with any changes. 

Continuing Education requests was submitted to the board for approval.  The board approved all requests. 

Dr. Dean will look at all correspondence submitted before the board, and bring anything of importance to the next board meeting. 

Correspondence was received from the Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry, (ARBO).  The board discussed the request of submitting birth-dates to ARBO.  The Bureau pointed out that birth-dates are not public record.  The board agreed to submit everything requested except birth-dates. 

The board asked the Bureau to put the ARBO newsletter regarding contact lens on the website with a link to the ARBO homepage.  

Next board meeting was scheduled as a conference call on May 2, 2003 @ 8:30 a.m. 

Moved by Dr. Dean at 4:50 p.m. to adjourn.  Seconded by Dr. Taylor, and carried. 

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