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Regular Board Minutes of May 2 & 3, 2006





Roberta Crockett, M.A., Chairman

Jerome Fischer, Ph.D.

Bobbie Birdsall Ph.D.

Brenda Freeman, Ph.D.

Eric Jones, Ph.D.



Kathryn T. Hill



Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief

Roger Hales, Administrative Attorney

Emily MacMasters, Deputy Attorney General

Marcie McGinty, Administrative Assistant / Investigative Unit

Janice Wiedrick, Technical Records Specialist 2

Deborah Sexton, Technical Records Specialist 1



Chantel Jones, IMHCA

Pat Alexander, IMHCA

Robert Payne, Social Worker Board Chair

William Bruce, Applicant


Chairman Roberta Crockett opened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.


The Board reviewed the February 7 & 8, 2006 minutes and made some corrections.  Moved by Dr. Jones to approve the minutes as corrected.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried.


Ms. Jacobsen informed the Board regarding the newest assignments for the bureau, which are The Physical Therapists and The Athletic Commission, additionally the Naturopathic Physicians Board is becoming organized and has had two meetings. 


Ms. Jacobsen gave a brief overview for contractors registration. There are nearly 16,000 contractors with registrations in hand and there is a good possibility that we would meet the estimated 17,000 by July 1st.  The Contractor Board has been conducting meetings on a weekly basis for the last year.  


Ms. MacMaster presented case COU-2005-7 for Board review.  Moved by Dr. Fischer that the Board accept the stipulation for COU-2005-7 pending following changes made.  Not authorized to supervise Professional Counselors and/or Marriage & Family Therapists for 5 years.  Also add 15 hours of ethics germane to Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist to be completed within a year.   Seconded by Dr. Jones, motion carried. 


Ms. Jacobsen then presented the investigative report as outlined below:

Fiscal Year-2006: To date eleven (11) complaints have been received and are currently under investigation.

Fiscal Year-2005: Twenty-eight (28) complaints were received. Of those eight (8) were closed without action, three (3) were referred for formal action, and seventeen (17) remain open and under investigation.

Fiscal Year-2004: Twenty-six (26) complaints were received. Of those fifteen (15) were closed without action, three (3) were referred for formal action, and eight (8) remain open and under investigation.

Fiscal Year-2003: Twenty-one (21) complaints were received. Of those twelve (12) were closed without action, four (4) were referred for formal action, and five (5) remain under investigation.


Ms. Jacobsen presented the financial report showing a positive balance of $24,728.55 as of 3/31/2006. Beginning balance at the end of fiscal year 2005 was $71,914.87 with current revenue being $88,271.81 and expenditures $135,458.13.


The Board proposed an update to Rule 004(01) to be drafted by Attorney, Roger Hales to change year from 1995 ACA Code of Ethics to specify compliance with 2005 ACA Code of Ethics.  Dr. Fischer moved to amend Rule 004(01) to read ACA Standard effective 2005.  Dr. Freeman seconded, motion carried.


Dr. Birdsall moved to adopt hearing officers Findings of Fact & Conclusion of law against complaint COU-2005-1/Charles Bunch.  Seconded by Dr. Jones, motion carried. 


Dr. Jones moved to suspend COU-2005-1/Charles Bunch license for 6 months (withheld) and that he be held responsible for costs and attorney fees.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried.  Ms. Crockett stated for the record, she was in favor of imposing a fine.   


Ms. Crockett and Dr. Jones recused themselves from case COU-2004-1/Gail Ater.  


Board member Ms. Hill joined the meeting via telephone conference. 


Dr. Jones moved to enter executive session for discussion of possible litigation in the case of COU-2004-1/Gail Ater.  Seconded by Dr. Freeman, motion carried. 


Dr. Birdsall moved to return to regular session.  Seconded by Dr. Freeman, motion carried. 


Dr. Birdsall moved to approve counsel to pursue appeal in the case of COU-2004-1/Gail Ater.  Seconded by Dr. Freeman, motion carried.


The Board reviewed an email from Chantel Jones of IMHCA requesting clarification over supervisors during the graduate training program.  The Board will gather information to determine if change in Rule 150 (02)b to strike the word “postgraduate” should be considered.  A letter will be drafted and sent out to colleges, universities and associations to solicit comments and feedback on post graduate supervision.  Dr. Fischer moved to appoint Ms. Crockett to draft a letter.  Seconded by Dr. Jones, motion carried. 


