DATE:            October 13, 2010


            TO:                  Occupational Therapy Licensure Board


            SUBJECT:      Investigative Report



Fiscal Year 2011 (to date)

            Total Complaints received                                                                                                 1


                        Awaiting Board determination                                                                   1


For Board Determination:


I-OCT-2011-1  When R submitted his Occupational Therapist application on 5/3/10, R answered “no” to the question, “Have you ever been convicted (including but not limited to being found guilty, received a withheld judgment or suspended sentence) or charged with any crime other than minor traffic offenses in this or any other state?”, but when R submitted his Physical Therapist application on 8/17/10, R answered “yes” to the same question.  Investigation revealed that on 3/10/09 R was convicted of inattentive/careless driving, was placed on supervised probation for one year, and was discharged from probation on 9/21/09.  R stated that at the time he filled out his Occupational Therapist application, he was unaware that the charge was of “sufficient gravity” to include as part of his application.  R stated that when he applied for a job, he was informed that he needed to disclose the conviction and probation.  R stated that he then called IBOL when he was filling out his Physical Therapist application and was informed that the Board needed an in-depth description of the circumstances surrounding the conviction.  R stated that in hindsight he should have disclosed the conviction and probation on his Occupational Therapist application, and apologized for failing to do so.  R stated that he misunderstood what needed to be disclosed and did not intend to hide anything.  Based on R’s response and the fact that he did disclose the conviction on his Physical Therapist application, IBOL recommends that the Board authorize closure.