The required "seal" of an Idaho Landscape Architect.


Effective July 31, 2003, Idaho code required that every landscape architect have a seal approved by the board. The seal must contain the name of the landscape architect and the words "Licensed Landscape Architect, State of Idaho."  The seal may be a rubber stamp or an electronically applied seal. 

The only Board approved seal for use by an Idaho Licensed Landscape Architect is shown below. It should have a diameter of 1.75 inches when applied to full-sized documents.

Whenever the seal is applied, the licensee's written signature and the date must be adjacent to or across the seal. The seal, signature, and date must be placed on all final reports, drawings, and title pages of specifications, design information, and calculations. Whenever presented to a client or to the public, such documents that are not final and do not contain a seal, signature, and date, must be clearly marked as "preliminary," "draft," "not for construction," or similar words to distinguish the documents from a finished product. 

The application of the licensee's seal, signature, and the date shall constitute certification that the work was prepared by the landscape architect or under the supervision of the landscape architect. Each plan or drawing sheet shall be sealed and signed by the licensee or the licensee's agent responsible for each sheet. The principal landscape architect in charge shall sign and seal the title or first sheet. Copies of electronically produced documents that are distributed for informational use, such as for bidding purposes or working copies, may be issued with the licensee's seal and a notice that the original document is on file with the licensee's signature and date. The words "original signed by:" and "date signed:" shall be placed adjacent to or across the seal of the electronic original. The storage location of the original documents shall also be provided. Only the title page of reports, specifications, and like documents need bear the seal and signature of the licensee and the date.  

Failure to comply with the seal requirements could be grounds for Board discipline.