The Board broke for lunch at 12pm.


The meeting reconvened at 1:10pm. 


The Board was joined by Mr. Robert Payne, Chair for the Board of Social Workers.  Mr. Payne expressed to members of the Board that by using the same language in their Rules, it would then be feasible to recognize each others supervision.  More over amending Rule 225 (01)(b)(i) and Rule 238 (03)(b) to read from Licensed Clinical Social Worker to Licensed Registered Clinical Social Worker.  Dr. Jones commended Mr. Payne on the work that had been done with the Social Workers Rules and the Board extended an open invite to the Board Chair of Social Work Examiners to attend meetings. 


William Bruce addressed the Board regarding his Marriage & Family Therapy licensure application.  Mr. Bruce provided clarification of courses.  The Board will take Mr. Bruce’s comments under advisement.  Ms. Crockett will contact Mr. Bruce directly about the Boards decision.


Discussion on changes in Rule 425, requiring 20 hours of Continuing Education with 3 of those hours being in ethics.  The Board determined that it could be a hardship on some individuals to meet the new requirement.  Dr. Birdsall moved to add notes regarding Continuing Education on the internet explaining hardship clause.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried.


Dr. Birdsall moved to send notices to LPC’s concerning the change to Rule 425 requiring 20 hours of continuing education with 3 hours of those in ethics, that went into effect with the adjournment of the legislature.  It has come to the Board’s  attention that this change has created a hardship to achieve license renewal.  Under Rule 425 (05) Special Exemption, the Board is willing to consider a hardship exemption for the 1st renewal of their license.  The requests must be in writing via letters or emails to be documented in their file.  These requests may be sent in with their renewal.  Phone calls and the inability to reach someone will be unacceptable.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried.  


The Board discussed Dr. Richard Craig’s documentation of Continuing Education.  Will follow up with Attorney, Roger Hales.  Tabled discussion for next day when counsel is present.   


The Board discussed changing the July Board meeting to a June Board meeting for those who have just graduated.  The Board agreed it does not allow enough time for graduates to get their paperwork to the bureau in time to be reviewed at a June meeting.  The Board agreed to leave the schedule the same for now.  


The Board discussed a correspondence letter from Matt Youngberg concerning his supervision hours.  Specifically, “can hours be counted prior to registration”.  The Board agreed that in the Rules it states “shall be registered”.  The Board directed the Bureau to draft a response to Mr. Youngberg. 


Dr. Jones moved to change language in the Rules.  In Rule 200(01)(a) Document at least two years of experience as a licensed counselor in Idaho, drop the “in Idaho”.   Changing the language in:


Rule 225 (01)(b)(i) to read:  Licensed Clinical Social Workers registered with the Social Work Board, or Marriage and family Therapists registered with the Board


Rule 238 (03)(b) to read: Supervision must be obtained from a registered marriage & family therapist or a licensed clinical professional counselor registered with the Board,  licensed psychologist, licensed clinical social worker registered with the social work board or licensed psychiatrist.  Seconded by Dr. Freeman, motion carried. 


Dr. Jones moved to adjourn the meeting at 4pm and reconvene at 9am Wed. May 3rd.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried. 


Wednesday May 3rd, 2006



Meeting called to order by Board Chair at 9am. 


The Board again discussed changing their meetings from July to June.  The Board agreed it does not allow adequate time for graduates to get their paperwork into the bureau for it to be processed and ready for a review with the Board at a June meeting.  The Board agreed to leave the meetings the same for now however, noted what graduates can do after graduation before becoming licensed.  Stating licensure laws do not prevent you from working after you graduate and while awaiting your licensure application review.  Applicants should refer to themselves as a postgraduate intern in counseling, or in some manner that does not confuse clients.  Applicants CANNOT refer to themselves as licensed.  And they must practice under supervision. 

Idaho Code  54-3402

“or of an intern in counseling acting under the direct supervision of a licensed

professional counselor in private practice as established and limited by rules of the board, provided, that such person be designated, for example, a "counselor intern"


Applicants for licensure do not have to register as counselor interns according to our Board Rule 245.  “may” register is a voluntary act, not a mandated one.


In regards to Dr. Fischer nearing the end of his term on the Board, they reviewed a correspondence letter from IMHCA on proposed nominations of a new Board member.  The Board wants to make sure the Bureau is notifying organizations of who is on or leaving the Board.  The Board would also like to know what kind of form these organizations receive as notification. 


