Conference Call


August 20, 2007


ROLL CALL:                          William Dial, Chairman

                                                Stanley Griswold


ABSENT/EXCUSED:              James Thomas


ALSO PRESENT:                   Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant

                                                Janice Wiedrick, Technical Records Specialist I


Chairman Dial called the meeting to order at 8:00a.m.        


Discussion was held on the proposed rule changes.

            1.  Application fee of $25 for Landscape Architect-in-Training.

2.  LAIT must be employed by and under supervision of licensed landscape architect.

            3.  Updating the CLARB standards of practice

            4.  Limiting the number of years a LAIT can hold registration.


Mr. Griswold moved to approve the rules and allow the Bureau to submit them for legislative process.  Mr. Dial seconded, and the motion carried.


Mr. Griswold moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:15a.m.  Mr. Dial seconded, and the motion carried.