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Minutes of November 4, 1999

ROLL CALL: Von Dickinson, Chairman; Frank Harris; Al Lopez, Jr.; Kay Youngerman; Robert Skinner

ALSO PRESENT: Thomas Limbaugh, Bureau Chief; Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; John Kersey, Supervising Investigator; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Donetta Foss, Continuing Education Secretary; Janice Wiedrick, Secretary

Chairman Von Dickinson called the meeting to order at 9:10a.m.

Al Lopez moved to approve the minutes of June 11, 1999 board meeting and July 1, 1999 conference call. Frank Harris seconded the motion, motion carried.

Discussion was held on the difference between a canceled license and an inactive license. It was noted that a license that has been canceled cannot be made inactive unless the license is first reinstated to current. The license can then be changed to inactive by submitting a letter and payment of the $50 inactive license fee.


Tom Limbaugh was introduced to the Board and gave the financial report showing a positive balance of $18,102.50.

Mr. Limbaugh distributed copies of the contract between the Bureau and the Board for review. Bob Skinner moved to authorize the Chairman to sign the contract on behalf of the Board after the Board has reviewed and approved the contract. Kay Youngerman seconded the motion, motion carried.

John Kersey reported that one complaint is under investigation at this time and the inspections for the year will be completed soon. He noted that each denture lab will have received at least one inspection by year end.

Donetta Foss presented material submitted by Jeffrey Kollman, on enhancing patient management by computer, for Continuing Education credits for this year. Kay Youngerman moved to deny the course for CE credits because it does not follow the rules for Denturitry as being pertinent to the practice. Frank Harris seconded the motion, motion passed.


Al Lopez moved to approve Kimberly Kempt and Jacqueline Neff for examination in January upon completion of the requirements. Frank Harris seconded the motion, motion carried.

The Bureau was instructed to check on Idaho State University and Boise State University to see if a laboratory site is available for the examination.

A letter of inquiry was received from Warren Grether on reciprocity. The Board determined that since Idaho has no reciprocity agreement with any state at this time, Mr. Grether must submit an application before a determination can be made. Frank Harris moved to send an application and law book for him to complete. Kay Youngerman seconded the motion, motion carried.

Kay Youngerman moved to adjourn the meeting at 10:45a.m. Frank Harris seconded the motion, motion carried.

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