Bureau of Occupational Licenses

1109 Main Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702-5642 


Board Meeting Minutes of 11/7/2008



BOARD MEMBERS PRESENT:  Carla R. Wolfrum - Chair

                                                             Lisa Hansen Penny

                                                             Sylvia Boyle

                                                             Rebecca Lynn Westerberg

                                                             Richard Howell


BUREAU STAFF:                           Tana Cory, Bureau Chief

                                                            Dawn Hall, Deputy Bureau Chief

                                                            Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

                                                            Sandee Hitesman, Administrative Assistant

                                                            Dave Hotchkiss, Complaint Coordinator

Marcie McGinty, Hearing & Appeals  



Meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM MST by Carla R. Wolfrum.




Ms. Boyle moved to approve the minutes of April 4, 2008.  Ms. Westerberg seconded, and it carried.


Ms. Westerberg moved to approve the minutes of July 25, 2008.  Mr. Howell seconded, and it carried.




Ms. Cory reported the rule change for the increase of renewal fee to $600 has been submitted to the legislature for review. If approved, it will become effective in the spring of 2009.


A bill to raise the cap on fees is to be drafted at the April 2009 meeting for submission in August 2009.




Ms. Cory presented the financial report showing a deficit of $23,362.00. 

Financial Report




Ms. Cory presented the contract for review.  Mr. Howell moved to approve the contract, and have Chairman Wolfrum sign on behalf of the Board.  Ms. Westerberg seconded, and it carried.




Mr. Hotchkiss presented the following investigative report:


Fiscal Year 2008

            Total Complaints Received                                                                              2


                        Pending Office of the Attorney General                                               1

                        Remaining under investigation                                                            1     

            Inspections  6


Fiscal Year 2007

          Total Complaints received                                                                                  3


            Closed by Board action                                                                        2    

Awaiting Board determination                                                                          1

Inspections  5


Fiscal Year 2006

Total Complaints received                                                                                 3


Closed by Board Action                                                                                     2

Pending Office of the Attorney General                                                            1


For Board Determination:


I-DEN-2007-2    C alleged that the R is allowing unlicensed personnel to practice in the office. INV revealed that the R and the assistant look alike and there appears to be some confusion.  The C could not be reached for further information. Following the IBOL recommendation to close, the Board asked that the case receive further INV, as the C had recently married and the C's name had changed. Further INV resulted in contact with C, who provided limited information about the unlicensed person, noting only that the person that did the impressions had blond hair and blue eyes.  INV revealed the R did not have, nor had they ever had anyone working for them fitting that description.  INV requested further information from the C but the C would not respond.  INV revealed no evidence to support the allegations or a violation. IBOL recommends the Board authorize closure.

Mr. Howell moved to authorize closure of the case.  Ms. Westerberg seconded, motion carried.        




Ms. Cory is to contact the Department of Health and Welfare to see if they still have a medicaid fraud quarterly meeting.


Ms. Cory is to follow-up with the Board of Education on the accreditation of Bates Community College in Oregon.




     CE Denied - The continuing education courses submitted by applicant 901067656 were denied based upon the courses not being state or nationally recognized courses.  Mr. Howell moved to have Mr. Hales send a letter, and allow the applicant 90 days to get the courses required for continuing education.  Ms. Boyle seconded the motion, and it carried. 




Mr. Howell moved to elect Carla Wolfrum as chairman. Ms. Penny seconded, and it carried.




The next scheduled meeting is on April 3, 2009.


Ms. Boyle moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:40 a.m.   Ms. Westerberg seconded, and it carried.

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Carla R. Wolfrum, Chair                                   Lisa Hansen Penny

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Sylvia Boyle                                                     Rebecca Lynn Westerberg

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Richard Howell                                                 Tana Cory, Bureau Chief