July 29, 2005




ROLL CALL:              Bill Dial, Chair

                                   Mary McGow

                                   Stan Griswold via telephone


BUREAU STAFF:      Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                  Cherie Simpson, Management Assistant


The meeting was called to order by Bill Dial, Chair, at 9:00 a.m.  Roll call was taken. 


Minutes of the April 15, 2005 meeting were reviewed.  Moved by Mr. Griswold to approve the minutes as corrected.  Seconded by Ms. McGown, carried.


Ms. Jacobsen presented the legislative report.  The Boards request for changes in 54-3003, Idaho Code is being followed up on and will be presented during the next legislative session.  It was further reported that the remodel was completed and there will be new employees starting in the next two weeks.  Ms. Jacobsen informed the Board that the Contractors are now submitting applications for registration.


Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial report.  Discussion was held.  The Board finished the fiscal year with a balance of $534.45.


Ms. Jacobsen presented the investigative report.  FY 2005 there were four complaints received.  Of these, four are under investigation.


Discussion was held on revisions of the Application for licensure.  It was recommended that the application be kept simple with same size print and enough room to provide the information requested.  Moved by Ms. McGown that the Board adopt the revised application with the recommended changes.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.


Discussion was held on the proposed changes to Idaho Code 54-3003.    Moved by Ms. McGown to approve changes to 54-3003 (5) (b) (ii) to increase the processing fee to $50.00.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.  Moved by Ms. McGown to approve proposed law changes for submission to the legislature this next session.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.


Discussion was held on the Landscape Architect approved seal.  It was determined that seal requirements need to be listed on the menu for Landscape Architects and not under the application for licensure heading.  The Bureau is to research the possibility of having a file link to the seal to make it accessible and downloadable to AutoCad users.


CLARB Fall meeting in Los Angeles was discussed.   Moved by Ms. McGown to send Mr. Griswold to Los Angeles for the annual CLARB meeting to be held September 8 to 10, 2005.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.


Mr. Dial reported that he was part of the cut score committee for the June CLARB examination.  The design section was interesting to him during this process.  This committee required that he take the examination prior to his reviewing the examinations.  Task analysis will ultimately reduce the amount of criteria for lighting.  U.S. and Canada candidates tested were scored very low comparatively. 


Mr. Dial reported that he was informed that Montana has had to do away with licensure for Landscape Architects.  It was determined that the Bureau will send a post card or letter to ASLA or to the Landscape Architects licensed in Montana to inform them that they can apply in Idaho if the qualifications are met to keep a current Landscape Architect license.


Mr. Griswold will send the registration form to the Bureau and the registration check will be sent in to CLARB on his behalf.


The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.