One Hundred Twenty Fifth Business Meeting



September 22, 2007



The 125th business meeting of the Idaho Board of Registration for Professional Geologists was called to order at 8:07 AM, September 22nd 2007 by Chairman Spillers.  Present are Paul Spillers, Jim Spaulding, John Monks and Andy Mork.  Guests include Maria Barrett from the Idaho Department of Financial Management (DFM), Dan Steckel of the Idaho Attorney General’s Office, and Margaret Odedo and Ivana Odedo.  Absent was Paul Link.





Roll Call

Roll Call was taken per Chairman, Spillers

All Board members present except Paul Link.


Change of Order of Business

Member Mork moved to change the order of business to allow Mr. Steckel and Ms. Barrett to address the Board.  Seconded by Member Spalding. Motion carried.













(1-3) Issues reviewed by Board Attorney, Dan Steckel


(4) Department of Finance

(1) Office Lease –was reviewed noting that the lease will expire May 31, 2009. Additional information was shared on options available to the Board.

(2) Violation follow-up. Mr. Steckel referred the board to Title 54 2812(3), interpretation of which allows the Board to grant registration to an individual with certificate of registration in another state.

(3) Member Mork shared with the board that one applicant had not been approved to sit for the next PG examination due to the following: (i) lack of adequate job descriptions, (ii) lack of official transcripts; and (iii) lack of the application fee.  Mr. Steckel advised the Board was within their rights to deny the application as submitted.

(4) Ms.  Barrett addressed the Board in regard to the array of services offered by the Department of Administration should the Board elect to transfer administrative duties to the BOL.

Reading of the Minutes

Minutes reviewed

Clerical edits were requested by Board members.  Mork moved to accept minutes as amended; Spalding second, motion carried.

Financial Report

Financial report reviewed

Mork moved to accept the Financial Report, seconded by Monks, motion carried.

Reading of Communications



















(1) Idaho Department of Environmental Quality.


(2) Resignation letter.

(1) Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, correspondence dated August 10, 2007 – Mr. Barry Burnell inquired if the seepage testing required by permitted wastewater treatment or disposal facilities was part of the practice of professional geology as defined Title 58 2402 et sec.  The Boards position is that seepage testing is a part of the practice of professional geology.  Mork agreed to write a letter responding the Mr. Burnell’s request.

(2) Resignation Letter – Margaret Odedo, dated September 7, 2007 – Board Administrative Manager Odedo tendered her resignation effective September 21, 2007.  The Board accepted her resignation and commended her on her outstanding service to the Board, far above and beyond the requirements of the position.

Request to address the Board

Visitor Request

Due to schedule constraints, guest Ms. Ivana Odedo requested to address the Board out of order.  Permission granted.  Ms. Ivana Odedo explained that she was observing the Board as part of her American Government class and asked the Board about their role and how more people could be drawn to the public meetings.  Discussion provided insight to how State of Idaho Government agencies hold meetings, decide on agenda items and that generally audience is small unless someone has a specific reason to attend.  No subsequent motions.



Old Business


i. Pass violator’s activity was reviewed, due to no current record of activity to practice geology in the State of Idaho. Member Mork will respond to complaint.  Case closed

ii. National Water Survey (NWS) franchisees continue not use an Idaho Professional Geologist to sign reports. NWS website indicates that Dr. Wightman of California was listed as the PG, although Wightman is not currently registered in Idaho. 

iii. Member Mork indicated that due to professional conflict of interest he would recommend that the complaint be transferred to Member Link.

New Business
















(1) Visit with Washington State




(3) Application review

(1) Monks attended Washington PG meeting last week in Pullman, WA, reported the Washington Board was interested in collaborating on regional ASBOG issues.

(2) Issues for upcoming October 2007 national ASBOG meeting in Denver, CO.  Discussion revolved around formation of foundation to fund the week-long Examiners Workshop held annually in conjunction with the national meeting.  Mork moves to recommend caution, review Foundation By-laws before voting approval, Spillers seconds, motion carries.

(3) Reciprocity Recommendations – Mork reports that Paul Humphreys and Jeffrey Forbes have met all the requirements for registration by reciprocity, recommends granting reciprocity to both applicants.  Spalding moves to accept recommendation, Monks seconds, motion carried.



Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing


Tana Cory, Bureau Chief, Idaho BOL, enters meeting room and addresses Board on BOL capabilities and services.  BOL will assume all administrative duties for Board if the Board elects to go with BOL instead of current status as self-governing board.   Discussion and question and answer period with Ms. Cory ensues.  At conclusion of discussion, Mork moves to transfer administrative duties to the BOL, Spalding seconds, and motion passes.  Ms. Cory will draft memorandum of agreement (MOU) to provide those services to the Board.  Steckel will review MOU on behalf of Board.


Board Elections

Elections Held

The Board nominated and elected the following slate: Paul Spillers, Chairman, John Monks, Vice Chairman, Andy Mork, as Secretary.

Additional Information

(1)   ASBOG Exam Proctoring


(2)   Letters of Notification


(1) ASBOG Exam Proctoring – The ASBOG FG and PG examinations are scheduled for Friday September 28.  Spillers will proctor morning session, Mork will proctor afternoon session.

(2) Letters of Notification – Letters of notification of unsuccessful application have not been sent to those that applied for the Board seat occupied by the recently appointed Paul Link.  A letter will be drafted and sent to each unsuccessful candidate.


No further business

Spalding moves to adjourn, seconded by Monks.  Chairman Spillers adjourns meeting at 12:52.