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Conference Call minutes of April 13, 2000

ROLL CALL: Von Dickinson, Chairman; Al Lopez; Kay Youngerman; Robert Skinner; Frank Harris

ALSO PRESENT: Thomas Limbaugh, Bureau Chief; Kirsten Wallace, Prosecuting Attorney; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; John Kersey, Chief Investigator; Janice Wiedrick, Secretary

The conference call was brought to order at 10:00a.m. by Chairman Von Dickinson.

Chairman Dickinson felt the motion made and approved concerning complaint DEN-P3-02A-99-001 might have been a mistake and the Board needed to reconsider the issues.

Kirsten Wallace cautioned the Board on the inadvisability of learning new information about the case at this time.

Chairman Dickinson recused himself from the voting on any motions concerning the complaint.

Al Lopez moved to re-open the investigation concerning complaint DEN-P3-02A-99-001. Frank Harris seconded the motion. VOTE: 2 aye, 2 nay. Motion failed.

Al Lopez moved to have Kirsten Wallace advise the denturist of options that are available if the original motion is not acceptable to the denturist. Frank Harris seconded the motion. VOTE: 3 ayes, motion carried.

Kay Youngerman moved to adjourn the conference call at 10:20a.m. Al Lopez seconded the motion, motion carried.

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