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Conference Call minutes of July 1, 1999


ROLL CALL: Von Dickinson, Chairman; Robert Skinner; Al Lopez, Jr.; Frank Harris

ABSENT/EXCUSED: Kay Youngerman

ALSO PRESENT: Carmen Westberg, Bureau Chief; Budd Hetrick, Deputy Bureau Chief; Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney; Janice Wiedrick, Secretary

Chairman Dickinson called the conference call to order at 2:30p.m. for discussion of the inactive license rule status.

Discussion was held on the proposed rule for the inactive license status. Robert Skinner moved to adopt the inactive license rule as a temporary rule, to become effective immediately. The Bureau is instructed to enact the process. Frank Harris seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.

Discussion was held on continuing education requirements. Al Lopez, Jr. moved to accept, for this year, the continuing education list sent by the Denturist Association. In the future, applicants for renewal will need to submit certificates individually for the renewal requirement. Frank Harris seconded the motion, motion carried.

Jeffrey Kollmann submitted evidence to Von Dickinson for 19.5 hours of CE from the Idaho Dentist Association meeting in Sun Valley. Frank Harris moved to accept these credits for license renewal and the Bureau to issue Mr. Kollmann's license upon receipt of the renewal fee. Von Dickinson is to send the evidence of the continuing education for Mr. Kollmann to the Bureau. Al Lopez, Jr. seconded the motion, motion passed unanimously.

The Bureau is to send a letter to all licensed Denturists explaining the Continuing Education requirement and that next year individual documentation of the continuing education will be required for renewal.

The conference call adjourned at 3:03p.m.

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