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Minutes of May 10, 2002


The meeting of the Idaho State Board of Optometry was called to order by Dr. Dick Vester, Chair, Friday, May 10, 2002, at 9:00 a.m. at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho. 

Board Members Present:            Dr. Dick Vester, Chairman

                                                Dr. James Dean, Secretary

                                                Dr. Scott Taylor, Member

                                                Dr. Gary Walker, Member

                                                Dr. Steve Snapp, Member


Also Present:                            Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

         Budd Hetrick, Jr., Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                Dee Ann Randall, Administrative Secretary



Moved by Dr. Snapp, seconded by Dr. Taylor and carried that the minutes of the February 8, 2002 board meeting be approved. 

Rayola Jacobsen

Ms. Jacobsen informed the Board that the Bureau has negotiated with the Owyhee Plaza for additional office space that will provide for a larger board meeting room, which will have the capability of being separated for examinations also. 

A booklet “The a-b-c’s of Parliamentary Procedure” was distributed to each board member for their information.  This booklet sets out the proper procedures for conducting business at meetings and public gatherings. 

Ms. Jacobsen reviewed the passage this year of SB1417 that specifies the requirements for the form and content of prescription blanks.  This does affect the Optometry Board for the writing of controlled substance prescriptions.  Rules are in place that will provide for disciplinary action for any violations of this law. 

The open meeting law also changed this year with regards to boards holding conference calls.  As long as the conference call agenda is posted and at least one board member is present in the room where the call will take place, conference calls are permissible under the open meeting law. 

Ms. Jacobsen stated that the Bureau is noticing cost savings as a result of the new computer system in the office and the capabilities of this system.  

She also informed the Board that the Bureau is trying in any way possible to go paperless and provide the board minutes, agendas etc. visually on a screen instead of on paper.  Should the Board choose not to conduct their meetings paperless, the Bureau will then still provide hard copies of all necessary documents. 

Ms. Jacobsen asked for a board decision on changing the renewal date of licensees to their birth date.  This change would distribute the workload in the Bureau and be much easier to handle than the current way.  

Moved by Dr. Dean, seconded by Dr. Snapp and carried that the Board approve changing the renewal date to the birth date of all licensees. 

Ms. Jacobsen stated that she would send the proposed law change that will be necessary to change this date to the board members when it has been prepared. 

Wall certificates will now be printed on the Bureau computer instead of by a calligrapher.  This will save time and money for the Board. 

Financial Report 

Budd Hetrick distributed copies of the financial reports.  The cash balance in the bureau account is $-4,470.94.  The cash balance in the special optometry account is $70,112.28. 

Mr. Hetrick informed the Board that on their bureau website, there is a link for the financial report, agendas, official minutes and also if the access is known there is a link for draft board minutes. 

Discussion was held on the Board maintaining the optometry special fund account.  Mr. Hetrick will provide them with a cost estimation for maintaining this account at their next meeting. 

Moved by Dr. Taylor, seconded by Dr. Dean and carried that the Board approves the financial report. 

Idaho Optometric Association Board Sponsored Continuing Education 

Discussion was held regarding the Board sponsoring and providing funds for the Idaho Optometric Association annual convention.  

Moved by Dr. Dean, seconded by Dr. Walker and carried that the Board contribute $10,000 to the Idaho Optometric Association to offer to underwrite continuing education to all Idaho licensed optometrists all day Friday of the convention, contingent upon approval of the Board Chair. 

Continuing Education 

Marcie McGinty, Bureau Secretary, met with the Board to review a list of course providers they have approved for continuing education credit.    The Board reviewed and updated this list and authorized Ms. McGinty to continue using this list. 

Association of Regulatory Boards of Optometry (ARBO) Annual Meeting 

Discussion was held regarding who would be able to attend the ARBO annual meeting to be held in New Orleans June 23-25, 2002. None of the board members will be able to attend the meeting this year.  The Board requested that Dee Ann Randall prepare a draft board report and send to Dr. Vester for finalizing, which will then be mailed to ARBO for Idaho’s annual board report. 

Dr. Fred Downard – TPA Course 

Dr. Fred Downard submitted for the Board’s review a TPA course he wants to take in order to meet the TPA requirements for certification. 

Moved by Dr. Taylor, seconded by Dr. Walker and carried that the TPA course from the Southern California College of Optometry be approved as meeting the course requirement for TPA certification along with passing the TMOD examination for Dr. Fred Downard. 

One License Classification 

Discussion continued on the issue of one license classification.  Dr. Vester shared information with the Board regarding the states of Illinois and Oregon being the only two states thus far who are implementing one license classification.  

The Idaho Optometric Association board members discussed this matter with the result being a mixed decision of those present.  

Dr. Vester informed the Board that there are no diagnostic courses available through any of the approved colleges or universities.  He suggested that perhaps the Board provide a diagnostic course in conjunction with the School of Pharmacy at Boise State University.   

It was the general consensus of all the board members that all optometrist should be certified at the diagnostic level. 

Moved by Dr. Walker, seconded by Dr. Snapp and carried that by 2007, all Idaho licensed optometrists must meet the diagnostic requirements as a condition for continued licensure.  They may take an approved TPA course, would not have to take the TMOD examination and this would meet the requirement for diagnostic certification.  

Time and Place of Next Meeting 

The time and place of the next board meeting, which was scheduled for July 12, 2002, will be changed.  Dr. Dean will provide the board members and bureau with other dates to consider. 

Moved by Dr. Taylor, seconded by Dr. Dean and carried that the meeting adjourn at 12:00 p.m. 

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