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Meeting Minutes of February 8, 2002

 The meeting of the Idaho State Board of Optometry was called to order by Dr. Dick Vester, Chair, Friday, February 8, 2002, at 10:10 a.m. at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses, Owyhee Plaza, 1109 Main Street, Suite 220, Boise, Idaho.

Board Members Present:  Dr. Dick Vester, Chairman; Dr. James Dean; Dr. Scott Taylor; Dr. Gary Walker; Dr. Steve Snapp 

Also Present:   Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief; Budd Hetrick, Jr., Deputy Bureau Chief; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; John Kersey, Chief Investigator; Dee Ann Randall, Administrative Secretary


Moved by Dr. Walker, seconded by Dr. Taylor and carried that the minutes of the November 1, 2001 board meeting be approved. 

Rayola Jacobsen 

Ms. Jacobsen informed the Board that their proposed rule changes have passed both the House and Senate committees and will be effective upon a concurrent resolution. 

Complaint Report 

John Kersey presented his complaint report for Board review. 

Fiscal year 2002, four (4) complaints were received.  Of those, two (2) are under investigation. 

Four (4) complaints were received in the year 2000.  Of those, one (1) remains under investigation and/or legal review. 

Two (2) cases have been closed without action since the last board meeting.  

Financial Report 

Mr. Hetrick distributed the financial reports to the Board for their review.  The current cash balance for the Board in the bureau account is -$2,070.00.  The current cash balance in the special account is $$72,422.00. 

Moved by Dr. Dean, seconded by Dr. Taylor and carried that the Board authorizes the transfer of $5,000 from the special fund to the bureau account to bring it to a positive balance.  


Letter from Ruth Salonen regarding evaluation of her foreign education was reviewed.  Ms. Salonen has had her education reviewed by the International Consultancy of Foreign Credentials in Delaware.  The Board is not familiar with this entity. The Board requests Ms. Randall to send a letter to Ms. Salonen along with a current law and rules booklet referring her to the rules regarding approval of education. 

Release of Contact Lens Prescriptions 

A copy of a contact lens prescription and release form used by the state of Iowa and submitted to the Board from Jack Zarybnesky, O.D. was reviewed.  The Board had requested that Roger Hales review this form and advise them of his findings. 

Mr. Hales informed the Board that the specific wording in question on the form “The dispensing of lenses from this prescription indicates that the dispenser is a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist as required by Iowa state law and the Iowa Health related boards”, is in conflict with Idaho law and cannot be used in Idaho.  Dr. Vester will contact Dr. Zarybnesky and inform him of this conflict. 

Correspondence from Jonathan Warner, O.D. from Ohio regarding mail order and Internet contact sales was reviewed by the Board.  Dr. Warner discussed concerns that this issue is becoming a national problem and the potential that sale of contact lenses may become available for sale over the counter to everyone.  

Mr. Kersey informed the Board that the Attorney General’s office is aware of this problem and has asked Mr. Kersey to investigate the matter.  However, the Board has no jurisdiction over unlicensed individuals.  Roger Hales stated that ultimately this is a violation of the Optometry law, practicing without a license, however, the matter would be referred back to the Attorney General’s office for prosecution.  

Letter received from Robert Dietz requesting guidance on Idaho Optometry laws and rules regarding a potential business opportunity in Idaho.  This business would provide a service to eye care providers on establishing a storage and utilization of a database of prescriptions. Mr. Hales advised the Board that they are seeking legal advise and unless directed by them to do so, this is outside the realm of the Board’s responsibilities.  The Board directed Ms. Randall to respond and advise Mr. Dietz to seek private counsel and send him a current law and rules booklet. 

E-mail was received requesting information on the use of antiviral medications used by optometrists in Idaho.  Dr. Vester will contact Bruce Harrelson, Director of Policy and Research for the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies and answer his questions on this matter. 

Referring Phone Calls to Board Members 

Discussion was held regarding the referral of telephone calls to individual board members that the bureau receives and cannot answer questions asked. It was the decision of the Board that the bureau is to get the information and phone number of the individual and call a board member with this information and they then can call the person back. 

Delegate the ARBO Annual Meeting 

The ARBO annual meeting will be held in New Orleans on June 23-25, 2002.  The Board will discuss who will attend this meeting at their May 10, 2002 board meeting. 

The bill for annual membership dues for ARBO has been received in the bureau.  Moved by Dr. Dean, seconded by Dr. Taylor and carried that they authorize the Bureau to pay the annual membership dues to ARBO. 

One License Classification 

The discussion of working toward one license classification was continued.  Dr. Vester informed the Board that Pacific University could offer a 100 hour therapeutic class with a few weeks notice.  

Dr. Vester will research if there are any diagnostic course options available for the required 55 hour course.  Upon receipt of this information, Dr. Vester will discuss this issue with Roger Hales, and a proposal as to the course of action will be presented to the Board at their May 10, 2002 board meeting. 

License Renewal Application 

The Board reviewed the license renewal application for the upcoming renewal period.  Moved by Dr. Snapp, seconded by Dr. Walker and carried the Board approves the license renewal application for the upcoming renewal period. 

Moved by Dr. Dean, seconded by Dr. Taylor and carried the meeting adjourn at 1:15 p.m. 

Approved 5/10/02

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