The correspondence went on to state IMHCA unanimously voted to make nominations to the Governor for the position that Dr. Jerome Fischer has been filling.  IMHCA expressed their gratitude for Dr. Fischer’s commitment and willingness to serve on the Board.



The Board also reviewed another correspondence letter from IMHCA rendering a decision on Biofeedback.  Dr. Freeman moved to have Ms. Crockett draft a letter stating the Board believes biofeedback is an appropriate modality of treatment within the scope of practicing counselors who are appropriately trained and then send to IMHCA.  Seconded by Dr. Jones, motion carried.





The Board discussed AASCB Data Bank and National Credential Registry.  Specifically Group II certification.  The Board’s discussion of an addition to the Endorsement Rule 300(06).  Dr. Jones moved to have Attorney, Roger Hales propose a new Rule to allow acceptance of Group II AASCB certification under NCR or any additional group as approved by the Board, to supersede having to meet 3 of the 5 requirements as is now required in Rule 300(06).  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried.  


The Board reviewed the language for the postcards to be sent to all LPC’s on Continuing Education hardships.  Dr. Fischer moved to approve language and mail out only to LPC’s.  Seconded by Dr. Jones, motion carried.


The Board reviewed Dr. Craig’s rejection of continuing education credits upon renewal.  Per Rule 425(02) Documentation of Attendance.  The Board agreed that documentation from Dr. Freeman, stating Dr. Craig was in attendance would suffice in this case.  Ms. Crockett to draft a letter to associations on the requirements for certificates and have it added to the Continuing Education page on the internet. 


The Board also discussed what constitutes ethics.  Continuing education doesn’t have a specific description but as a guideline they could follow the definition in 54-3405c(1)(e) Idaho code for MFT’s in graduate school and also the description for professional counselors in graduate school found in Rule 150 01 (8).


Informed Consent

Dr. Birdsall moved to adopt Dr. Fischer’s informed consent outline pending corrections.  With the request that the Bureau then post on the web.   Seconded by Dr. Freeman, motion carried. 


The Board broke for lunch 11:40.


The Board reconvened at 1pm.


Dr. Jones moved to enter into executive session to review applications.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried. 


Dr. Fischer moved to enter into regular session.  Seconded by Dr. Freeman, motion carried.


Dr. Fischer moved to license those applicants who were approved by the Board and to send letters to the rest.  Seconded by Dr. Jones, motion carried. 


Discussion was held on the AMFTRB meeting in September.  Ms. Crockett, Dr. Fischer and Dr. Jones will be in attendance.


The AASCB will meet in January and Dr. Freeman and Dr. Birdsall will be in attendance. 


The next Board meeting is scheduled for July 18th & 19th, 2006 at the Bureau of Occupational Licenses.


Dr. Freeman moved to adjourn meeting.  Seconded by Dr. Fischer, motion carried.


Licenses Issued ~ May 4th, 2006.








BALLARD, KRISTA                                    LPC-3592

BENNETT, LINDSI ANN                            LPC-3517



FRANCIS, JANE C                                       LPC-3343

GOODWIN, JASON HAYES                       LPC-3639

JONES, WARREN J                                    LPC-3468

KAFKA, ERIC                                               LPC-3636

KENNAUGH, BROOKE ANN                    LPC-3447

LARSON, SHAURA                                     LPC-3646


LORINNE, RENA                                        LPC-3454

NEARING, JANA                                         LPC-3647

PARENT, LINDSEY                         LPC-3661

RITTER, SYLVIA W                                    LPC-3643

TACKETT, TERRI                                       LPC-3617

VANLENT, MARK A                                   LPC-3419

ZIMMERMAN, ELIZABETH                     LPC-3655

ZIMMERMAN, MARY MIKELL              LPC-3664




COVEY, DAVID JR                                      LMFT-3659




BAKER, SANIE                                            LCPC-3641

LONG, MARY MARGARET                      LCPC-3666

LUTES, KENDRA                                        LCPC-3551

SHULL, JUSTIN                                           LCPC-3538















______________________________             _______________________________

Roberta Crockett,  M.A., Chair                    Dr. Jerry Fischer, Ph.D. Vice Chair




______________________________             _______________________________

Dr. Bobbie Birdsall, Ph.D.                            Dr. Brenda Freeman, Ph.D. 




______________________________           ________________________________

Dr. Eric Jones, Ph.D.                                      Ms. Kathryn T. Hill (absent)





Rayola Jacobsen, Bureau Chief