Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702-5642 


Board Meeting Minutes of 7/20/2009



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:   Michelle Bartlett

                                                             Clarence William Blea, M.D.

                                                             Barbara N Rawlings

                                                             Kyndal May Verveckken

                                                             Paula Wiens


BUREAU STAFF:                           Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                            Dawn Hall, Administrative Support Manager

                                                            Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant

                                                            Karl Klein, Deputy Attorney General

                                                            Mary Miles, Technical Records Specialist I


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Brian Kane, Deputy Attorney General

                                                            Kris Ellis, Idaho Midwifery Council


Meeting was called to order at 9:05 AM MDT by Tana Cory.




Mr. Kane welcomed the Board to state service. He explained the Open Meeting Law and how the Board and Bureau must maintain the law.  Manuals for the Open Meeting Law were presented to the Board members for reference. Parliamentary procedures for meetings were explained and pamphlets were handed out to the Board members for reference.


Ms. Cory explained the relationship between the Board and the Bureau.  The Chairman will make all final decisions on the agenda.




Ms. Cory thanked the Board members for serving on the Board and introduced the Bureau staff. Ms. Cory explained how expenses are distributed among all Boards and that the Bureau is a dedicated fund agency. The contract and estimated budget will be presented to the Board at their next meeting.


Mr. Klein explained the complaint process.





A motion was made by Ms. Bartlett to nominate Ms. Rawlings as Board Chair.

Seconded by Ms. Verveckken, motion carried.




A motion was made by Ms. Bartlett to adjourn for lunch at 12:15 PM. Seconded by Ms. Wiens, motion carried


The Board reconvened at 1:20 PM.




Discussion was held regarding licensure rules. Rules will be drafted and presented to the Board for review at the next scheduled meeting.




The next scheduled meeting is July 28, 2009 at 1:00 PM.




A motion was made by Ms. Wiens to adjourn. Seconded by Ms. Verveckken, motion carried.

_________________________________      _________________________________

 Barbara N Rawlings, Chair                              Michelle Bartlett

_________________________________      _________________________________

Clarence W. Blea, M.D.                                   Kyndal May Verveckken                                                                     

_________________________________      _________________________________

Paula Wiens                                                     Tana Cory, Bureau Chief