April 15, 2005



ROLL CALL:               Bill Dial, Chair

                                    Mary McGown

                                    Stan Griswold via telephone

ALSO PRESENT:        Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

                                     Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                     Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                     Cherie Simpson

The meeting was called to order by Bill Dial, Chair, at 9:00 a.m.  Roll call was taken. 

Minutes of the January 21, 2005 meeting were reviewed.  Moved by Ms. McGown to approve the minutes as submitted.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.

Ms. Jacobsen presented the legislative report.  The Board’s proposed rules were approved.  It was also reported that during this session the Bureau received 4 additional boards to be administered under the Bureau’s umbrella.  The addition of the Boards and the appropriations that were approved would reduce the indirect costs for the Board of landscape architects.  It was further reported that the investigator position in the North has been filled.

Mr. Hetrick presented the financial report.  There is a positive balance of $102.89.

Mr. Hetrick presented the investigative report.  It was reported that there have been four complaints received and all are currently under investigation.  Three of the complaints deal with unlicensed practice and one of the complaints deals with a competency issue.  Discussion was held on the investigative process and the length of time for completing an investigation.

Ms. McGown gave a report on her attendance at the CLARB spring meeting.  The highlights include: rating of case studies to determine eligibility for CLARB certificate;  Greg Sturtevant is being considered for President; Usage of title ASLA by unlicensed individuals was discussed; Specialty certification was discussed; different types of membership to allow smaller boards to hold membership; and discussion on examination – requirements and exam providers.

Mr. Griswold presented a question regarding the use of the words “licensed professional” on the seal.  The board considered the use of various terminology or designs and decided that they wished to stay with the standardized seal approved by the Board with wording requirements set by Idaho Code.

Discussion was held on the revision of the application for licensure.  The application will be sent to the Board electronically so that the Board has time to review prior to the next meeting.

Moved by Ms. McGown that proposed changes in Idaho Code 54-3003 be accepted and submitted to the legislature in the 2006 session.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.

The postcard message for distribution to all licensed landscape architects was reviewed.  Ms. McGown recommended that the postcard also include information on the use of the seal.  Information to relay that the new seal approved by the board is the only seal approved for use by Idaho landscape architects.  Use of any other seal is prohibited.  Mr. Hales drafted the language for the postcard.

Moved by Ms. McGown to go into executive session in accordance with Idaho Code 67-2345 to review an applicant's file and matters exempt from public disclosure.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.

Moved by Ms. McGown to reconvene in open meeting.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.

Moved by Ms. McGown that based on the applicant's failure to pass the LARE examination which is currently in effect, the Board must deny her application for issuance of a license.  The board’s counsel will draft the response and relay the Board sympathy and also that they have no discretion to rule otherwise.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.

Ms. McGown stated that continuing education was a topic at the CLARB Spring Meeting and that approximately 50% of CLARB members require some continuing education.

Moved by Ms. McGown that meeting adjourn at 10:50 a.m.  Seconded by Mr. Griswold, carried.


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