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Regular Board Meeting Minutes of April 19, 2002


ROLL CALL:              Gregg Sturtevant, Chair; Mary McGown

BUREAU STAFF:            Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Chief Investigator; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Marilyn London, Secretary

ALSO PRESENT:            Bill Dial, ASLA Member


Gregg Sturtevant called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Mary McGown moved to approve the January 30 and March 15, 2002 board meeting minutes.  Gregg Sturtevant seconded, and the motion carried.


Rayola Jacobsen showed the Board a wall certificate that was printed from the office computer.  The Board approved to use this program to do future licensee wall certificates.


Rayola Jacobsen shared with the Board that she was advised that the $60.00 parking fee for the three people that had their car booted at the March workshop could not be reimbursed.  The Board chose to put this on hold until they could talk to the ones involved.


Rayola Jacobsen presented the finance report to the Board indicating a balance of $19,058.70.  The Board would like the 10 years history statement and revenue columns included on future reports.  Agenda and minutes will be e-mailed to the Board to help cut down on coping and cost.


John Kersey informed the Board that there had been no change from the last report that indicated three (3) complaints were received and under investigation.

The Board discussed the problems regarding the McCloud phone directory that takes information from the Qwest directory without permission and lumps all professions together in their directory.  John Kersey explained that at this time nothing could be done without their being a complaint filed.


Mary McGown gave a report on the CLARB spring meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The CLARB office moved to Vienna, Virginia.  She was impressed with their efficiency.  British Columbia is proposing a new category of licensing for individuals with a background in landscape architecture that only practice in the area of large planning projects.


The Board received a letter requesting reinstatement of their cancelled license LA-94.  Mary McGown moved to reinstate their license upon receipt of all back fees.  Gregg Sturtevant seconded, and the motion carried.


Rayola Jacobsen told the Board that the Bureau would like to change the June 30th license renewal date to the licensee’s birthday.  This would help the Bureau’s workload be evenly distributed throughout the year.  The Board will discuss this at the July 19th meeting.


A conference call will be scheduled on May 3rd to discuss the law changes on exemptions and definitions.


The Board approved the following endorsement applications for licensure:

James Dalton

Michael Andrews

Richard Myers

Thomas Sabin

Kimberly Warren


Approved for examination:

MaryAnn Fiorillo

Matthew Jensen

Phillip Schutte


An incomplete application was received from an individual applying based upon landscape architect experience in lieu of education.  The Board requested Roger Hales send a letter explaining the requirements and information on testing in the required areas of landscape architect.

The Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.

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