Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702-5642 


Board Meeting Minutes of 7/9/2009



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  James A. Thomas - Chair

                                                             William J. Dial

                                                             William A. Ogram, IV


BUREAU STAFF:                           Dawn Hall, Administrative Support Manager

                                                            Dave Hotchkiss, Complaint Coordinator

                                                            James Stohl, Administrative Attorney

                                                            Janice Wiedrick, Technical Records Specialist


OTHERS PRESENT:                     Jon Breckon, ASLA


Meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM MDT by James A. Thomas.




Mr. Ogram moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Mr. Dial seconded the

motion, and it carries.




Ms. Hall presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $13,372.




Mr. Hotchkiss presented the investigative report showing two complaints have

been received for fiscal year 2009 and one remains under investigation.  All prior

cases have been closed.



The boiler plate letter on grading and drainage was discussed and will be sent

out by the administrative attorney as needed.  This is to be placed on the web-

site as the Board’s position.


The proposed change to Rule 201.01 regarding the reference pages being signed by two licensed Landscape Architects and two allied design professionals was discussed and Mr. Ogram moved to accept the draft and submit it to the legislature. Mr. Dial seconded the motion and it carried.




Jon Breckon was welcomed to the Board meeting as liaison between the Idaho/Montana Chapter of ASLA and the Board.


A letter requesting the boiler plate letter was received.  The boiler plate letter is to be sent to Larry Osgood, Public Works Director, Caldwell, by Administrative Attorney Karl Klein.


An e-mail requesting information on licensure was received from Lance Ellis. The

Board requested the secretary respond that a Landscape Architect license is not required to teach design and construction to the general public, and refer him to the statute on when a license is required.


The amended exam contract between CLARB and the Board was discussed.

Mr. Dial moved to accept the changes for 2009 and have Chairman Thomas sign

the contract on behalf of the Board.  Mr. Ogram seconded the motion and it



The CLARB meeting in Seattle on September 9-11, 2009 was discussed.  Mr. Ogram moved to send Mr. Dial to the meeting and pay all reasonable expenses.  Mr. Dial seconded the motion, and it carried.




Mr. Dial moved to go into executive session for discussion of application files per

Idaho Code 67-2345 (1) (d).  Mr. Ogram seconded the motion.  Aye Votes: Mr.

Dial, Mr. Ogram.  Nay Votes: None.  Motion carried.


Mr. Ogram moved to come out of executive session, Mr. Dial seconded the

motion.  Aye Votes: Mr. Dial, Mr. Ogram.  Nay Votes: None.  Motion carried.




Mr. Ogram moved to approve the applications presented for licensure:


                        Stephanie Koch                                LA-16659

                        Rachael Volesky                               LA-16661

                        Molly Kathleen Teal                           LA-16646

                        Dean C. McKenzie                           LA-16685


Mr. Dial seconded the motion, and it carried.




The next scheduled meeting was set for October 8, 2009 at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses.  The time for the meeting is to be determined at a later date.




Mr. Ogram moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:58 a.m.  Mr. Dial seconded the motion, and it carried.

_________________________________      _________________________________

James A. Thomas, Chair                                   William J. Dial

_________________________________      _________________________________

William A. Ogram, IV                                       Tana Cory, Bureau Chief